20 Top Cheapest Universities in Europe

Top Cheapest Universities in Europe

Have you ever wondered what the top cheapest universities in Europe are? This article lists the 20 best cheapest universities in Europe, the cost of living and every other thing you need to know to study in Europe.

It is a known fact internationally that Europe provides world-class education. As such its universities are one of the best in the world.

But can one find a cheap university to study in Europe? If this is your question, you don’t need to bother, as I present to you the 20 top cheapest universities in Europe.

Is Studying in Europe a Wise Choice?

Studying in Europe isn’t only a wise choice but one of the best choices you can make in your lifetime.

Europe accommodates one of the largest diversities of students in the world. 

So, studying in Europe exposes and connects you to people of different races. 

Additionally, it presents tons of incredible opportunities to practically advance in your career.

Can I Get a Scholarship While Studying in Europe?

Scholarships are available which makes the financial strain a little less of a burden for you as a student.

Although scholarships are sometimes difficult to come, it is only reserved for exceptional students. 

Can I Study Abroad in Europe for Free?

The truth is that you can’t study totally or be free in Europe. Only a full scholarship can enable you to do so.

This means that only a full scholarship will enable you to study totally for free.

However, most universities are free of tuition fees for all EU citizens.

But, this is not the same for none EU citizens.

The Cost Of Living In Europe For International Students

Apart from flights, tuition costs, and living expenses, studying in Europe isn’t very expensive as you think.

The cost of living in some European countries (they will be listed out in the next section) is somehow low and falls within the range of $7,000 – $10,000 annually which sounds pretty cool for any international student looking to further their studies in Europe.

Which Countries in Europe Provide the Cheapest Universities?

As stated earlier, Europe offers plenty of study options for international students, and education is free for European students in many countries.

Some of the top countries that offer cheap university education for international students are:

  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Argentina
  • Germany
  • France 
  • Austria
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Spain
  • Netherland
  • Portugal
  • Greece

Without wasting much time, let’s go straight into the 20 best European universities that offer qualitative and cheap education.

20 Top Cheapest Universities in Europe.

1. Polytechnic University of Milan (Politecnico di Milano)

The Polytechnic University of Milan (Politecnico di Milano) is the largest technical university in Italy with a capacity of about 42, 000 students. 

Established in the year 1863, it is regarded as the oldest university in Milan.

The university offers, undergraduate, graduate, and higher education courses in engineering, architecture, and design.

Undergraduate tuition- 1,846 USD annually

  • Undergrads tuition – 4, 585 USD annually
  • Graduate tuition- 1,499 USD annually

The Cost-of-living falls between 743-1,524 USD per month (cost for international students only)

2. Free University of Berlin – Top Cheapest Universities in Europe

The Free University of Berlin has been one of Germany’s top ten overall best universities since the year 2007.

It is also one of the leading universities in Germany in terms of modern research and teaching.

In addition, it is well recognized internationally.

  • Undergraduate tuition- 684 USD annually
  • Graduate tuition- 1,000 USD annually

The cost of living- falls between 652-1,237 USD monthly

3. University of Pisa – Best Cheapest Universities in Europe

The University of Pisa is a public research university established in the year 1343 in Italy. 

UniPi tuition fee is very affordable and that is why it has made it to the list.

The university runs a range of bachelor’s degree program that costs approximately $2,500 per annum for international students.

Also, its master’s degree program that costs about $2,307 annually also for international students.

For a university of its standard, this is very cheap and affordable 

The cost of living is between 666-1,272 USD per month

4. Heidelberg University – Best Cheapest Universities in Europe

The Heidelberg University is an internationally networked public university dedicated to research-oriented teaching.

Established in 1386, it is regarded as Germany’s oldest university and one of the world’s oldest universities.

As a student from European Union and European Economic Area, you are to pay only a fee of just €171.75, which covers the administrative costs, transit pass, the social contribution for student services, student union e.t.c.

While as a student from non-European Union and non-European Economic Area countries, you are to pay €1,500 every semester.

  • Undergraduate- 328 USD / year
  • International students(EU)- €171.75
  • International students- €1,500

The cost of living falls between 731-1,372 USD  monthly

5. Novosibirsk State University – Top Cheapest Universities in Europe

Novosibirsk State University (NSU) is one of Russia’s top institutions that is highly dedicated to research, scientific and educational activities. 

Established in the year 1958, it has since produced various notable scientists in the world.

Equally, they offer numerous undergraduate and graduate programs.

  • Undergraduate tuition- 3,000 USD annually
  • Graduate tuition- 3,000 USD annually

The cost of living falls between 250-534 USD monthly

6. Royal University College of Fine Arts

The Royal College of Fine Art is the world’s most respected postgraduate institution of arts and design. it is situated in Stockholm. 

Here, the major focus of the school is on art. The Institute offers fully equipped workshops, student studios, lecture halls, and exhibition spaces.

The university also hosts different and internationally acclaimed development projects and artistic research.

  • Undergraduate tuition: 5,000 USD annually
  • Graduate tuition: 5,000 USD annually (for international students)

The cost of living falls between 774-1,527 USD  monthly

7. Fontys University of Applied Sciences

The Fontys University of Applied Science is one of the largest Dutch universities of applied sciences and is located in the southern Netherlands. 

It is one of the best institutions to study if you have an interest in entrepreneurship, technology, and creativity.

They offer a wide range of Bachelors’s, Master’s, and Exchange programs in the English Language.

