11 Internship Opportunities For Adults Over 30

If you’re starting internship opportunities for adults over 30, this article is for you. Internships have become a thing that not only special teens and college students looking to boost their resumes go for. There are internship opportunities for adults over 30. And if you are one, this could be another opportunity to reinvent yourself and your career.

In this article, we will be making a list of 11 internship opportunities for adults over 30. We hope you find them helpful. But before then, let’s understand what an adult internship is mostly about.

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What Is An Adult Internship?

An adult internship is a position where an older adult; over 30 works temporarily and can gain hands-on experience in a role. The length of these internships varies; however, they are generally from 1-3 months and usually are part-time hours.

The people who pursue adult internships are primarily people who have been out of work for a long time due to family or anything else or are looking to take on new careers. Other people who pursue an adult internship can be people who have been laid off or left a job. Or people looking to ease retirement and gain new work ideas and experiences. Whichever one it is for you, know there are opportunities to fulfill your desire.

Meanwhile, most internships are not paid, while some others can offer an hourly rate.

An adult intern may work closely with another employee or manager. Also, the intern’s duties can range from more crucial tasks to high-level projects – that is like, from administrative work to writing marketing copy.

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Why Pursue Internship Opportunities for Adults Over 30

Generally, companies or organizations offering adult internships gain extra from the depths of experiences of these adults. There are many more benefits for employers, but let’s discuss the benefits of pursuing internship opportunities for adults over 30.

1. You get to explore a different career

If you are returning to work after some time away from the workforce, or you are just looking to change a career and unsure of what you want to do but want to gain some new skills, this will be a great help.

Adult internships can help you gain experiences in more flexible environments. You all get to gain some new skills while dipping your toes in new industries – that is, exploring new careers for a better chance at future work, probably, full-time.

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2. You have the chance to grow your network

Adult internships can help you connect with people with either similar or different interests at your place of internship. You get to meet and connect with coworkers and senior colleagues, and possibly, you could even gain recommendations from your coworkers or boss for a new job in the future.

Be sure to connect with them on LinkedIn too.

3. Adult internship experience adds to your resume

Like every other work experience, this boosts your resume and your depth of experience over the years.

What this does is show your employers in the future that you are dedicated to learning and gaining new crafts and skills. And if you have any job gaps on your resume, an adult internship can fill them.

4. You can land a new job

An adult internship can sometimes land a full-time job offer, especially when you do great at your internship and perform at a high level. Your boss could be led to offer you a permanent position with better pay at the company, and you wouldn’t need to go all out applying and interviewing for a new job after your internship.

There are many more benefits to pursuing adult internships, but those are the many we have to offer now.

It’s the pay!

You will gain lots of experience, skills, and networks during your internship, but one thing you might never be sure of is decent pay.

Most employers often pay interns little – that is, if they compensate them.

So, you need to have this mind – knowing that you may never get paid, and even if you are paid, it will be very little. So, if the experiences, skills, and networks are more important to you, then apply!

Now, let’s talk about finding adult internships but before then, let’s talk about the downside of adult internships that nobody will tell you.

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Disadvantages of Internships

There are certainly positives and drawbacks to doing an internship when you are older, but it is up to you to decide if it’s a course of action you can afford to take. Let’s take a look at a few disadvantages of internships:

  • Most internships are either unpaid or offer additional compensation on top of your social benefits, so the real money is typically only made once the internship is over.
  • Because you will be referred to as the “intern,” you could not be treated equally to other employees.
  • Working in a more junior position can be difficult on the ego, especially if you have previously held more senior jobs.
  • Other staff members may feel resentful, especially if they believe interns are being hired to replace permanent employees (exactly what was happening with the JobBridge scheme).
  • The range of responsibilities you could be given and the possibility of working with others and switching between different departments might complicate the role.
  • Although it might be limited, training might be offered.

How To Find An Adult Internship

Finding adult internship opportunities can be as tasking as finding college internships and even jobs. But in this article, we will help make it easier for you.

Now, read on to learn our tips for finding adult internship opportunities.

1. Do your research

The internet has become the world’s most prominent place and market where everything is sold and marketed online. Now, most companies post their internship opportunities online, and you have to be online searching to find these opportunities.

Also, job search websites online offer internships, and they can make things much easier for you.

2. You can reach out to companies

You already have loads of experience from your previous years of work, and reaching out to companies wouldn’t be that tasking for you.

You can reach out to them directly and present your resume, experiences, and skills; most companies won’t let you go if you have loads of them. And that is even when they have no vacancies. You would find that an opportunity would be created because you have value. Your experience and skills are gold!

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3. You can join an association and network

This is surely another one of the easy ways to find adult internship opportunities. You ask people. You let people know you are searching. And who knows, the person you spoke to might know someone who is hiring or even be the one hiring.

Find a professional association related to the career or industry you are looking to pursue. Aside from getting opportunities from groups like this, you also connect with people with interests in the same areas.

Also, you can speak to your friends – your networks. You never can know who they know and how much change can bring to your life.

Here is the list of our top 11 adult internship opportunities you can go for.

11 Top Adult Internship Opportunities Around the World

Here is a list of the top 11 adult internship opportunities in the world:

1. Intern in Ireland with Intern Abroad HQ 

This is one of the most flexible and inexpensive adult internships in Dublin, Ireland, and it offers adult internships in public relations, marketing, tourism, and hospitality.

Interns are provided with a homestay, and this boosts the level of cultural immersion. Also, it keeps costs low.

Meanwhile, this adult internship opportunity allows interns the time and space for personal engagements l. At the same time, it provides them with professional development to boost their future employability.

This internship placement can last from two weeks to a full year, after which the Intern Abroad HQ matches the interns who performed at high levels for permanent positions.


