11 Cheapest Universities in Europe to Study Abroad (Almost Free) – 2023 {Updated}

Looking for the cheapest universities in Europe to study abroad? With every day that passes, tons of opportunities emerge for students to study in different countries at affordable costs. Besides earning a degree abroad, studying abroad offers amazing opportunities.

This includes meeting new friends and broadening your knowledge. Also, it lets you see the world and experience new and different cultures. However, students are discouraged every year by the cost of studying abroad. So, they sit back and do not apply to study. Most students want to earn their degrees in Europe, and we get it. Europe tends to offer endless opportunities.

This includes a world-class education with the tons of experiences it comes with. Now, what most students are yet to understand is that Europe offers cheap and affordable universities. Generally, studying abroad can seem more expensive than it is – stretching from flights, living expenses, and tuition costs.

Now, this is where we come in. We have carefully made a list of the 11 cheapest universities in Europe to help you fulfill your dreams of studying abroad and seeing the world.

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Is it Possible to Study Abroad in Europe for Free?

Many students who desire to study abroad do not travel because of the cost!

Nevertheless, studying abroad for free is not possible. There can only be ways to keep down costs.

It goes from learning cheap student hacks to saving money and applying for scholarships.

Meanwhile, Europe offers some of the cheapest universities in the world. For EU citizens, it offers tuition-fee-free education.

However, there is a small process to be undergone for non-EU citizens. Even so, it is still with little or no tuition fee education, and this is where we come in.

We have listed the 11 cheapest universities in Europe to study abroad. We hope you find the list useful.

Why Choose to Study in Universities in Europe?

Generally, Europe is largely known as the world leader in research and study initiatives and opportunities.

For this reason, various universities spend large sums on financial assistance programs.

Also, on scholarships for students coming in from overseas.

The number of students applying to study in Europe rises every year.

And this is mostly because of the world-class education that Europe offers students.

Not only that, Europe offers lots of study options for international students. Below are more reasons you should choose to study in Europe.

You earn your degree in 3 years.

Studying in Europe allows you to earn your degree in three years instead of four.

Why spend four years at Harvard, Princeton, or Yale when you can earn your degree in three in Europe?

You gain a world-class education.

It is what universities in Europe offer; a world-class education and research. It also offers you the opportunity to develop valuable language skills.

Many of the world’s most reputable universities are located in Europe.

Cross-border cooperations within Europe have developed a solid international erudite community. This community leads cutting-edge research.

It gives you a broad range of education options.

Studying in Europe allows you opportunities for a wide range of options. It has something for everybody.

These include programs in all academic disciplines stretching from Arts to Zoology; small universities or large international research centers; cutting-edge academic research programs; and practice-oriented taught education.

It is a boost for your career.

You will agree that international experience can develop an increased value as a future employee.

Big and small companies and businesses give more attention and attraction to employees who earned their degrees abroad.

Studying in Europe is quite affordable.

Tuition fees in Europe are quite low, unlike US, Australian, Ireland, New Zealand, or Canadian universities.

Some universities in Europe also offer no-tuition-fee education. That is, the students get to study free of charge!

Also, there are many scholarship opportunities and options for financial aid during studies.

You get to see the world.

Among the numerous benefits of studying abroad, the opportunity to see the world is one of the greatest.

You automatically get to see more countries than one when studying in Europe. All you need to do is to obtain a student visa.

This visa allows you to travel to other countries in the Schengen area. This is mostly for non-European citizens who study around Schengen.

Common Fields of Study in the Cheapest Universities in Europe?

The Education Field of Study

Are you looking to broaden your knowledge and awareness of the education field?

Or to develop yourself for a profession in education policy or law?

Or even to teach at a higher education level? You should go for an Education degree.

Education degrees equip teachers for professions in a diversity of school settings.

Europe is, however, a better destination for your degree in this field. It offers thousands of leading research institutes.

This is with organizations focused on teaching and various degree opportunities to pick from.

The Computer Science Field of Study

Computer science degree holders are perceived to be professionals who enjoy some of the highest-paying entry-level pay across Europe.

You could also obtain your BA in Management and Artificial Intelligence in Digital Society from the Kozminski University in Poland.

However, this implies that local and international students attain various management practices.

These management processes are connected with data analysis skills rooted in programming.

The Business Field of Study

Degrees in this field mainly offer students a comprehensive understanding of international and domestic economies.

Studying and earning your business degree in Europe could further broaden your career opportunities.

As well as your abilities that traverse a range of industries such as banking, finance, and insurance.

Students are, however, urged to go for this field of study. And most times, they gain financial support from schools.

This is either based or with branches in influential cities like Dublin, Paris, London, Madrid, etc.

The Health Science Field of Study

Students in this field are usually exposed to a global view of technology and mathematics.

These involve how technology and mathematics are utilized in the delivery of health services around the world.

Earning a degree abroad will give you a great perception of various health science practices.

Now, let’s go on with the list of the best 11 cheapest universities to study abroad in Europe.

Cheapest Universities in Europe to Study Abroad

1. Scuola Normale Superiore

Scuola Normale Superiore is one of the high-rated colleges in Italy and one of the best you can find in Europe.

It offers three major programs for undergrad students:

  • Humanities
  • Sciences
  • Political science.

The humanities program grants specialization in paleography, history of art, and archaeology.

Also, they specialize in linguistics, philosophy, and modern literature. While the science program focuses on chemistry, biology, and physics.

However, Scuola Normale offers international students free tuition fees for European education.

That is, it is one of the tuition-free universities in Europe. Also, it covers the living cost of the students, such as food and accommodations.

This means that you will barely spend on studying abroad at the Scuola Normale Superiore university.

2. Sant’Anna

Sant’Anna is a university in Pisa. What this means is that studying here comes with endless sightseeing opportunities. It offers two major programs:

  • The experimental
  • The applied sciences and social sciences.

