10 Pastry Chef Schools in the World in 2023

Looking to become a pastry chef? Choosing the right pastry school is an important step toward achieving your career goals. Pastry chef schools offer specialized programs that provide students hands-on training in baking techniques, pastry production, and pastry presentation. In this article, we have compiled a list of 10 of the top pastry chef schools in the world for 2023.

These schools offer comprehensive programs that cover both practical and theoretical aspects of pastry arts and opportunities for students to learn from experienced pastry chefs and gain real-world experience.

Whether you are looking for a certificate, diploma, or degree program, these schools offer a range of options to suit your needs. From classic French pastry schools to innovative culinary institutes, these 10 pastry chef schools will surely provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in this exciting and rewarding field.

Is Pastry a Good Career?

Pastry can be a promising career for those passionate about baking and with a creative flair for designing pastries. Pastry chefs can work in various settings, such as restaurants, hotels, and bakeries, or even start their pastry businesses.

The demand for skilled pastry chefs has increased in recent years as the food industry continues to grow, offering numerous career opportunities for pastry chefs. They can specialize in various pastries, including cakes, bread, pies, and desserts, and even pursue further education to become certified master pastry chefs.

However, a career in pastry requires hard work, dedication, and a willingness to constantly learn and develop new skills. Pastry chefs must work long hours, often early in the morning or late at night, and have strong attention to detail to ensure the quality of their creations.

Pastry can be a fulfilling and rewarding career for those passionate about baking and driven to improve their skills continuously.

Is There a High Demand for Pastry Chefs?

There is a high demand for skilled pastry chefs in the food industry. The need for expert pastry chefs has increased with the rise of specialty dessert shops, artisanal bakeries, and high-end restaurants. Pastry chefs are responsible for creating visually appealing and delectable desserts that leave a lasting impression on customers.

Pastry chefs may find employment in various settings, such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and catering companies. They may also work as food manufacturer consultants or start pastry businesses. With the popularity of baking shows and social media, pastry chefs are also in demand as influencers and content creators.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of pastry chefs is projected to grow 7 percent from 2020 to 2030, which is faster than the average for all occupations. This growth is due to the increasing demand for specialized desserts and the need for skilled pastry chefs to meet that demand.

Do Pastry Chefs Make a Lot of Money?

According to data from Salary.com, as of January 26, 2023, the average salary for a pastry chef in the United States is $64,707. However, this figure can vary depending on factors such as location, years of experience, and the type of employer. The salary range for pastry chefs typically falls between $55,742 and $73,717, with top earners in the field making over $85,000 annually.

Salary ranges can also be affected by the type of establishment where a pastry chef works. Pastry chefs in high-end restaurants, hotels, and specialty dessert shops earn higher salaries than smaller bakeries or cafes.

In addition to base salary, many pastry chefs also receive benefits such as health insurance, paid vacation time, and retirement plans. Some may also earn bonuses or commissions based on their performance or sales. Ultimately, the salary for a pastry chef can vary depending on various factors. Still, it can be a lucrative and rewarding career for those passionate about baking and pastry arts.

How Long Is Pastry School?

The length of pastry school varies depending on the program and the level of education you are pursuing. Pastry programs can range from a few months to several years.

Certificate or diploma programs in pastry arts can typically be completed in less than a year. These programs are designed to provide students with hands-on training and knowledge in baking techniques, pastry production, and pastry presentation.

Associate degree programs in pastry arts usually take two years to complete. These programs offer a more comprehensive curriculum that covers both practical and theoretical aspects of pastry arts, such as menu planning, costing, and food safety.

Bachelor’s degree programs in pastry arts typically take four years to complete and include a broader range of courses, including business management, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

It’s important to note that some pastry schools may offer part-time or online programs, which can take longer to complete than full-time, on-campus programs. The length of pastry school depends on the specific program and the level of education you wish to pursue.

Pastry Chef Schools in the World

Here are our top picks on the best pastry chef schools in the world in 2023:

  1. Le Cordon Bleu
  2. Culinary Institute of America
  3. Institut Paul Bocuse, France
  4. Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Pâtisserie
  5. Ferrandi Paris
  6. The French Pastry School
  7. The International Culinary Center
  8. The pastry school at The Ritz-Carlton
  9. The Roux Scholar Pastry School
  10. The Squaire Pastry School

Le Cordon Bleu 

Le Cordon Bleu is one of the world’s premier culinary arts institutions, with over 35 schools in 20 countries. They offer top-quality, market-driven education that combines classical techniques with modern innovations to prepare students for many opportunities.

Their degree programs provide the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the professional kitchen. And their continuing education courses are designed to ensure that you stay current on the latest trends and techniques.

They can help you advance your career as a chef or pastry chef, whether you’re an apprentice looking for an entry-level position or a professional who wants to expand your skill set. 

While studying at Le Cordon Bleu, you will be taught how to handle yourself professionally, interact with customers and colleagues, manage a kitchen team, and more. That way, you can graduate and be ready for anything.

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Culinary Institute of America

This is also one of the best pastry schools you can attend in the world.

The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) is a private, nonprofit college in Hyde Park, New York. They offer associate and bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and certificate programs in culinary arts, baking, pastry, and nutrition.

The CIA is a world leader in professional education for the food service industry. They provide extensive training to prepare students for culinary arts management, culinary arts, and baking & pastry careers. Through its American Culinary Federation-certified programs, the CIA offers continuing education for adult learners seeking professional development or career advancement.

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Institut Paul Bocuse, France 

The Institut Paul Bocuse is a culinary school in Lyon, France. The school offers three programs: a specialization in pastry and dessert arts, international cuisine, and an advanced field in pastry and dessert arts.