2. Intern in Barcelona with Absolute Internship

This is one of Europe’s startups with a highly competitive job market in Barcelona, Spain. It offers internship opportunities to adults over 30 looking to get back into the workforce or change careers.

This internship offers new career goals across more than 30 fields, most of which include:

  • Real estate
  • Graphics design
  • Tourism
  • Marketing/PR
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business and lots more.

Adults interning with this company get professional development with routine visits, career workshops, and speaker events. Also, they gain abundant cultural activities and experiences, plus day trips and weekend excursions. These help the interns gain valuable industry insights and explore Barcelona.


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3. Business internships in Thailand with Asia Internship Program

This is one of the best programs offering adult internships in Southeast Asia and Thailand. It is a fast-growing international business market designed for professionals of varying ages to enhance their skill sets to aid them in developing their career paths.

Interns with Asia Internship Programs are placed with one of the program’s partner organizations to boost resumes, network, and explore new business careers.

This internship opportunity is in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, or Phuket.


4. Micro Business Internship with Maximo Nivel

This opportunity in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru help interns build up their Spanish business vocabulary. The placements are usually in small, local companies, and they are focused on marketing, sales and client services, or accounting.

Knowing and understanding some Spanish basics can help but don’t worry if you are yet to have this language skill. This company offers online Spanish classes to help get you started learning Spanish.


5. Find internships around the world with Connect-123

This opportunity knows better how to handle your wealth of experience as an adult intern. It also offers whatever you need to get out of the internship as an adult intern looking to return to the workforce or gain experience in a new career field. Internships are offered in various fields, from A-Z: Accounting to Zoology.

It offers flexible start dates and durations to allow the interns to handle their other personal engagements. Programs for this adult internship opportunity are run in six international locales: Dublin, Cape Town, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Shanghai, and Sydney. And these opportunities are in Argentina, China, South Africa, Australia, Ireland, and Spain.


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6. Summer Human Rights Internship in Tanzania with Projects Abroad

Have you ever desired to explore a new career in human rights and advocacy? This might be the right time for it. The perfect opportunity too. This adult internship opportunity allows interns to work alongside reputable humanitarian organizations. And while at this, they gain direct experience in human rights.

Interns will also work with an independent organization geared towards impacting the most vulnerable lives in society. Also, interns can work closely with the local communities, assessing their needs. They also put strategies to subdue difficulties in education, counseling, legal aid, and socio-economic empowerment.

This opportunity is in Arusha, Tanzania.


7. Intern in Dublin with the Intern Group

This internship opportunity offers individuals of all working ages and experience levels the opportunity to gain valuable professional experiences in this vibrant European city of Dublin, Ireland.

However, this internship is not limited to only individuals interested in computer science. They also offer internship placements in various other fields one might ever think of to get professional experience.


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8. Internships Around the World with GoEco

This is one of the world’s most flexible and affordable adult internships. Also, it doubles as one of the top volunteer organizations, which automatically means that adults interning with this organization stand a chance to gain lots of experience.

This opportunity is perfect if you want to gain work experience in conservation and marine biology. And the unique thing about this internship is that you get to travel, and not only do you travel, but you also travel all over the world. You can pick the places you want to explore – on every continent.


9. Education Internships in South Africa with VACorps

This adult internship opportunity allows interns to work as supporting student teachers at South African schools. Have you got decades of education experience under your belt? No? Just passionate about education and hoping to break into the field and try something new? Either way, this education internship in South Africa with VACorps is just the ticket. 

If you are interested in pursuing a career in education, this opportunity will be invaluable. You can gain practical international teaching experience while immersed in South Africa’s spectacular culture.

This opportunity is available in Cape Town, South Africa.


10. Intern in Argentina with CISabroad

This organization in Bueno Aires offers internship opportunities for individuals seeking work experience in business, communication, and education. Interns with CIS abroad could work with large and reputable international companies or smaller entrepreneurial firms and explore the city of Buenos Aires while at it.

You don’t have to worry if you do not have an Argentine accent or find it hard to get used to it. With a base level of Spanish, you could already begin exploring the city. There are so many parks in the city to explore. Interns could also learn to tango and sip “mate” as they soak up all that the city and their internships offer.


11. Event Management Internship in Australia with World Internship

If you have always loved organizing and managing events, this internship opportunity is for you. With the seasonal, cultural, and international events that happen throughout the year and all year round, interns in event management programs are sure to keep busy. They may even gain enough experience to plan many events throughout their internships.

Whether you are interested in corporate or creative, this internship is about getting you closely involved with most event planning stages, from conception and promotion to event combination.

This adult internship opportunity is available in Melbourne or Sydney, Australia. And the placement can last for a duration of three to six months or even a year long.



What is an Adult Internship?

An adult internship is a position where an older adult; over 30 works temporarily and can gain hands-on experience in a role. These internships vary; however, they are generally from 1-3 months and usually are part-time hours.

Are adult internships full-time or part-time?

Both full-time and part-time adult internships are available. The schedule will depend on the program or employer.

Are adult internships paid or unpaid?

Both paid and unpaid adult internships are available. Some internships are paid a salary, while others provide a stipend plus college credits. Unpaid internships may be more common in some fields.

Who is eligible for an adult internship?

Eligibility for adult internships varies depending on the program or employer. In general, individuals over the age of 18 and with relevant education or experience in the field may be eligible.


It’s a beautiful thing you are getting back in the game – either getting back in the workforce after an extended period, changing your career, or trying to live your retirement by gaining lots of valuable skills.

Either way, get out and explore all the opportunities you never took in the past. We hope our list of adult internship opportunities will be of great help to you.

We wish you all the best!


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