15 Best German Language Schools in Germany in 2023

Do you want to learn the German language? This article is about learning the German language, why, and where you need to learn. This article answers every possible question about learning the German language. Also, we will be making—a list of the 15 best German language schools in Germany in 2023.

The truth is, there is no easier way to learn German than to study at a language school in Germany that focuses on speaking and listening, reading and writing – all in the German language. However, this is never where the end of the lesson. Outside the classroom, you also interact with Germans in Germany, which helps. This will help to strengthen your German language speaking skill.

However, before you begin, you could take online language courses in German to make learning easier for you in the classroom. There are many resources available to you to learn foreign languages. If you have done this already, you are indeed smart. However, if you haven’t yet, take that bold step towards smartness to make learning easier in Germany.

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Why You Should Learn German

Certainly, learning German sets you on the path toward accessing a lot of benefits. So many career benefits come with learning and being fluent in German. Here are some of them:

German is easy to acquire

There have been arguments over how difficult it is to learn German. The truth is that although all languages are difficult to learn, German is one of the easiest in the world. If you are an English speaker, it will be easier for you. You may wonder why.

German shares the same Germanic root as English. The two languages have so many closely related words. Unlike learning Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, or Korean languages, you don’t have to begin to learn a whole new alphabet to learn German. You only need to add a few words.

It is an important language in academia.

German is very valuable in the academic industry. It is the second most commonly used scientific language. Also, you could check out the vast number of award-winning scientists from Germany.

Naturally, the reason for this high ranking is that the German book market is the world’s third-largest, the first and second being the Chinese and English publishing industries.

German is the gateway to a world-class higher education

Certainly, this could be one of the biggest benefits of learning German, especially as a young person. In 2011, Germany ranked the fourth most outstanding destination for students to study abroad. Over a quarter million foreigners were enrolled in German schools at the time.

Also, the German higher education system prides itself on its numerous universities offering top-quality education at very low tuition fees or non-existent tuition costs.

Now you get it! You understand why scholars and researchers are all finding their way to Germany and why you should.

Germany is an economic powerhouse.

Germany is known to have the largest economy within the European Union. Also, it doubles as the fourth-largest economy in the whole world. The country is also home to various international corporations and sits on the front line of new technologies.

Imagine being in business and completely understanding your business partner’s language. Automatically, it increases your chances for effective communication and a profitable professional relationship.

German companies are global market leaders.

Did you know that Germany is home to a great number of economic global players? Brands and corporations like Volkswagen, Lufthansa, Siemens, and Adidas are recognized nationwide. Also, the country hosts some of the largest international trade fairs, like CeBIT – the largest exhibition in the world for information technology. Also, there’s IFA, the world’s biggest trade fair for consumer electronics.

Meanwhile, Berlin – the capital of German, also popularly called ‘the Silicon Valley of Europe’ is increasingly developing into a hub for innovative startups. Do you understand how knowing German can greatly enhance your career opportunities?

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It is the most widely spoken native language in Europe

The European Union has three official languages; English, German, and French, and German is the second most spoken in Europe. Also, it doubles as the 10th major language of the world.

Clearly, this is to prove that knowing German gives you over 100 million additional people to talk to and interact with.

German has a big online presence.

Learning German should be important if your online presence means a lot to you. Aside from the over 100 million people learning German can give you access to, it also gives you access to up to 15 million websites. This excludes the Gean websites ending in ‘.net, .org, .info.’

Germans are everywhere

Germans are everywhere! It was recorded that Germans spent a remarkable $84 billion on travel in 2012. This set of people is known as some of the most voracious travelers in the world. Why wouldn’t they? With almost six weeks of annual leave and huge income, they can be anywhere they want. Everywhere!

If you are in the tourist industry, you could get into the German-speaking guides and staff to make some cash. Also, if networking is what you want to build, you don’t know how much difference a little German can make.

German culture is part of the world heritage.

Germany has produced a huge part of the world’s heritage. They have produced the greatest literary, musical, artistic, and philosophical minds.

Learning German can allow you to appreciate the beauty in the masterpieces of these great literary, musical, and philosophical minds in their original forms.

Imagine finally listening to songs or finding literary works in German and discovering they mean you.

Why You Should Learn German in Germany

First, Germany is home to big win corporations, it is Europe’s economic giant, and also, it is steadily becoming the largest innovation hub. What studying German in Germany does here is to set you closer to the abundance of lucrative career opportunities in the country.

Also, German institutions offer top-quality education at low or no costs. Studying in Germany might be perfect if you decide to study German but have a tight budget. It will make learning quicker too.

When you study German in Germany, you will find that you don’t only get to learn the language. Also, you will find that you get a generous and deeper understanding of German culture and society, which can greatly help in the future.

Whether you are a beginner or already understand some basics, you receive countless German classes, usually taught by native German experts.

How Much Does it Cost to Learn German in the Best German Language Schools in Germany?

