Free Online Courses in 2023

Have you been searching for free online courses in 2023? Here’s an extensive list.

Imagine learning from industry experts in the fields you are interested in without paying even the least fee. That is what free online courses offer.

Free online courses will broaden your skill, boost your resume, and increase your employability in the job market. Most platforms that offer online courses have transformed in their styles as they now offer courses free of charge even though you will be required to pay for a printable certificate. However, you can find some free courses online with free certificates too.

Finding the best free online courses is usually not as easy as it seems, but not to worry, we have put together a list of some of the best free online courses in 2023 that you can apply for. These courses are on various topics and fields and making this list is the easiest we can assist in your search.

What Free Online Course Should You Do?

It’s not enough to go online and enroll in a free online course and run with the classes. You must decide what you are interested in and what skills you are looking to acquire or improve on.

Also, ensure they are problem-solving skills; in-demand skills in top industries.  Ensure they are lucrative skills too.

There are many free online courses to enroll in only if you know where to look.  However, we have made a long list of some you can choose from.

Free Online Courses

Find below a very detailed list of free online courses and direct links on how to apply and the pages to do so; read carefully and follow all the instructions. free online courses include

  • Google’s Digital Marketing Course
  • Canva’s Design School
  • CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science
  • IBM Data Science Professional Certificate
  • The Complete iOS 10 Developer – Create Real Apps in Swift 3
  • Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate
  • Machine Learning
  • Shopify Learn
  • Photography courses
  • Facebook Blueprint
  • Buffer’s Social Media Strategy
  • Python for Everybody Specialization
  • Wishpond’s Email Marketing Masterclass

1. Google’s Digital Marketing Course

Are you looking to strengthen your knowledge of digital marketing? This course is the one for you.

Google has provided free digital marketing courses online, particularly developed to help grow businesses or jump-start careers.

The great thing about this course is that you are provided with the chance to either jump in from the beginning of the course’s modules to take the complete course or you can just select certain lessons from the course to meet your immediate needs.

However, if you complete the full “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” course, Google offers you a certificate. This certificate can help boost your LinkedIn profile and your resume.

Take the course now

2. Canva’s Design School

This is not just one free online course. It is a free online course set for everyone looking to learn the basics of design and Canva. This set can help improve your skill if you already understand some basics.
If you have used Canva before now, you will find it a user-friendly tool – easy to use. Now imagine how much easier enrolling for this free online course will make.

This set of free online courses is designed to help you how your graphic design skills, social media skills and so much more. For this free online course, all you’d need to get in is an email address and your laptop with internet access.

Take the course now

3. CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science

This drew online course from Harvard is designed to help you learn and understand how to think algorithmically and efficiently to provide solutions to problems.

These problems can include ones from real-world domains of biology, forensics, cryptography, finance, and gaming.

With this course, you can learn the following:

  • Basically all about computer science and programming.
  • How to solve programming problems.
  • Connect with an active community of like minds.
  • Learn and understand concept abstraction, data structures, algorithms, encapsulation, software engineering, and web development.
  • Learn programming languages like C, Python, Javascript, HTML, SQL, and CSS.

This free online course lasts 12 weeks involving 6-18 hours of classes per week and participants are awarded certificates by the end of the training.

You can apply here 

4. IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate free online course provides classes on machine learning or data science to enable you to develop career-relevant skills and experiences.

The course consists of nine data sciences courses that will equip you with job-ready skills and tools which includes open-source tools and libraries, data visualization, prediction modeling, SQL, data analysis, and machine learning algorithm.

The course also allows you to learn data science through hands-on practice in the IBM Cloud using numerous tools and real data sets.

In this course, you will learn:

  • What data science is and the tools for data science
  • Data science methodology
  • Data science and artificial intelligence with python.

The course lasts for approximately 10 months and participants get free certificates by the end of the course.

You can apply here 

5. The Complete iOS 10 Developer – Create Real Apps in Swift 3

Amongst all the free online courses in 2023, this free online course helps to turn you, As a developer, into the best developer, entrepreneur, and freelancer. It offers all the developer skills every developer could ever want.

The course provides a comprehensive section on how you can create startups from scratch – from an idea to generating millions in venture capital funding.

Here are the things you will learn with this free online course:

  • Learning to develop professional iOS applications
  • Learning to develop transcription apps, converter apps, calculator apps, and other apps like forecast apps, and RESTful and JSON apps
  • Also, you learn to have a solid skillet in swift programming
  • Learning to make GPS maps and a range of other apps that can be published on the application store.

This free online course has 48 hours, and 55 minutes of on-demand video and participants are awarded certificates at the end of the training.

