10 Top Student Travel Providers in 2021

Student travel providers

Often times, educators get inspired to travel with their students and allow them some travelling and exploring experiences. The first thing they do at this point is usually to contact student travel providers.

These student travel providers primarily specialise in student travels. They ensure they make the travel planning process a positive experience, whether it is a short trip or an international adventure.

Naturally, student travel providers help lift the burdens of planning student travels off the teachers’ shoulders. They take the responsibilities of planning for every detail of the trip – from flights and buses to hotel arrangements.

In this article, we will be listing our 10 top student travel providers in 2021.

10 Top Student Travel Providers in 2021

Student Travel Providers 1: Brightspark

Brightspark is a student travel provider based in Chicago, Illinois, aiming at creating a bigger world for every student. It is primarily focused on educational and performance travels for students.

This travel provider facilitates student travels by planning the group’s trip requisites, such as the flights, hotels and attraction tickets.

This company promotes experiences beyond the classroom and is committed to assisting teachers in every step of the student travel planning process. Also, it provides resources for recruiting for your and fundraising tips.

The Brightspark company provides travels all over Canada, Europe, South America and the United States.

Student Travel Providers 2: Globus Student Discoveries

This student travel provider tours in Europe and North America and has been offering tours for over 80 years. It has since provided over 400 tours to over 70 countries on six contingent of the world.

They offer trips tailored to the classroom curriculum. Meanwhile, they have Washington D.C, Boston and Philadelphia as some of their most outstanding domestic destinations. However, their most popular destinations in Europe are London, Italy and Paris.

Globus student discoveries are one of the best student travel providers that offer teachers benefits. For every ten students on a trip, the teacher gets to travel for free. Also, they receive a single room at no extra expense. Another outstanding benefit is that students with qualified students group may be able to earn about $1,000 donations for their schools.

Student Travel Providers 3: The Student Adventures (SA) Safe Travel Team

The SA team is one of the student travel providers mainly focused on building educational tours. This is for the purpose of extending the learning students receive in classrooms.

They are able to improve these learning experiences by allowing students the opportunities to see the historical landmarks they learn about in classrooms.

One of the aims of this company is to allow students the opportunities to be exposed to remarkable destinations and creates tours that, while educational, is also fun and entertaining for the students.

This provider has been offering travels to students for decades, and as a result, it has a lot of experiences in planning student travels. Also, due to the pandemic, the company brings together its decades of experiences to develop new safety procedures and strategies associated with Covid-19.

The SA team takes the responsibility to analyse the safety of the various destinations as well as monitoring all safety controls with each vendor. Also, they formulate training and safety plans to abide by the CDC and WHO and local health department guidelines.

Student Travel Providers 4: Education First

Education First is another one of the top student travel providers that help students attain their education goals. They do this by providing education travels, cultural exchanges, language training and academic degrees.

This provider is a world leader in international education established in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It has over 45 years of experience and offices in over 50 countries of the world.

This EF, as it is popularly called, provides tours for students and educators from middle school through college.

The provider has a 9-12 day your of Athens and Crete, which allows students the opportunities to learn about ancient Greek history. Also, a chance to visit sites like the Palace of Knossos, Agios Nikolaos and Acropolis.

Also, there is a 10-day AP English Literature in England. This involves visiting the Bronte Museum, the Roman Baths and the Clifford’s Towel.

This provider also offers an 11-day tour for lovers of wildlife. This tour allows students to learn about the politics and history of South Africa. And at the same time, they are allowed to view natural attractions like Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens and Kruger National Park.

Education first offers gifts and rewards for teaches who choose them. They may earn points just by enrolling students in either one of the tours. They can also earn by referring other teachers to the travel provider. The good thing is that these points earned never expire unless the teachers stop being active Education First Group Leaders.

American Council for International Studies (ACIS)

The American Council for International Studies (ACIS) is one of the top student travel providers who has since 1978 been a leader in quality educational travel for middle and high school students.

This provider focuses on cultural connections. This involves students interested in local tour guides and artisans regardless of their destinations across the world.

However, this provider provides meals that depict the local cuisine and hotels close to historic sceneries in place of long bus trips or catered meals.

ACIS has once it’s establishment provided tours across six continents in the world. Also, it has provided personalised services from a committed international program team. As a result, it has established and solidified an outstanding reputation after almost 40 years in the industry.

