31 Best Places to Visit in May in the USA | 2024 Study Abroad Guide

The month of May is the ideal time to set out on a breath-taking adventure throughout America. So we have selected some of the best travel choices you can explore in May here. Carefully go through this page to see the best places to visit in May in the USA

There is something for everyone in this magnificent country, from the breathtaking scenery of the Grand Canyon to the energetic streets of New Orleans.

You can completely immerse yourself in the sights and experiences that make the US a great trip in May thanks to the moderate weather and smaller crowds.

Considering all the wonderful places to visit, planning a trip this month can be difficult. 

In this article, we will guide you to the best places to visit in May in the USA.

What are the Best Places to Visit in May in the USA?

For your convenience, the top vacation spots are ranked according to their educational value, family friendliness, price, safety, and accessibility. 

Check out our list below, then get ready to make lifelong moments that you won’t forget!

1. Oahu

2. Mackinac Island

3. Denver

4. San Francisco

5. Southern Utah

6. Virginia Beach

7. Charlotte

8. Galena

9. New York City

10. Santa Barbara

11. Boston

12. North Georgia Mountains

13. Oklahoma

14. Las Vegas

15. Oregon Coast

16. Nashville

17. Sierra Nevada Mountains

18. New Orleans

19. Fredericksburg

20. Boise

21. Washington D.C.

22. Holland, Michigan

23. Zion National Park

24. Chicago

25. Roanoke, Virginia

26. Savannah, Georgia

27. San Antonio, Texas

28. Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan

29. Joshua Tree National Park, California

30. Haleiwa, Hawaii

31. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1. Oahu 

Best Places to Visit in May in the USA

Whether you visit the Hawaiian island of Oahu to take in the breathtaking landscape, rest on the beach, or surf some warm ocean waves, it is a great place to go.

Oahu is considered as a year-round vacation destination, but May might be the best time to plan a trip there.

Compared to the busiest summer travel months of June, July, and August, May brings delightful warm temperatures, drier conditions than the winter, and significantly quieter island circumstances.

You’ll be able to enjoy all the wonderful things to do on Oahu, including visiting Lanikai Beach or Ho’omaluhia Botanical Gardens, with just a fraction of the crowd.

Every May, Oahu also plays host to a few spectacular events.

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2. Mackinac Island

Best Places to Visit in May in the USA

The paths, woodlands, and limestone Arch Rock structure on the island of Mackinac in Michigan are well-known attractions.

A great destination to visit in May is Mackinac Island, Michigan.

This city emerges from its icy winter sleep between the lower and upper peninsulas of Lake Huron.

One of the island’s biggest draws is the absence of automotive access, which forces visitors to travel by foot, bicycle, or horse-drawn carriage.

The start of the season occurs in May, shortly after the lilacs start to bloom near the end of the month.

3. Denver

Best Places to Visit in May in the USA

The state capital and one of Colorado’s most beautiful cities, Denver, dates back to the days of the Old West.

Denver should be on your list of potential vacation destinations for May.

It is well known as one of the best places in the US to have a delicious brew and is brimming with options for outdoor recreation, parks, museums, and beautiful architecture.

The 24 acres of green area and variety of plant species at the Denver Botanic Gardens make it worthwhile to visit there in May.

Denver is best known at this time of year for the Cinco de Mayo, though.

4. San Francisco

Best Places to Visit in May in the USA

San Francisco is a fantastic substitute for Denver and Mackinac Island due to its good accommodations and entertaining festival.

The commercial, financial, and cultural center of Northern California is the city and county of San Francisco.

Are you looking for a beautiful city to visit but unsure about where to go in May?

A trip to San Francisco during the busiest tourist times can get expensive in terms of hotel and attractions.

As a result, going to San Francisco in May allows you to escape crowds and easily explore the lovely city.

Because San Francisco is known for its foggy weather, May frequently brings sunny days and lower temperatures.

5. Southern Utah

The world’s highest concentration of natural aesthetic wonders, including canyons, reefs, and more, may be found in southern Utah.