You can apply here 

6. Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate

This free online course consists of six-course certificates developed by Google and designed to offer IT professionals the most sought-after IT skills. These skills include Git, Python, and IT automation.

The course teaches how to program with python and also use python to automate continually used system administration tasks. 

The following are all you can learn in this free online course:

  • To use Git and GitHub
  • To troubleshoot and debug complicated problems and automate tasks using python scripts
  • You will learn to evaluate and assess real-world IT problems and enforce suitable techniques to provide solutions to problems
  • Also, you will learn to operate and utilize IT resources, physical machines, and virtual machines in the cloud.

This free online course will last for approximately six to eight months even though and participants receive certificates at the end of the training.

You can apply here 

7. Machine Learning

This course offers an introduction to machine learning, statistical pattern recognition, and data mining.

It also provides you with the knowledge of applying algorithms to create or develop smart robots, audio database mining, medical informatics, and various other areas.

Here are the things you will learn in this free online course:

  • Linear regression with one variable and multiple variables
  • Algebra review
  • Logistic regression
  • Octave/Matlab
  • Regularisation

This course takes approximately 60 hours to complete and participants get certificates by the end of the course.

You can apply here

8. Shopify Learn

Shopify compass is way more than a free online course on its own. Rather, it is a platform committed to providing free online courses for entrepreneurs of experience levels with interests in starting their own online businesses.

This course provides skills to help you to either run an online business or for a business in the future and it connects you with like minds to share ideas with.

You can apply here

9. Photography courses

Photography has been one of the most productive and profitable skills of all time to have. You don’t even need to have all the expensive photography gadgets to be able to take this course and practice.  Since the emergence of phone cameras with great focus, hence, mobile photography, photography has been made much easier.

This course will offer you the skills you need to improve your photography skills to boost your Instagram page, your website designs, and much more.  You could also take portraits to sell.

You can apply here

10. Facebook Blueprint

This course is designed for people with an interest in marketing and will specifically offer you the knowledge on how to get started on Facebook advertising. Also, how to target and reach the right audiences, convert leads and so much more.

All you need to get started on this course is a Facebook account and then follow through with the classes.

You can apply here

11. Buffer’s Social Media Strategy

The Buffer’s Social Media Strategy free online course is designed for people looking to improve their social media skills. If you are using social media to promote a business or brand, this free online course is definitely for you.

This course provides you with modules to guide you in finding your voice on social media and creating satisfactory content for your audience and so much more.

However, this course is not all along free. It is hosted on Skillshare and participants can only gain a free trial. That is, you will be required to sign up on Skillshare and then you can access the course for only 2 months.

Two months should be enough time to complete the course; otherwise, you could pay to complete it.

You can apply here

12. Python for Everybody Specialization

This free online course provides you with basic programming knowledge using python language. It offers an introduction to the essential programming concepts which include data structures and networked application program interfaces using the python programming language.

In this free online course, you will learn:

  • How to use the newest technologies to create python applications for data recovery, visualization, and processing.
  • Python installation and program writing
  • How to use core programming tools like functions and loops
  • Fundamentals of python programming language
  • Use of variables to store, recover and calculate data.

This course is taught in English, German, Arabic, French, Chinese and Russian. It lasts for approximately 8 months and participants her certificates at the end of the course.

You can apply here 

13. Wishpond’s Email Marketing Masterclass

Wishpond’s Email Marketing Masterclass is one of the best free online courses designed for participants with all experience levels in email marketing.

It provides an understanding of email marketing mistakes and how best to avoid them.  Also, how to create and develop a marketing funnel, a growing email list, and much more.

You can apply here


Which free online course can I go for?

Go for problem-solving skills; in-demand skills in top industries.  Ensure they are lucrative skills too for example data science, photography, design etc

Do I get a certificate for free online courses?

Yes. While not all free online platforms give certificates to their participants, some platforms do.  Check our list of free online courses you can earn certificates at the end of the course

Does Google offer free courses?

Yes. Google offers free courses through their Google Digital Workshop, they provide free of charge in-person and online training courses with an accredited certification at the end to help graduates boost their LinkedIn profile and CV.

Is doing free online courses worth it?

Yes. taking free online courses is worth it, it boosts your CV and makes you better qualified for your applied position, it will also take expertise to a new level.


What better way to use your free time than investing in your self-development and your skill enhancements?

These courses will offer you valuable skills that will not only be valuable to you now but also in the future. It boosts your resume and as a result, increases your employability rate.

In choosing the courses to enroll for, ensure you begin with things that interest you and are also quite lucrative.

We hope our list will be helpful to you. You can always check back too as we will continue to update the list with more free online courses in 2023.


  • indeed.com – free online courses with a printable certificate
  • canva.com – free online courses for designers
  • cousera.org – free professional certificates in data science


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