The ACIS unique tours would include Kia Ora New Zealand, where students are allowed the opportunity to explore the Maori villages and begin on a dolphin sightseeing and touring cruise. Also, there’s a Gateway to Japan which includes a bullet train ride and stop at Matsumoto Castle.

Student Universe

Student Universe is another one of the best student travel providers in the world. It partners with over 70 airlines to provide international trips for students.

The provider is one of the world’s leading travel provider for both students and youths.

They are focused on promoting adventures for students in their itineraries, and whatever ambition a student travel group has, Student Universe is sure to match them.

The provider has an outstanding pricing arrangement grants discount rates to large student groups. Also, a partnership with Flight Central in 2015 further guarantees that students can take reasonably priced tours to countries. These countries include Australia, India, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates.

Students travelling with Student Universe get to experience the Botswana and Falls adventure, which involves a weeklong excursion through the lush landscapes of Zambia and South Africa. And then, the Best of Spain and Portugal guides the students through the cuisine and culture if the Iberian Peninsula.


The story of Worldstrides is one of the best student travel providers that provides educational travel programs for both elementary, middle, high school and university students.

They are primarily focused on enriching students’ lives through experiential travels, and they are independently accredited in regions across the country and a rose the globe.

The WorldStrides travel provider has a popular destination in Washington, D.C., where students are opportune to learn about American governments and history in the nation’s capital. This 4-day visit includes visitations to sites like the Washington Mo, Holocaust Museum and the White House.

With WorldStrides, educators also gain helpful experience by travelling with them. For instance, a qualified educator can receive free professional development or low-cost graduate credit.

Also, educators can earn free travels with the students and may also receive an allowance in the form of cash or scholarship for every student who they bring on to WorldStrides.

Go Student Tours

Go Student Tours is another one of the top student travel providers focused on creating engaging educational tours. This for the purpose of enhancing the students’ curriculum and as well, offer completely memorable experiences.

This provider is famed as the leading educational student travel company for Washington, D.C., and the Mid-Atlantic region.

Straight A Tours

Straight A Tours is yet one of the best student travel providers primarily focused on providing travel arrangements for students to destinations all over the United States of America.

Travelling with Straight A Tours, California student groups can visit and experience theme parks and other attractions. The itineraries in Northern and Southern California might include the Golden Gate Bridge, Sea World San Diego and Disneyland.

This provider has a ‘Festivals at Sea’ program, and it includes workshop classes and presentations which can be arranged with the ships’ staff and crew members on the boat. For instance, celebration cruise line offers a 2-night cruise, and this takes student groups from West Palm Beach, Florida, to Grand Bahamas Island.

This provider also offers packages with Carnival cruise line, Royal Caribbean cruise line and the Norwegian cruise line.

Additionally, groups can add leading destinations like the universal studio, Disney world or New Orleans either before or after the cruise.

The Straight A Tours is famed as the largest of all the student travel providers of cruise excursions for student groups.

American Student Tours

American Student Tours is another top student travel providers m that specialises in competitively priced and custom-developed student tours to my USA destination.

However, its main focus is on school tours to Washington, D.C., Williamsburg, Alaska, New York City, Hawaii, Florida, Philadelphia and the Washington state. This provider has about 20 years of experience in packaging student tours.

This provider offers extensive, full-serviced packages tours in the market for students, teachers or educators. Also, the provider offers to adults, and these tours always provide the trip of a lifetime experience.

American Student Tours also provide safety and liability coverage. This means that all travel arrangements including meeting preparation, payment collection, transportation, lodging, site reservations, security, guides and foods.


One of the Nigerian leading Travel agencies for students, Couples, family, and business travels. I will recommend them because they champion the course of Travels in the whole of Africa. Allow the handle of all your travel issues and concerns.


Student travel providers are a must contact every time a student group is inspired to go on an educational trip. It not only uplifts the burden of planning the journeys of the teachers’ shoulders, but it also helps to make planning easy while offering incentives to the teachers.

Planning an educational trip today, why don’t you contact one of the providers on the list of our top 10 student travel providers. We wish you all the fun you can have!


What do student travel providers do?

Student travel providers help lift the burdens of planning student travels off the teachers’ shoulders. They take the responsibilities of planning for every detail of the trip – from flights and buses to hotel arrangements.

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