15 Best Free Online Excel Courses with Certificates in 2023

Do you find Excel intimidating too? Many people like you and even more want to earn certificates while gaining the skills. We have compiled a list of the best free online Excel courses with certificates in 2023.

It’s no secret that Excel skills have become some of the most valuable skills to impact one’s career. Unfortunately, most of us lack the skills in Excel and cannot afford to pay for comprehensive courses online, some of which come with certificates.

If this is you, too, then what a lucky chap you are to have found this article. This article discusses everything you need to know about Microsoft Excell. Even better, the free resources where you can learn Excel and earn certificates upon completion.

Microsoft Excel Skills

Microsoft Excel skills have been found to be one of the most in-demand skills in the job market.

If you work in the technology sector, you would understand the importance of these skills and how crucial it is to learn them, even for people in non-technical sectors.

This is because Microsoft Excel skills have progressed into every profession in the job market at all levels. Acquiring and improving these skills may not only help you carry out tasks and solve mathematical problems faster, but they will also help you earn more while you improve your career prospects.

This is why we learned Excel, and you should too.

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What is Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a software known as a spreadsheet program and part of the Microsoft Office Suite. It collects, organizes, formats, and calculates spreadsheet data.

It is the most used spreadsheet program globally, with endless capabilities. This ranges from making calculations, analyzing data, and scheduling events to making lists, charts, organizing, and tracking information.

What is Microsoft Excel Used For?

Excel is widely considered a spreadsheet program best known for number crunching. However, there is a lot more you can do with Excel. These include:

  • Organizing data to ensure easy navigation
  • Calculation of fundamental and sophisticated math functions.
  • Turning piles of data into useful graphics and charts
  • Analyzing data and making forecasting predictions
  • Creating, building, and editing Excel art.
  • Tracking expenses
  • Party planning
  • Event scheduling and a lot more.

The list of the uses and capabilities of Excel is quite endless.

Who Uses Excel?


Well, Excel is used by just about everyone. However, it carries out different functions for different people.

Excel is used practically in every industry, ranging from finance, healthcare, communications, retail, information technology, and lots more.

Also, it can be utilized for personal use, ranging from managing your finances, planning out a novel, organizing your job search, and much more.

If you are new to Excel or looking to improve your Excel skills, you will find the resources we have collected and put together in this article quite useful.

What is the Best Way to learn Excel?

The best way to learn Excel is through practice and training. Here are some steps you can take:

  • Start with the basics: Learn the fundamental concepts of Excel, such as cells, formulas, and functions.
  • Watch tutorials: There are many online tutorials available that cover different topics in Excel. You can also attend online courses, workshops, or webinars.
  • Practice: The more you practice, the more comfortable you become with Excel. Create spreadsheets for different purposes, such as budgeting, project management, or data analysis.
  • Use templates: Many templates are available online to help you get started with specific tasks in Excel.
  • Explore advanced features: Once you have mastered the basics, explore the advanced features of Excel, such as pivot tables, macros, and data visualization.

Remember that learning Excel takes time and patience. Be persistent, and don’t hesitate to ask for help or seek resources when needed.

How Many Days Will It Take to Learn Excel?

The amount of time it takes to learn Excel will depend on various factors, such as your current level of familiarity with Excel, how much time you can dedicate to learning, and how complex the tasks you want to perform in Excel are.

It is possible to learn the basics of Excel within a few days if you dedicate enough time and effort to it. However, becoming proficient in Excel and utilizing its advanced features may take several weeks or even months of practice and learning.

It is important to remember that Excel is a versatile tool with many features, and the more you use it, the more you can learn. So, practicing consistently and continuously expanding your knowledge of Excel is recommended to become proficient in it.

What are the Best Free Online Excel Courses with Certificates?

Many resources and materials are available online to learn Excel skills, but how do you find them and the suitable courses for you?

Even better, how do you find free online Excel courses with certificates? Here is a list we are sure you will find helpful.

1. Excel 2023: From beginner to intermediate (MOS cert MO-200)

Offered by Udemy, an online learning platform, this course provides a comprehensive introduction to Excel. 

It comprises downloadable resources, including 13 articles and 29 videos, and you can access them on your mobile phone or laptop.

This course covers the following topics:

  • Creating, configuring, and saving workbooks and worksheets.
  • Formatting and navigating workbooks and worksheets.
  • Customizing user views and options.
  • Configuring workbooks and worksheets for printing.
  • Inserting data, formatting ranges and cells, and creating and modifying tables.
  • Highlighting, sorting, grouping, and filtering ranges, cells, and tables.
  • Creating and formatting charts.
  • Inserting and formatting objects and modifying images.
  • Creating formulas and editing texts.

The course runs for 11.5 hours, and it comes with a certificate of completion.

Enroll here.

2. VBA for Beginners

Visual Basic for Application (VBA) is the scripting language in Microsoft Excel and also serves as a tool for automating repetitive tasks.

This course aims at teaching the learners the necessary skills required to create macros. Also, you will learn the techniques to use VBA editor, comments, and syntax.

Even more, they will learn how to create macros and subroutines. 

This course is on Alison, an online learning platform. It is for learners with prior excel knowledge, and it comes with a certificate of competition.

Enroll here.

3. GoSkills & HubSpot Academy Excel for Marketers Course

GoSkills offer this course in collaboration with HubSpot Academy. It aims to comprehensively teach you some formulas, shortcuts, and functions in Excel.

By the end of this course, you will have learned some time-saving hacks to make your work easier. 

In addition, you will gain a digital certificate upon course completion.

Enroll here.

4. Trump Excel Free Training

This course is offered by Trump Excel and it aims at helping learners advance their Excel skills.