Basically, language schools available in Germany to study German are mostly private schools. Unfortunately, they do not get grants from the state to run their programs. As a result, they have to charge tuition fees to students. However, the prices usually depend on which school and course you are going for. Also, on how long you want to study.

In the language schools in Germany, the longer the language course you are going for, the lower your average weekly cost will be.

Also, you would hardly come across any scholarships for language schools in Germany. This is because the schools do not get grants; they only run and operate on the students’ tuition fees.

15 Best German Language Schools in Germany to Learn German

There are a lot of German language schools in Germany, but here is a list of our carefully selected best German language schools in Germany. Wondering what they have to offer?

These German language schools on our list offer the following:

  • Expert instructors
  • Cultural trips and sightseeing around Germany
  • Excellent program support for international students.

Now, here’s our list:

Learn German 1: Institute for International Education of Students Abroad (IES)

The Institute for International Education of Students Abroad is one of Germany’s best German language schools, offering some of the best study abroad experiences.

IES offers German language courses at all levels in Berlin. Through some of these courses, students new to the German language can learn to communicate their everyday needs. Also, students who already know or understand the basics of the language can enroll in IES’ Emerging Independent Abroad course and debate topics. Also, they get to practice colloquialisms, all in German.

Meanwhile, IES takes its students on course-related trips in and outside Berlin. To learn more about this institute, do visit their website.

Learn German 2: Goethe University

The Goethe University is one of the best German language schools in Germany. It was founded during the era of intellectual and philosophical enlightenment in Europe, and it has since become one of the top research institutions in the whole world.

At Goethe University, you could learn German at any level while studying macroecology and evolution. However, suppose you already know and understand the basics of the German language. In that case, you can sign up for the more advanced courses which involve German correspondence, like letter writing, to improve your skills.

Learn German 3: The Middlebury School

The Middlebury School is one of the best German language schools in Germany. It has been offering German courses for over 100 years ago. As a result, it has gained quite an outstanding reputation as it offers one of the best study abroad experiences.

This school teaches the German language in Berlin and focuses on incorporating German society and culture. Also, this school allows its students to intern, volunteer, or participate in extracurricular activities while they study.

To learn more about taking your German language in this school, visit their website.

Learn German 4: University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC)

The University Studies Abroad Consortium is another of the best German language schools in Germany, offering classes on the German language to students at all levels.

The school offers quite flexible study-abroad options. From small classes to quite a great number of enhancing courses to choose from. Also, the school offers an all-around first-rate opportunity to study in the German language school at quite an affordable cost. Also, optional trips, by the way, are included in the curriculum. These trips are usually near Hamburg or Berlin.

Students studying German with the USAC get to live in Lüneburg. Lüneburg is a vibrant college community housing a small town with numerous metropolitan activities. You can find more about this language school on their website.

Learn German 5: GLS Campus Berlin

The GLS Campus, Berlin, is another of Germany’s best German language schools. It is set in a beautiful and artsier-than-average corner of diverse Berlin.

The school offers fun and productive study abroad experiences. Also, on-campus residency options make accommodation much easier for students.

For more detailed information, you can visit the school’s website.

6: Junior Year in Munich (JYM)

The Junior Year in Munich is also another one of the best German language schools in Germany. It offers an intensive German language program that is only open and available to American and Canadian juniors, seniors, and graduate students.

Applicants are required to have at least two tears of college-level German classes. Also, your German language level will be tested during your orientation before entering as a student. This is to determine what level of class you will take.

Meanwhile, all courses are taught in Germany. This ensures a complete German immersion.

7: DAAD University Summer Course Grant

The DAAD University Summer Course Grant is one of Germany’s biggest and best German language schools, offering courses to students to enhance their German-speaking skills. Students studying with this can study in Munich, Cologne, or Hamburg. Also, in either Göttingen or Heidelberg.

The curriculum for this German language program includes presentations by industry experts in various fields like the German language and culture. Also, there are exciting trips all around Germany. Meanwhile, you could be qualified to study for free with DAAD. You can check out their website for more detailed information.

8: Center for Study Abroad (CSA)

The Center for Study Abroad is one of Germany’s best German language schools in Munich and offers admission to students from anywhere in the world.

Also, this Center for study abroad offers its programs at low costs, and their programs are flexible, accredited German language courses. The German language classes are offered at different mastery levels, and the students must take 20 hours of German language classes four days a week.

These classes usually focus on speaking, reading, grammar, and writing. Also, the classes include cultural activities too, and upon completion of the course, students get to receive a CSA certificate of completion.

Meanwhile, the students will live in Central Munich in student halls, in a nearby flat, or with a German host family. You can visit the Center for Abroad Study website for more detailed information.

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9: NACEL Education Travel

The NACEL Education Travel is a metropolitan Getman language institute whose curriculum is specifically tailored to native English and Spanish-speaking students.