At Sant’Anna university, most courses are taught in English.

However, you would need to know and understand quite a generous amount of their official language to study here.

This is a tuition-free university also that covers its students’ living expenses.

3. Free University of Berlin

This is a tuition-free university also. However, unlike the first two mentioned, you will be responsible for your living costs at the Free University of Berlin.

Living costs go for about 700 euros a month here.

The school teaches in English and also offers a Bachelor of Arts program.

However, their most popular subject is North American Studies.

4. University of Göttingen

Germany is famed as the king of tuition-free universities.

This particular university in Germany is one of Europe’s cheapest universities to study abroad.

Also, it is home to one of the largest and biggest libraries in Germany, and it offers programs in these fields:

  • Humanities
  • Law
  • Natural sciences
  • Social sciences.

Some of these programs are taught in English. This university is a tuition-free university. However, you must pay $335 for an entire semester.

Another cost you will have to cater for is the cost of living. And here, the cost of living goes from around 700 euros for a month.

5. RWTH Aachen Universit

RWTH Aachen University is not a completely free university. It charges no tuition, though.

However, you must pay a student body and processing fee of 260 euros/ $290 per semester.

You are expected to cater to your cost of living too. This goes for about 500 euros a month.

Again, this is not free, but you can afford to school here if you have been saving for your study abroad dreams.

This school specializes in the following programs:

  • Architecture
  • Geo-resources
  • Materials engineering.

Here, all Bachelor’s degree study courses are taught in the German language.

You will need to know a decent amount of German to study here.

6. The University of Vienna

Vienna, Austria, is another exceptional area for affordable European universities to study abroad.

It is a tuition-free university that requires a fair processing fee of 730 euros/$ 815 per semester.

This school offers over 200 programs leaving the students with a long list to choose from.

The good news is that most of them are taught in English. The university is a relatively old one and is quite rich in history.

It will offer you a rich culture and nightlife experience. It is what the town of Vienna is famous for, and you will surely have a great time studying here.

Here, their most popular subjects are:

  • Theology
  • Computer science
  • Cultural studies
  • Philosophy.

7. Nord University

Nord University is publicly funded, so it does not charge tuition fees from students.

However, non-European citizens must prove they can fend for themselves for one year in Norway.

This is to get a visa to study at Nord university. The cost of living in Norway currently goes for about $13,000.

Here is a list of their programs taught in English:

  • Circumpolar studies
  • 3D art
  • Animation
  • Games and entertainment technology
  • Biology
  • English.

Studying abroad in Norway means opportunities to see the Northern Lights!

8. Nantes University – Cheapest Universities in Europe

If you ever want to see France, this is for you. It holds all the adventures you might ever want.

Although it Is not an entirely tuition-free university, it requires a small processing fee of 184 euros or $200 per semester.

Living here is low, costing about 600 euros or $670 monthly. You are expected to fund this yourself.

Here are some different programs that Nantes University offers, and they are taught in English:

  • Biology and earth science
  • Foreign languages, literature, and civilizations
  • European and internationl stdies.

9. Paris-Sud Universit – Cheapest Universities in Europe

This university is the cheapest university in Europe. It is located in one of the most beautiful places in the world – Paris!

The Eiffel Tower and many other French adventures are waiting for you to explore them.

The Paris-Sud university, however, requires a low processing fee of about 170 euros or $190 per semester.

The only thing is that you get to cater to the cost of living yourself.

Meanwhile, the cost of living in Paris is quite higher. But studying in Paris is a great catch if you can afford this.

Here are the programs taught in English in Paris-Sud:

  • Sciences and languages
  • Physics
  • Economics management.

University of Athens

The University of Athens is one of the oldest universities in Greece.

The city of Athens offers endless opportunities for sightseeing. It is a tuition-free university that also requires that you pay a processing fee of $400 per semester.

You are also required to take up the cost of living in Athens. This is about $800 per month but runs down to $500 sometimes.

Here are some of the popular undergraduate programs:

  • Dentistry
  • Music studies
  • Nursing
  • Social Theology
  • Theatre studies.

The University of Crete

The University of Crete charges no tuition fees for Eu and international students. The main programs in this university are:

  • Philosophy
  • Education
  • Social sciences
  • Medicine and science
  • Engineering

If you go for philosophy, you could study philosophy in Greece – the birthplace of Philosophy!

All classes at the University of Crete are taught in Greek. So, you have to know a generous amount of Greek to study here.

Although there is a sizeable international community of English speakers.


Studying abroad might not be as expensive as it seems.

You could save up to study abroad for either of the 11 cheapest universities in Europe. Studying abroad holds more experiences and life opportunities than you may ever know.

We hope you never get deterred by the cost of studying abroad anymore as we have made it easy for you to choose from the list of the cheapest universities in Europe to road.

FAQs – Cheapest universities in Europe

Which is the cheapest European country to study in?

It’s difficult to determine the cheapest European country to study in as it varies depending on factors such as the university, location, and cost of living. However, some countries with lower tuition fees and living expenses compared to others include Germany, Poland, and Hungary. It’s important to research and compares costs before making a decision.

Where is the cheapest place to live in Europe as a student?

The cheapest place to live in Europe as a student may vary depending on accommodation costs, food expenses, and public transport. Some cities with relatively low living costs compared to others include Krakow (Poland), Sofia (Bulgaria), and Vilnius (Lithuania). However, it’s important to research and compares costs before deciding.

What are the cheapest universities in Europe for international students?

Some of the cheapest universities in Europe for international students include:

University of Pécs, Hungary
University of Pécs Medical School, Hungary
The University of Warsaw, Poland
University of Tallinn, Estonia
Charles University, Czech Republic


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