Best Summer Internship Programs in 2021

Best Summer Internship Programs

What does a summer break mean to you as a potential intern? To just have fun, unwind, or to find your passion and go all in for all the experiences worth gaining while you have at it? If you belong to the former, then this article is for you. We have made a list of 12 opportunities for the summer internship programs in 2021.

Now, whatever a summer break means to you, never let these internship opportunities pass you by. These summer internship programs offer great opportunities for growth. Also, it helps to prepare you in the field you have taken on for your career.

There are so many reasons to apply for summer internship programs and one of the best of them would be that internships set you apart from your counterparts by helping you build stronger foundation for professional success.

It opens you up a world of young professionals from all around the world and allows you connect, travel, explore and gain awesome experiences.

Imagine being immersed in a new country; culture, people and lifestyle, while with like-minded individuals who might become strong networks and close friends.

Most importantly, summer internship programs makes you outstanding and the most suitable candidate for a job. In simple terms, it automatically builds and boosts your confidence, your networks, accelerates your academic progress and helps you prepare you as a professional.

Why take summer internship programs abroad in 2021?

We think that the most beautiful things about summer internships is how it allows you travelling opportunities and opens terror experience gaining opportunities to you while still allowing you enhance your career prospects.

It allows you gain real world experience in your field of interest, enhances your resume, boosts your confidence and increases your marketability and employability rate while tou build helpful friendships from all over the world.

Aside from the aforementioned benefits of interning abroad, internships allows you opportunities to develop knowledge and skills in your field of study, to enhance your global perspective and as well as develop a new cultural appreciation.

If these are never enough reasons to apply for summer internship programs abroad, I dont know what else is.
Now that you have agreed, let’s talk about how to apply for summer internship programs abroad in 2021.

How Do I Apply For Summer Internship Programs In 2021?

Set your expectations and budget right!

These are the first things to set right before you begin to set your bags right to move;

What will you want out of these experiences? Decide if you are just going for academic purposes or to go enrich yourself with love, new cultural experiences and networks while equally training in your field? What do you hope to learn? What experience do you hope to gain?

About budgeting, IAHQ offers extensive affordable internship opportunities on the internship market. These amazing offers leaves the recipients with extra dollars to enjoy the nice cuisine and attractions abroad.
Set your budget right, prioritize the most important things first – applying, visa, accommodation and some other things.

Now, identify the kind of internship you need

This isn’t exactly as easy as it reads. You will need to find internships that match with your skills and abilities. Internships that match with your field of study.

You will have more clarity to set your experiences and budget right once you have selected your internship. This budget needs to include the price of your internship placement and personal spending budget for in-country expenses.

Identifying the kind of internship you needbased on destination and durations allows you review the overall costs for your internship.

Update your resume

Ensure your resume is up to date. Also, ensure your relevant skills and experiences are highlighted. This helps you stay noticed and it can help your employer understand what you can offer as much as the trainings that would need to be given to you.

Know the application deadlines

It is not enough to identify the kind of internships you want, also not their application deadlines so you dont miss out on an opportunity. However, it is important to apply as early as possible to allow yourself the best chance at being accepted or hired.

Apply for several internships

You have set your experiences and budget right, identified the kind of internship you need, updated resume, checked the deadlines and now, it is time to apply. It’s not too early. It’s never too early! Early does it better.

Now, apply! For several internships.

This shouldn’t come as a shock to you. Applying for several internships allows you a bigger chance of getting the right one for you. What it means is to keep your options open.

Prepare for the interview

Congratulations! Your application has been considered and you have been called up for an interview. Anyway, we hope you didn’t wait til the call to begin to prepare for your interview. You should begin right from the day you make up your mind to apply for an internship abroad.

Again, early does it right here. It allows you have enough time to rehearse – research recurrent internship questions and how to answer them.

Now that you understand how to apply for summer internship programs, here are the list of 10 internship programs we have made for you.

10 Best Summer Internships Programs in

RIPS Summer Internship 2021 in the United States

RIPS summer internship 2021 is a fully-funded internship program opportunity that offers a nine-weeks training for undergraduates and fresh graduates.

It offers programs in many fields such as,

  • Computer science
  • Mathematics and other relevant field areas.

Students interning at RIPS summer internship 2021 will be working in an active environment where all real-world researchers will be supervising the interns. For this internship opportunity, all international students are eligible to apply.
They will be provided with a stipend of $3,500, accommodation, meals and travel allowance.

CERN Short Term Internship in Switzerland

The CERN Short Term Internship is one of the top internships in Europe. It is a paid internship and this internship programs runs up to 6 months.
Meanwhile, this internship program opportunity keeps it’s application open throughout the gear. It requires no TOEFL or IELTS, neither does it require application fees from applicants.