  • Undergraduate tuition: 5,000 USD per year
  • Graduate tuition: 5,000 USD per year

The cost of living falls between 633-1,242 USD  monthly

8. University of Göttingen – Best Cheapest Universities in Europe

As stated above, Germany is one of the top countries that offer quality cheap education.

In the same light, the University of Göttingen is one of the few tuition-free universities in the country. 

The University of Göttingen offers courses in law, humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.

The good thing is that some of the courses are offered in the English language.

In addition, they also have one of the largest libraries in Germany.

The only cost for studying here is a small administrative fee of around 300 Euros each semester.

  • Tuition fee- 350 USD per semester (for international students)

The cost of living falls between 800 USD per month 

9.  Moscow State University of Psychology and Education (MSUPE)

Moscow State University of Psychology and Education is a non-profit state budgetary institution established in 1996 in Moscow. 

MSUPE offers courses and programs leading to internationally recognized and respected degrees such as pre-bachelor degrees, master’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees doctorate degrees in various areas of study.

  • Undergraduate tuition: 2,500 USD per year
  • Graduate tuition: 2,500 USD per year

The cost of living falls between 434-967 USD per month

10.  RWTH Aachen University – Top Cheapest Universities in Europe

RWTH Aachen University is the largest technical university in Germany and one of Europe’s leading institutions for science and research.

It specializes in materials engineering, architecture, and resources. 

The limitation here is that as an international student you’ll need a certain amount of fluency in German to attend school as all bachelor courses are taught in German. 

  • Tuition Cost: 260 euros

The cost of living is approximately 900 USD monthly

 11. The University of Vienna – Top Cheapest Universities to Study in Europe

The University of Vienna is one of the oldest institutions in the world founded in the year 1365 and yet still maintains a modern learning environment.  

It is tuition-free but has only a small processing fee of $815 per semester.

Many of their nearly 200 different programs are taught in English.

Equally, the town of Vienna is a perfect place to study abroad, and it is famous for its culture and nightlife.

  • Tuition Cost: $815 per semester

 12. Nord University – Best Cheapest Universities to Study in Europe

The Nord University doesn’t charge tuition fees because it is publicly funded.

As a non-EU student, you are required to provide evidence that they have the funds to support yourself for a year in Norway to get a visa.

  • Tuition Cost: $800 per semester

The cost of living is approximately $13,000 per year

13. Nantes University 

Nantes University is a higher education and research institution located in the city of Nantes in southern France.

The institution charges only a small processing fee of $200 per semester!

The cost of living is fairly low here. A wide range of programs are taught in English here and they include; literature, earth science and biology, civilizations, foreign languages, and international and European studies. 

  • Tuition fee: $200 per semester

The cost of living here is approximately $670 per month. 

14. Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies

Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies is a special-statute public research institution situated in Pisa, Italy.

It focuses majorly on applied sciences. 

Sant’Anna School of advanced studies offers international students zero tuition fees for undergraduate programs while the graduate student’s tuition fees range from €7,000 / €10,000 (Masters/Ph.D.)

 15. University of Paris-Sud

The University of Paris-Sud is one of the cheapest universities in Europe.

The tuition fee inhere is free, but they charge a small processing fee of about $190 per semester. 

Some courses are taught in English and they include; sciences and languages, economics, physics, and management. 

Although, the cost of living in Paris might be a little bit high, still, the university is cheap

  • Tuition fee: $190 per semester (for international students)

 16. University of Mannheim

The University of Mannheim is a public research university in Germany. It was established in the year 1967.

Equally, they offer a variety of part-time and full-time and undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

While some tuition fees are to be settled in school, there are some exceptions.

If an international student who has a residence permit in Germany is attending the school, you won’t have to pay any tuition fee at all.

  • Tuition fee: €3,000 per year

17.  University of Basel

The University of Basel is the oldest in Switzerland established in the year 1460.

It is one of the oldest surviving universities in the world.

Additionally, it possesses the largest library in the country.

The university offers a range of diverse programs, including law, medicine, theology, business and economics, humanities and social sciences, science, and psychology.

The limitation here is that most of their programs are taught in a mix of English and German

  • The tuition fee is about $800 price per semester

 18. University of Würzburg

The University of Wurzburg is one of the cheap leading institutions in Germany that offers education in English for international students. 

Their major programs include politics, molecular and computational biology, astronomy, as well as cultural and music studies.

They charge a small processing fee of about $145 per semester, making it affordable for international students.

  • Tuition Cost: 130 euros, or $145 per semester

 19. University of Crete, Greece

Established in the year 1973, the University of Crete is a public educational citadel that offers various undergraduate, doctoral, and master’s degree programs. 

This is another cheap university you will find in Europe for international students and they do not charge tuition fees for EU nationals or residents enrolling in their undergraduate programs.

  • The tuition fee for the master is approximately $2000.

 20. University of Athens

The University of Athens is the oldest in all of Greece!

They offer undergraduate programs which range from dentistry to music studies, as well as social theology, nursing, and theatre studies. 

Being an ancient university, it provides you with a lot of sightseeing experience.

You’ll have tons of places to explore and see during your time studying there.

The cost of living in Athens is $800/month but can as well be as little as $500.

  • The tuition fee is about $400 per semester.


Kindly go through each of the schools carefully and choose one that suits your interest. Remember to make enough research before making any final choice on where to study in Europe.

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