At NACEL Education Travel Institute, students can spend some time getting to know the city. Also, they visit historical landmarks such as the Dachau concentration camp.

However, students studying with NACEL get to live with German host families. This is to make getting to school easy. You can find more information on this school and its program by visiting their website.

10: Languages Abroad

The Languages Abroad is one of the best German language schools in Germany that offers classes in German for students at all levels. It is set in Sachsenhausen – a community previously home to a Nazi concentration camp.

This language school is open to students of 12-21 and above. Aside from teaching the German language, this school also focuses on immersing students in the culture through visits to historical landmarks, art galleries, and cathedrals. Also, the school facilitates visits for shopping and socializing with locals.

Here, students taking German language courses have four group lessons daily, four days a week. However, teenagers can get to enroll in the Teenagers Abroad German Camp.

You can find more information on this language school in Germany on their website.

11: Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)

This is another of Germany’s best German language schools, offering German language beginners classes for essential cultural understanding and language skills.

However, people who already understand the basics can apply for courses designed for more German-speaking students. These classes could include presentations and topics like German music and news.

Meanwhile, if you study with the Council in International Education Exchange, you can continue your language studies outside of Berlin. You could continue in CIEE campuses in London, Paris, London, Rome, or Cape Town.

12: ASSE International in Germany Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX)

The ASSE International in Germany Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange is one of Germany’s best German language schools. It is open to students between the ages of 15 and 18 interested in international affairs.

This German language school offers students the opportunity to learn German at all levels while having the time to delve into American-German political relations. Also, the program includes networking opportunities for the students with high-level U.S. State Department program alums.

However, students will get to live with the German host family. You can find more information on this program on the language school’s website.

13: European Study Center (ESC) in Heidelberg

Set in Heidelberg – one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, the
European Study Center is one of the best German language schools in Germany. It offers intensive German language courses at all levels for about 20-25 hours a week.

Also, the schools offer an opportunity to volunteer with refugee children from the Middle East, Asia, and North Africa. However, the student must enroll in the school’s ‘Special Topic’ course to join the volunteer team.

You can find more info on this language school and the programs on their website.

14: Center for International Studies Abroad (CIS)

Learning German close to the picturesque fabled Black Forest is a good plan for having the best study abroad experience ever! The Center for International Studies Abroad, one of Germany’s best German language schools, offers that.

Students learning with CIS get to be taking their courses at Valparaiso University on their Reutlingen campus. Before students begin their lectures, they will be given all the necessary information about the town. Also, the program includes a lot of thrilling trips in its curriculum. There are two to five day’s getaways to other German cities, such as Wittenberg and Berlin. Also, students are allowed weekend vacations in nearby Switzerland and France.

Visit their website to learn more about this language school and its program.

15: The Summer School at the University of Mannheim

The Summer School at the University of Mannheim is another of the best German language schools in Germany, offering a six weeks summer program to help students looking to learn or enhance their already acquired German language school. This program is open to both local and international students.

Studying at the Summer School at the University of Mannheim involves having fascinating seminars taught by international experts on German culture.

Also, tutors and student mentors are assigned to all summer academy students. These tutors and student mentors are called HuGos, and the HuGos assist with blending into Germany.

You can find more info on the school’s website.


Are there any scholarships?

There are hardly any scholarships for language schools in Germany. This is because the schools do not get grants from the state; they only run and operate on the student’s tuition fees.

How long does it take to complete a German language course?

The German language classes typically last up to 4-8 weeks. However, this largely depends on the course provider and the Germain language level you are willing to attain.

What are the age limits for German language schools in Germany?

Generally, German language schools are open for students of all ages. There are available junior programs for younger teenagers. Also, there are programs for adults, and the minimum age is between 16 and 18. However, the average student is usually aged between 19 and 30.

Does the school help students with accommodation in Germany?

For private language schools in Germany, yes, they can help students with accommodation. Students must usually choose between living in shared apartments, the school, or the German host family.

However, living with the host family is usually the best option as it will help you improve your German faster.

Do I need a visa to attend a language school in Germany?

Citizens of EU/EES countries do not need a visa to attend or study in German language schools in Germany. However, nationals of some other countries can visit the European Union for up to 90 days. Then, the others will need a visa to study from the first day.

Can I work when I take a language course in Germany?

This will largely depend on the type of visa you have. EU/EES nationals can be allowed to work without restraints. Unfortunately, other nationalities on a tourist visa or a visa waiver can not work in Germany.
However, university students on a student visa can be allowed to work while they study. To be able to do this, they will need to receive a permit from the German authorities first.


German is one of the languages every young person should learn, considering the many career benefits of knowing the language.
Having gone through our list, we hope you have been able to find that the programs on our list make learning German in Germany quite easier and cheaper too.

Now, sign up for one of the best German-language schools in the German school of your choice and reward your future before you even meet it. Also, you could share this so another young person who needs it will find it.


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