Interns with the CERN Short Tern Internship will received a monthly stipend of 1,500 Swiss Franc.

Kindly visit their website to know the other benefits interns are offered for this internship.

World Bank Summer Internship Program 2021 – Paid Internship

World Bank Summer Internship Program is a paid internship offering internship opportunities. It offers internship programs in departments like development operations, accounting, human resources, communications, etc.

This internship programme runs for a period of 4 weeks and all interns are required to be a part of the dynamic working environment.
The internship doesn’t not IELTS or TOEFL and it offers opportunities to over 170 countries in the world.
Interns who work with World Bank Summer Internship program receive payments, travel allowance and working and existing professionals.

NIG Summer Internship in Japan

NIG Summer Internship is a fully-funded internship opportunity in Japan. It offers an extraordinary opportunity for people who are enthusiastic about scientific research and these opportunities are offered in the fields of sciences and genetics.

Interns working with NIG summer internship will be required to be engaged in many activities which includes, graduate program lectures, journal clubs and seminars. It requires no program fee and there are also no requirements for IELTS or TOEFL. However, all interns would be required to give presentations at the end of the internship.

Interns who work with NIG will receive funds and benefits which runs from a return airfare, local transportation, lodging, travel insurance and a daily meal allowance.

OECD Internship 2021 in Paris, France

OECD internship is an international internship opportunity in Paris. It is mainly for applicants enrolled in Bachelors, Masters or Ph.Ds.

The OECD internship opportunity cover areas that fall in technical and analytical field categories. Due to the Covid-, 19 pandemic and the restrictions it came with, candidates will work remotely. Also, they will receive monthly stipends of 700 Euros as living expenses, assistance for the visa process as they are required to engage diverse team members.

UNICEF Internship Programme

UNICEF Internship Programme is a fully-funded internship set for all degree levels including undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D.

This internship opportunity provides every needed resources for the interns. The internship runs for 6 to 26 weeks and it covers the costs of visa, living expenses for the interns. Also, it provides stipends for the interns and assists in their travel expenses. However, interns are required to work full time sometimes to perform internship tasks.

ADB Internship 2021 [Asian Development Bank

ADB Internship is a great internship program that allows applications from over 69 nationalities.
It is a paid internship designed for young, self-directed, and highly motivated candidates. It runs from 8 to 26 weeks and it also allows applications from Masters and Oh.D students.

The most unique thing about this internship would be how an intern’s location for the internships depends on their nationality. Meanwhile, interns will receiving a monthly stipend, airfare travel cost, deep understanding of finance, and an opportunity to contribute to the ADB’s business.

KAUST International Internship in Saudi Arabia –

KAUST International Internship is a fully-funded internship in Saudi Arabia. It seeks for highly-talented students and it promises to cover all expenses of the selected applicants.

When selected, the interns will be acquainted to the research work and will be informed about the techniques to conduct researches unassisted.

Aside from all expenses being covered for interns, interns will also receive a monthly stipend of $1,000, visa fee, round airfare, accommodation, health insurance and community resources.

United Nations Internship Program

United Nations Internship program is a fully-funded internship opportunity open to all applicants from all around the world.

It is an all expenses covered opportunity for all the selected participants which includes, undergraduates, graduates, fresh students up to age 25 years.
This placement runs for 3 to 12 months and interns will receive monthly stipends, living expenses, visa costs and airfare travel costs.

Microsoft Online Internships

Due to the pandemic and the restrictions it has come with, Microsoft has brought amazing opportunities. This one is a virtual internship opportunity with certificates to empower interns from all around the world.

It provides life-changing opportunities for students to gain knowledge and experiences as well as skills through many fields at Microsoft.

Participants will be allowed free registration, free verified certificates, an experience to work directly with Microsoft which is a boost to their CV. Also, this is a self-paced internship.

This opportunity is for you if you want to be useful, gain experiences while being engaged in some other productive activities.

SAP Internship Experience Project

SAP internship experience project is a German software company that offers internship opportunities in marketing and business. They are famed for having one of the highest offer-acceptance rates for interns. These interns who would later be full-time opportunities.

This internship usually runs from a summertime stint or a year long. And it allows participants the opportunities to gain experiences in finance, development and technology, sales, consulting services, human resources, corporate operations and marketing and communications.


Summer breaks are a great time to seek self-development opportunities as an intern. You get to gain lots of experiences to prepare you for your career work. Also, you get build some lifetime connections and knowledge.

All you have to do is to follow our guides to applying for summer internship programs and you can choose from our list of summer internship program opportunities. We wish you good luck!



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