Its red rock landscapes contain some of the most beautiful national parks in the United States.

National parks Capitol Reef, Canyonlands, Zion, Bryce Canyon, and Arches make comprise Southern Utah’s “Mighty 5.”

Each of Utah’s national parks has something special to offer.

While Arches and Bryce Canyon are well known for their short walks and scenic drives, The Capitol Reef is a little-known gem famed for its canyon, cliffs, and domes.

6. Virginia Beach

At the confluence of the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean in southeast Virginia is the seaside city of Virginia Beach.

The greatest US destination in May is Virginia Beach.

May is jam-packed with events, one of which is the Neptune Spring Wine + Food Festival, where you can try up to 70 different kinds of domestic and international wines and foods.

Another event in May is the Pungo Off Road Monsters festival, which is held by the ocean and includes monster trucks and other autos.

7. Charlotte

In the Piedmont region of the American state of North Carolina, Charlotte is the city with the most population.

Since the weather is pleasant and not too hot and there are many festivals to attend, May is one of the most amazing months to visit Charlotte.

The Kings Drive Art Walk, a two-day showcase of excellent art, usually coincides with Cinco de Mayo, which is observed at the beginning of the month.

Additionally, Ramsey Creek Park features the annual Dragon boat races in the middle of May as a part of the Asian Festival.

Near the end of the month, Charlotte Motor Speedway also hosts NASCAR races, and the calendar of events is family-friendly.

8. Galena

Best Places to Visit in May in the USA

The 1826 Dowling House is one of the many well maintained 19th-century buildings in the little town of Galena in northwest Illinois.

The state of Illinois is renowned for its forested hills and attractive downtown, which is home to a variety of establishments that cater to tourists.

One of the top US vacation spots in May is Galena.

If you’re visiting Galena for the first time, begin your trip in the city’s historic district.

And don’t forget to take your camera, as Main Street is home to many historic structures.

From there, you may go to Grant Park in Galena, which is a great place for a picnic and some quiet before exploring the rest of the city.

9. New York City

Best Places to Visit in May in the USA

New York metropolis, commonly known as NYC, the most populous metropolis in the USA, is one of the greatest places to visit in May.

During this month, all of the spring flowers blossom and the days get warmer.

In addition, there are less tourists and long lines at the city’s prime attractions can be avoided.

With all the trees in blossom, Highline Park, which was built on an abandoned railway line, looks amazing.

A lot of fun events are also happening in New York in May.

About 10,000 dancers take part in the Dance Parade in May, which has DJs and live music.

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10. Santa Barbara

Best Places to Visit in May in the USA

Santa Barbara is a city in central California with the stunning Santa Ynez Mountains as its backdrop.

The greatest time to visit Santa Barbara is in the spring when the weather is perfect for sightseeing, outdoor activities, and taking in the breathtaking scenery and beaches.

And if you enjoy learning about marine life, you will adore this breathtaking location.

Santa Barbara draws a lot of visitors in May as one of the best places in the country to go whale watching in the spring.

Given the importance of the humpback whale migration, numerous tour companies offer excursions that allow curious travelers to witness the migration firsthand.

11. Boston

The capital and largest city of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is Boston, also referred to as the Metropolis of Boston.

If you’re seeking for the greatest vacation spot in the USA in May, Boston is a great option.

Boston, Massachusetts’s New England capital, is a vibrant city with a wealth of things to see and do.

Boston frequently sees cool, bright weather in May.

In addition, since there are still plenty of activities and few tourists, spring is the ideal time to explore the city.

12. North Georgia Mountains

Best Places to Visit in May in the USA

The hilly Northeast Georgia region of Georgia extends westward from its northeastern point.

Georgia has a superb range of wilderness areas to explore for individuals who appreciate the outdoors.

And May is an excellent month to do that.

North Georgia’s mountains in the spring make the perfect setting for a variety of stunning lakes, streams, woodlands, and beaches.

