7 Jobs Abroad for People Over 50 in 2023

If you’ve been searching the internet for jobs abroad for people over 50 in 2023, then this article is for you.

Every day, travel trends show a high rate of the number of youngsters applying to either school or work abroad. They seek out for countries that are constantly promoting international work and travel opportunities for millennials by offering working holiday visa programs. But what about our older generations?

It’s almost like nobody cares about their careers or most of the world believes that old career fades with age and ends after sending the kids to school.

This is not true! In fact, the 50s, as much as it is challenging, is also as much fun and carries so many opportunities with it. You could decide to start a new chapter of your life; travel to see and explore the world. You could also decide to seek out jobs abroad for people over 50. Interestingly, you could do the two at once; earn and be productive while you have all the fun you want. And this is where we come in.

We have made a list of 7 jobs abroad for people over 50 and we are so enthusiastic about telling you about them. So while you are here, we would recommend you read through to know about jobs for people over 50 and what you need to consider before you get one.

What You Need to Consider Before Moving Abroad For Jobs For People Over 50

The Changes

Generally, working abroad can be fun as much as it can be challenging but that’s not the real deal. Knowing that you have invaluable experiences that could provide you with greater professional opportunities should be a great advantage.

However, you’d be making some big changes you never thought could. Well, you might have thought them way before now but we need to remind you again that moving abroad to work means letting go of your current environment and everything that it has come with.

You will be moving to a new country to start on a new job, career and life and you will need to be ready for all the changes and rearrangements it will cause you.

Choose where you want to live.

Yes!  You have somewhere in mind already? Great! Now see the next thing to do below.

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Look Into The Visa Regulations

This is about the biggest challenge for seniors moving for jobs abroad for people over 50. Because unfortunately, they are not entitled to apply for working holiday visas.  However, this doesn’t stop you from moving. Ensure you check out the visa regulations before you begin to pack your bags.

Can You Afford to Move?

We know you must have saved up some money and besides that, you must have also been saving this dream. If yes, then you can afford it.

You’ll need to spend on your flights, your accommodation, feeding and other expenses. And you must also think about returning home – do you think moving can help you save up enough money to return home when you are ready to?

What Qualifications Do You Have?

What is your academic background?   Scratch that! Well, not completely.

More importantly, what skills do you have?  Do you have some in-demand skills employers are in need of?  What work experience do you have too?

Imagine your skills in addition to your depth of experience. Who wouldn’t be lucky to hire?

What Are Your Goals?

Why do you want to move?  Yes, we know it’s to work, have fun and see the world but what are your travel and return goals?

Do you plan to be gone for a short-term or longer? What kind of jobs for people over 50 do you hope to land? Who do you want to work for?

Can You Speak the Language?

You need to be sure you know and understand the native language of the country you are moving to. If not, you can take some time to learn the basics before you move.  Either by downloading and using a language app, a guide book or you enroll for online language classes.

Now that you have thought of all of these, let’s talk about how to find jobs abroad for people over 50.

How to Find Jobs Abroad for People Over 50 in 2023


You can never network enough. This is however one of the best ways to find jobs abroad for people over 50. In fact, it is the best way to finding every kind of job in general.

You have had some jobs in the past and your networks from and after them. Now think of them, your bosses and colleagues – you can talk to them. You may never know what can come out of it all.

While you are at this, find out where you want to work and try to connect with anyone who works there – or someone who knows another that works there. An easier way to go about this is by using LinkedIn.

Work on Your Resume – it should be brief and ageless.

This trick is an important one to land you jobs abroad for people over 50. Exclude your graduation dates and every other age that could lead to calculating your age – hence, leading to age discrimination.

Another trick is to do away with some of your previous positions and experiences and only leave the very relevant ones. This is so your potential employer doesn’t disqualify you for having more qualifications and experience than required. We would recommend you go back 15 years and nothing less.

No matter what you include, ensure you keep your resume to two pages – at most unless you are applying for a position that requires a lot of research and publications.

Fact: it’s your choice what to put (and what not to put) on your resume. If you have a 30-year career, you do not need to include your first job as an entry-level individual contributor if you’re at the Director-level now.

Now your age is an asset, tell it like one now.

Remember we recommend going just 15 years back to the future in your resume?  Now, highlight how your experiences and age from the 15 years has benefitted you and how it can impact the company.

You can do this in your cover letter as during your question and answers interview session.

Impress your employer by Making the Most of Your Interview

Getting an interview is some steps to getting the job and how you answer your interview questions is the most. So you may want to do everything you can to ensure you do right.

The first thing is to practice some recurrent interview questions before the set date for the interview.

Getting jobs abroad for people over 50 can be quite difficult sometimes. You won’t get hired for every job you apply for. And not every job out there offers opportunities for jobs abroad for people over 50 but you’d definitely get one to end your search and that’s the one we are helping you on tips to them.