This pastry school also offers programs for professionals who want to improve their skills or learn new ones, including courses on chocolate making and wine pairing with food and business training like opening a restaurant or catering business.

The curriculum is designed to teach students about French cuisine, emphasizing classic French cooking techniques and traditional recipes passed down through generations of chefs at Michelin-starred restaurants across France.

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Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Pâtisserie 

The Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Pâtisserie is a French pastry school in Strasbourg. 

They offer a wide range of courses in patisserie and confectionery. It provides methods for professionals and amateurs at different levels of knowledge: basic, intermediate, and advanced.

The school offers a variety of programs, including an international program, a bachelor’s degree in patisserie and confectionery, and a master’s degree in patisserie and confectionery. The school also offers a catering management diploma program.

This pastry school has professional kitchens where students can practice their skills on the working floor of a professional kitchen. At the end of the course, students receive a diploma that certifies their knowledge in this field. They can also apply for jobs in France or abroad without additional certifications or qualifications.

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Ferrandi Paris 

The Ferrandi Paris school is one of the most prestigious culinary schools in the world.

The school welcomes students from all over the world and provides them with accommodation and meals.

The staff comprises highly qualified teachers, many of whom are internationally recognized professionals who are passionate about their craft. They have gained experience in some of the most prestigious establishments in France and abroad.

The school offers two weeks to one-year courses, internships, pastry-making workshops, and specialized techniques such as chocolate or pâtisserie with ice cream.

The school’s primary goal is to teach students how to make desserts based on traditional French techniques while offering them a chance to learn new recipes and approaches from around the world.

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The French Pastry School 

The French Pastry School is a small school located in Chicago, Illinois, and they provide one of the highest levels of pastry and baking education in the United States.

The school offers both professional and recreational courses that cover the art of pastry. Some classes they provide include baking, pastry, pastry class series, and chocolate fundamentals.

Their graduates receive an unparalleled education that prepares them for careers in professional kitchens worldwide.

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The International Culinary Center 

The International Culinary Center, a global culinary education and professional training leader, has been educating future food industry leaders for over ten years. 

The school offers professional and amateur cooking classes in New York, Paris, and Tokyo. Students can choose from dozens of programs, from one-day workshops to multi-week immersion courses.

All of the school’s instructors are professionals with years of experience in the culinary world. Classes are small, so each student receives personalized attention from their instructors.

In addition to their full-time certificate and degree programs, they offer continuing education classes for professionals looking to hone their skills or expand their knowledge base.

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The pastry school at The Ritz-Carlton  

The pastry school at The Ritz-Carlton is an internationally renowned culinary arts and hospitality institution. Their programs are designed to give students a comprehensive understanding of the pastry arts and an appreciation for the artistry, science, and history behind them.

Their chefs’ extensive experience in the restaurant industry allows them to share their knowledge with students. They will teach you how to bake and prepare pastries from scratch using local ingredients. You’ll also learn to use modern techniques and equipment to enhance your skills as a pastry chef.

The pastry school at The Ritz-Carlton offers this program on several dates throughout the year. You can choose from one or two-week sessions, depending on your schedule.

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The Roux Scholar Pastry School 

The Roux Scholar Pastry School is a state-of-the-art pastry school in the heart of New Orleans, Louisiana. 

It offers a complete pastry education for students interested in pursuing careers as chefs, pastry chefs, or cake decorators. The school also offers classes for those who want to learn how to bake or decorate cakes for special occasions.

The Roux Scholar Pastry School offers a two-year program with hands-on training with local chefs and instruction from some of the world’s leading baking and pastry arts experts. Students learn by doing; they spend time making pastries and cakes using recipes from both classical French and modern American bakers.

The curriculum covers everything from basic baking skills, such as mixing batters, beating egg whites, and creating fillings and icings, to advanced techniques, such as decorating with chocolate or fondant (modeling paste).

Students also learn about other aspects of working in the food industry, including sanitation practices, health codes, and financial management skills.

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The Squaire Pastry School 

The Squaire Pastry School is a top pastry and baking classes, workshops, and special events provider. With locations in New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, The Square offers various options to fit your schedule. Whether you’re a professional or just starting as a home baker, our classes are designed to suit your needs.

At The Square Pastry School, you will learn everything from classic European techniques passed down through generations to modern American methods that will help you conquer any recipe. They will help you master the fundamentals to create any pastry confidently.

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FAQs – Pastry Chef Schools in the World

Can you make a living as a pastry chef?

Yes, it is possible to make a living as a pastry chef. According to Salary.com, the average salary for a pastry chef in the United States is $64,707. With experience, specialization, and dedication, pastry chefs can earn higher salaries and succeed in various settings within the food industry.

What is another name for a pastry chef?

Another name for a pastry chef is a pâtissier or a pâtissière. These terms are derived from the French word “pâtisserie,” which refers to a bakery or pastry shop. A pâtissier/pâtissière is responsible for creating and designing a variety of pastries, cakes, and desserts.

Where do most pastry chefs work?

Most pastry chefs work in restaurants, hotels, and bakeries. They may also work in specialty dessert shops or catering companies or start pastry businesses. The demand for skilled pastry chefs is increasing, offering numerous career opportunities in various settings within the food industry.


Choosing the right pastry chef school is crucial to success in this field. The 10 pastry chef schools in this article offer excellent programs for aspiring pastry chefs, focusing on hands-on training, experienced instructors, and real-world experience. From classic French pastry schools to innovative culinary institutes, these schools provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the competitive world of pastry arts. Whether you want to start your own pastry business, work in a high-end restaurant, or pursue other opportunities within the food industry, these pastry chef schools will help you achieve your career goals. You can become a skilled and successful pastry chef with hard work, dedication, and the right education.


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