The Tallulah National State Park is one of the lovely places to enjoy cycling or trekking close to waterfalls, canyons, and woodlands.

13. Oklahoma

Oklahoma, a state in the South Central United States, is well recognized for its history of Native Americans, cowboy culture, and breathtaking scenery.

You might think of severe weather, thunderstorms, or even tornadoes when you think of May in Oklahoma.

In fact, “Tornado Alley’s” hub is the state in the nation’s central plains.

But don’t let the remote possibility of seeing a tornado stop you from visiting Oklahoma in May.

A storm-chasing tour is available if you enjoy an adrenaline rush, and May is the ideal time to go.

May is one of the best times to travel since, despite the unusual storm, the state’s gorgeous and brilliant wildflowers are also in bloom at that time.

14. Las Vegas

Best Places to Visit in May in the USA

The most populous city in Nevada and the 25th most populous city overall is Las Vegas.

May is a great month for day trips in Las Vegas and outdoor exploration.

While the weather is often pleasant, it is magnificent in areas like Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park.

Hiking, boating, and lake cruise are all popular activities at the Lake Mead Recreational Area.

In Vegas, take a stroll down Las Vegas Boulevard to take in the breathtaking facades of the casinos and the magnificent, free fountain display at Bellagio.

15. Oregon Coast

The Pacific Ocean and the Oregon Coast Range border the 362-mile-long Oregon Coast to the west and the east, respectively.

Yaquina Head is only one of many spectacular sights on the Oregon Coast that are well known.

You may see amazing marine life, numerous seagulls, and tidepools at this site because it is located in a beautiful natural setting.

You might be fortunate enough to see majestic gray whales during the non-migration phase.

The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area’s 40 miles of beaches with golden sand, where you can stroll along trails like the John Dellenback Dunes Trail.

16. Nashville

Tennessee’s capital city of Nashville is also the location of Vanderbilt University.

The weekend trips in May are ideal in this city.

One of the many breathtaking places in the United States to visit in May is Nashville, Tennessee.

May is the ideal month to travel to Music City because it is warmer and less crowded.

The best way to enjoy the renowned live music scene is to unwind outside.

Travel to Nashville in May to take part in the city’s annual Street Food Month celebration.

The food in Nashville is among the greatest in the country.

In May, you may find some of Nashville’s most well-known food trucks roaming the city so you can sample some delicious local cuisines.

17. Sierra Nevada Mountains

Best Places to Visit in May in the USA

In the Western United States, the Sierra Nevada mountain range runs from the Great Basin to the Central Valley of California.

The Sierra Nevada mountain range in California is a fantastic location to visit in May.

After a long winter, the national parks are starting to come alive right now, and the weather is ideal for exploring the area before the summer tourist throngs show up.

There are numerous noteworthy monuments, including the General Sherman giant tree and Lake Tahoe, the largest alpine lake in North America.

You can see Lake Tahoe come to life once the snow has melted if you visit in May.

Visiting local activities including farmer’s markets and flea markets, camping, and rock climbing.

18. New Orleans

Best Places to Visit in May in the USA

New Orleans, sometimes known as the “Big Easy,” is a city in Louisiana on the Mississippi River that is well-known for its constant nightlife.

One of the must-see locations in the USA in May is New Orleans.

Due to the pleasant weather and low rainfall, May is a particularly fantastic month to visit New Orleans.

Consequently, you may go on a walking tour and either sample some traditional New Orleans fare and beverages or go to an above-ground cemetery like St. Louis Cemetery No. 1.

If you visit New Orleans in the first few days of May, you’ll also enjoy Jazz Fest.

An extensive roster of artists and regional food vendors will be present at this festival, which is held yearly at the Fair Grounds.

19. Fredericksburg

Best Places to Visit in May in the USA

It is well known that Fredericksburg, an autonomous city in the Commonwealth of Virginia, was where George Washington was born.

Fredericksburg is one of the best destinations to visit in May, in my opinion.

With typical temperatures lingering in the mid-70s, May delivers calmer, gentler weather before the searing Texas summers.