Again, we have made a list of 7 jobs abroad for people over 50 and we trust that it will be helpful to you.

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Jobs Abroad for People Over 50

Here are our top picks for jobs abroad for people over 50 in 2023:

  1. Real Estate Agent
  2. Tutor
  3. Retail manager
  4. Nurse
  5. Tour guide
  6. Event planner
  7. Writer

1. Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents help clients with buying, renting and selling properties and they create ads and publish listings for these clients.

These agents also organise open houses and also finalize with potential buyers to establish complete sales. They also help possible renters or buyers to find properties in line with their needs. And they go on to accompany these clients to view and purchase these properties.

The requirements for becoming a real estate agent is to have a high school diploma, then go through and complete the real estate pre-licensing courses that cost cost $500 and approved by the country you are moving to or live in.

A real estate agent can earn an average salary of $88.499 per year.

2. Tutor

You can tutor. You can help students learn skills and subjects and as well as every other thing tutoring students entails.

And to become a tutor, you will have a high school diploma and as well be an expert in the subject you will be tutoring in.

Tutors can earn an average salary of $21.45 per hour.

3. Retail manager

You could take responsibilities for supervising a branch that deals and sells clothing, shoes, accessories, beauty products and some other products.

As a retail manager, you can also be responsible for customer service and the general upkeep of the store. The requirements for landing a job as a retail manager are to have a high school diploma or another equivalent qualification.  Also, your past experiences will be considered for qualification.

Retail managers can earn an average salary of $48,281 per year.

4. Nurse

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), the employment of nurse practitioners is expected to grow five times faster than all other occupations by 2026.

With the rise of this profession over all other professions, nursing is gradually becoming one of the most lucrative job options for women or people over 50.

If you’ve had previous experiences in this field and has obtained your registered nurse license, it will be a lot easier for you to just continue in the profession without stress.

5. Tour guide

You could be a tour guide too.

If you are a history enthusiast and you love facts and as well love to discuss the past with people with the aim to teach, then this might be for you.

Meanwhile, you will need to have a knack for captivating the audience. You might be required to pass a written exam of knowledge of specific locations and city history.

And if you want to go all professional, you obtain your professional certification through the National Tour Association.

According to PayScales, Tour guides can earn an average salary of $9.04-$20.52 per hour

6. Event planner

If you have an eye for details and you love putting things in order and getting the part started in more creative ways than ordinary, then this might be for you.

Event planners are responsible for all the birthday parties, weddings and all other events.

However, to be an event planner, you just have a great eye for details.  There’s necessarily no degree or certification required for this job position most of the times. However, some schools offer certificate programs in event management and some employers demand certification.

Being an event planner can earn you an average salary of from $11.31-$36.50 per hour. And according to PayScale, an event planner can earn from $28,993-$73,488 per year.

7. Writer

If you have always loved to write, then you can earn from it and you can write as much as you can. You could become a freelance writer – writing search engine optimized contents for websites, educational materials, newspaper, marketing collateral or magazine articles.

To become a writer, you might need a bachelor’s degree in English or communications.  However, most employers do not demand degrees or certifications. Rather, they demand a portfolio of your past works to prove your writing abilities.

If you become a writer, you could earn about $24.22 per hour depending on the kind of writing you are on.

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Sources to Find Jobs Abroad for People Over 50

Below are platforms where you can find jobs abroad for people over 50 in 2023:

  • International TEFL Academy
  • Viamonde
  • Peace Corps
  • Amity Corporation
  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • AngelList

FAQs – Jobs Abroad for People Over 50

Is it possible to find jobs abroad for people over 50?

Yes, it is. The 50s as much as it is challenging, is also as much fun and carries so many opportunities with it. You could decide to start a new chapter of your life; travel to see and explore the world. You could also decide to seek out jobs abroad for people over 50. Interestingly, you could do the two at once; earn and be productive while you have all the fun you want. And this is where we come in.

Am I too old to work abroad?

You can relocate overseas at any age.
We firmly think that no matter what stage of life you’re in—single or with a family—you should never allow your age stop you from pursuing your ambition of relocating to a different nation. There are still some things to think about.

Is it hard to get a job over the age of 50?

In your 50s and 60s, it might be very difficult to locate a new employment. Older employees have a lower unemployment rate than younger workers, but once unemployed, older individuals appear to have more difficulty finding new job.

Is 56 years old too late to start a new career?

No of your age, you can always learn something new. It’s never too late to start a new professional path if you’re driven and enthusiastic about what you want to achieve.


You would now agree that moving to work abroad is not just for college graduates and other youngsters.

If you’ve been wanting to start life all over and explore the world, now isn’t the perfect time to don’t. Take your eyes from everything else but your depth of experience – from life and work and make the most of your 50s.

We wish you the best!

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