Also, learners will learn how to create pivot tables, charts, and formulas and analyze data. 

This is a comprehensive course on Excel, and the training works for all versions of Excel.

Enroll here.

5. Free Online Excel Training

This course is provided by Excel Exposure and offers comprehensive step-by-step lessons on Excel.

The course is simplified into three category levels:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced.

Basically, it is for learners at all levels and comprises a downloadable workbook and excel cheat sheet in addition to video tutorials that extensively cover many topics in Excel.

Enroll here.

6. Excel 2023

This is also one of the best free online Excel courses that explores the basics of Excel. GCF Global offers it.

It comprises 24 video tutorials, bonus extras, and graded quizzes designed to test your knowledge.

Like all the other courses on this list, this course is self-paced, and you can complete it whenever you want. 

Enroll here.

7. Excel for Windows Training

This is one of the best free online excel courses. It is offered by Microsoft and it is for learners who are looking to learn about Excel from scratch up to an advanced level.

The training offers tutorials on how to use all Excel versions.

The course module is simplified into different skill levels. This enables learners with prior knowledge of excel to jump right into their skill level.

Enroll here.

8. Introduction to Data Analysis using Excel

This is an Excel introductory course on eDX, yet another online learning platform. It is for users with prior knowledge of Excel and looking to improve excel data analysis skills. 

Although this course comes with a certificate, you may need to pay to gain access to it upon course completion. If not, then you could acquire the skills you want. 

By the end of the course, you will have learned how to use pivot tables to create aggregations, calculate margins and ratios using calculations on pivot tables, and how to represent data using pivot charts visually.

Also, you will get to learn how to use formula-based methods to create aggregate reports and slices to filter data in numerous pivot tables.

Enroll here.

9. Excel for Sales Professionals

Also, one of the best free online excel courses with certificates, this course is offered by LinkedIn Learning, which offers comprehensive Excel training.

In addition, this course covers the following:

  • Getting started with templates
  • Importing your sakes data
  • Working with tables
  • Analyzing your sales data
  • Creating outstanding sales solutions such as yearly summaries, reporting for numerous sales reps, mapping charts, etc.

This course lasts for three hours and comes with a certificate of completion.

Enroll here.

10. Introduction to Data Analysis Using Excel

This course is offered on eDX, an e-learning platform, and is specifically designed for learners looking to understand Excel in relation to Business Statistics.

Basic, the course covers the following:

  • Formatting
  • Data analyzing
  • Advanced formula techniques

This course runs for 20 hours and takes 4 weeks to complete. It also comes with a certificate of completion; however, you may need to pay a fee to obtain the certificate.

Meanwhile, you can access the course materials for free or apply for financial aid to earn the certificate.

Enroll here.

11. Excel Easy Tutorials

Although this is not a video tutorial, it is a website offering free and comprehensive Excel training for 2007 and 2019 Excel versions.

Basically, the website runs like a glossary; it starts with tutorials designed for beginner-level learners. 

Here is a breakdown of how the website offers extensive training in Excel:

  • Basics
  • Contains 11 tutorials in addition to workbooks, worksheets, and templates.
  • Functions
  • It contains 11 tutorials, including financial, statistical, count, and sum.
  • Data Analysis
  • Comprises 9 tutorials which cover conditional formatting, charts, and pivot tables.
  • Then 300 examples to help you with any issues or questions you might encounter when using Excel.

Enroll here.

12. Contextures

This is not entirely a course; rather, it is a blog that serves as a place for free Excel Instructions in the form of newsletters, quick tips, and blog posts as well as some downloadable .zip you can download to see in the context of a data tables of how several functions work.

This course covers the following topics:

  • Performing data validation
  • Adding filters to columns and rows
  • Adding conditional formatting to columns and rows
  • Designing charts
  • Creating pivot tables and more.

Enroll here.

13. Exceljet

Exceljet is a platform that offers endless free Excel formulas through a series of video tutorials and blog posts.

Although the platform has paid courses in Excel, you can begin with free online courses.

Enroll here.

14. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an online learning platform offering free courses on almost every valuable skill or career. 

This platform offers an extensive Excel training course covering topics like statistics.

To take the different courses on this platform, all you need to do is visit the website and search for excel training courses, and you will find tons of great classes.

Enroll here.

15. Excel Skills for Business, Macquarie University

This course is offered by Macquarie University and is hosted on Coursera. 

It is a 26 hours comprehensive Excel course for beginner-level or self-taught learners. 

The course aims at teaching the Excel essentials, and in addition, it comes with downloadable Excel workbooks.

Although this is a free course, you may need only to be able to take the course with the 7-day free trial, or you subscribe to the $49 monthly Coursera plus membership to take this course and many more you can.

Enroll here.

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Microsoft Excel skills are some of the essential skills to acquire regardless of the career sector you are in or want to enter.

We hope you find our list of the best free online Excel courses with certificates helpful.

FAQs Free Online Excel Courses with Certificates in 2023

What Are the Requirements and Prerequisites?

Although there are no restrictions to taking free online excel skills, or is important that a learner is first computer skilled.

Are Free Excel Courses Worth It?

Certainly, Excel courses are worth it. All you need to do is learn with motivation and acquire all the necessary skills to earn more pay.

What is Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a software known as a spreadsheet program and part of the Microsoft Office Suite. It collects, organizes, formats, and calculates spreadsheet data.

What is Microsoft Excel Used For?

Organizing data to ensure easy navigation
Calculation of fundamental and sophisticated math functions.
Turning piles of data into valuable graphics and charts
Analyzing data and making forecasting predictions
Creating, building, and editing Excel art.
Tracking expenses
Party planning
Event scheduling and a lot more.


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