Keep an eye out for the Bluebonnets as you stroll across the neighboring meadows to catch a glimpse of one of the Texas Hill Country’s must-see sites.

Because there are so many wine tastings and tours along the famed Wine & Wildflower Wine Trail, Fredericksburg in May is a wine lover’s delight.

20. Boise

Due to the beautiful weather, minimal visitor traffic, and several festivals and events, Boise is among the greatest towns to visit in May.

Boise and its surroundings bloom to their fullest in the spring, while the morning and evening temperatures provide cool spots to unwind.

From participating in Indulge Boise’s gourmet tours to leaving the city for day trips, there are plenty of things to do in Boise in May.

In addition, there are a ton of events and festivals that everyone may enjoy.

Food lovers have the chance to try delectable Russian cuisine at the Russian food festival.

The Parade of Residences, which features cutting-edge modern new residences, is another attraction.

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21. Washington D.C.

The capital of the United States, Washington, DC, is a small city on the Potomac River that borders the states of Virginia and Maryland.

Do you know where to go in May to see cherry blossoms?

The Cherry Blossom Festival is one of the most well-known annual occasions that Washington, DC, takes pride in.

It is fantastic to witness nature arouse and to behold the stunning beauty of the cherry trees in bloom.

You may even make a quick detour to one of the state’s loveliest communities.

22. Holland, Michigan

In close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, Holland is a charming riverfront village on the Mississippi River.

This quaint little hamlet has a tight connection to the tulip festival that bears its name.

Holland is a well-known tourist destination in the Great Lakes region and is a typical Midwestern American city with a hint of European flair.

Naturally, the best time to go is when the tulips are in flower.

The annual Tulip Time Festival, which usually takes place in the first two weeks of May, is beautiful.

One of the best small-town festivals in the nation, this is a wonderful occasion.

23. Zion National Park

Best Places to Visit in May in the USA

Southwest Utah’s Zion National Park is a protected wildlife area distinguished by the cliff-like red cliffs of Zion Canyon.

The biggest benefit of visiting Zion in May is the breathtaking scenery.

Animals are playing in the blazing sun as the Virgin River flowing swiftly and cleanly through the valley of Zion Canyon.

The Virgin River is being replaced with crystal-clear, turquoise-blue water from high mountain runoff, creating yet another breathtaking contrast in the valley.

Additionally, this month offers ideal weather and simple trail access.

The daytime highs will be in the 70s to 80s, while the overnight lows will be in the 40s. Right now, the weather is perfect for trekking and camping.

24. Chicago

Best Places to Visit in May in the USA

One of the largest cities in the nation, Chicago is situated on Lake Michigan in Illinois and is renowned for its avant-garde design.

If you’re looking for exceptional architecture, restaurants, museums, entertainment, or anything else, Chicago has it all.

Additionally, if you’re looking for a warm destination to visit in May, this city is ideal.

Traveling to Chicago in May is recommended since the weather is usually good and you may avoid the intense humidity that characterizes the city’s summers.

Start by visiting the renowned Chicago River, which runs through the heart of the city.

The Chicago Riverwalk’s network of pedestrian paths also offers some of the best views of the city’s stunning skylines.

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25. Roanoke, Virginia

Best Places to Visit in May in the USA

In the Blue Ridge Mountains in southwest Virginia, the city of Roanoke is well-known for the Mill Mountain Star.

In the spring, the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia’s Roanoke Valley are alive with vibrant blossoms.

May is the ideal time to visit Roanoke due to the good weather and stunning flowers.

You can observe deer, red-tailed hawks, bears, and eagles along one of the many wonderful hiking trails in the region.

It’s also the perfect time to go mountain riding in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

26. Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, a coastal city in Georgia, is well renowned for its antebellum structures, immaculate parks, and horse-drawn carriage excursions.

Due to the lovely weather and myriad outdoor activities, May is the ideal month to visit Savannah.

You won’t ever be perplexed as to why this city offers the best May vacation prices.

Savannah’s beaches and lovely blooms are brought by warmer springtime temperatures.

These temps are ideal for outdoor activities even though they aren’t exactly the hottest of the summer.

One of Savannah’s well-known attractions, riding a riverboat, is best enjoyed in the spring.

27. San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, the seventh-most populous city in the US, is a significant city in south-central Texas with a rich colonial past.

Meanwhile, an Antonio is a good option if you’re seeking for inexpensive destinations to visit in May.

May is typically the start of San Antonio’s ideal springtime weather, with pleasant highs and cold lows.

This normally scorching Texas region is nice to visit in the spring.

While you stroll along the River Walk, wander through the San Antonio Zoo, or spend an afternoon at SeaWorld, you won’t have to be concerned about the oppressive heat.

If you go in May, you’ll also find cheaper accommodations and transportation.

28. Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is home to the Keweenaw Peninsula, which is renowned for its breathtaking waterways.

The Upper Peninsula is the best place in Michigan to look for adventure in the spring.

The country awakens from its winter slumber in May due to more sunshine and milder temperatures.

Even though the weather can be unpredictable, the Keweenaw is energized as summer approaches by a slower pace of life, more sunshine, and warmer temperatures.

The Keweenaw mining sites are also the ideal time to visit during this month.

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan has a lengthy history of copper mining, and many of these sites are now well-liked tourist attractions.

29. Joshua Tree National Park, California

Best Places to Visit in May in the USA

Joshua Tree National Park, a sizable protected region in southern California, is well-known for its unaltered rock formations and barren desert vistas.

Birthday excursions in May are ideal to Joshua Tree National Park.

Due to the sweltering desert heat, summertime outdoor activities might be difficult.

However, May’s weather will be cooler, which will make camping and hiking much more enjoyable.

Not to mention, there are less tourists than in the fall.

30. Haleiwa, Hawaii

Best Places to Visit in May in the USA

Hawaii’s North Shore community of Haleiwa exudes a sense of community and a rural atmosphere.

The uncrowded beach at Haleiwa Beach Park offers visitors a wide range of swimming and surfing alternatives.

The greatest trips in May are to this beautiful beach city because it’s just before the peak travel season.

You will experience the best weather and the most affordable hotel and airfare prices before the cost rises in the summer.

Enjoy the beautiful beaches and warm, blue Pacific waters before the tourist hordes arrive.

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31. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Liberty Bell serves as a reminder of the rich history of Philadelphia, the biggest city in Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia, one of the most historic and walkable cities in the nation, is one of the best destinations in America to visit in May.

Beginning in May are numerous street celebrations, including the Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival, the 9th Street Italian Market Festival, and more.

People enjoying the outdoors and the spring foliage fill the parks close to you.

You may also experience the most renowned outdoor gallery of spectacular street art at Mural Arts Philadelphia in May.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is May A Good Time To Visit The USA?

May is one of the best times to visit the USA thanks to its perfect weather and the attractions that open up during the month.

What Month Is The Cheapest To Travel In The US?

January is often the cheapest month to travel in the US due to decreased demand and lower prices on flights and accommodations.

Where in the US is it warm in May?

The weather gets hotter than elsewhere in Texas, Florida and southern Arizona. Daily highs for many cities in Texas and Florida average above 80 °F (27 °C), while Phoenix and Tucson regularly get over 90 °F (32 °C) this month.

Is it cold in America in May?

USA weather in May is very pleasant with warm temperatures and plenty of bright sunshine throughout the month. It’s a more peaceful time to visit the United States since most visitors arrive in the summer for a slightly warmer climate.

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These are the top U.S. locations to travel to in May. 

They have their own special charm and offer various degrees of enjoyment. 

San Francisco was chosen as a fantastic option, and it did not disappoint as we liked staying at their hotel and suites.

However, Oahu is unquestionably the top US destination in May.

They have Instagrammable views, which you will also enjoy. If you decide to visit Oahu, you’ll only receive satisfaction.


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