13 Best Paid Online Teaching Jobs

Looking for where to teach online and earn good money while at it?
It is the beginning of the year and there has been a lot of changes; the economic recession and layoffs and then the ugly threat of Covid-19. All of these changes has set self-employment and remote jobs on the rise. People are beginning to earn from the comfort of their rooms with little or no stress. Getting into online teaching jobs is one of those ways.

You might have a list of things to do and still want a way to make money while on them. You might have a job but still want a second source income to pay off debts or funds plan or dream. Or generally, a job that allows you the time and chance to do everything else you have ever desired to.
We bring help! We have made a list of 13 paid online teaching jobs that allows you earn and still live freely.

Why Teach Online?

Before anything else, teaching online gives your freedom! It offers you an opportunity to impact in the lives of people from all over the world and still allows you earn while you are at it.
It allows you some freedom especially when they are teaching jobs that lets you create your own schedule. It means you could have the time to take another job, or execute your other every day plans.

Also, you can teach from wherever you are. It doesn’t require a permanent location. You also dont have to wake early if you dont like feel like it. There are no dress codes. No rules, you have the shortest commute with no traffic to beat (From your seat to your computer). You only have to have your device requirements, look oresentabke before the camera, have a secure network and be your own boss!

Another important thing that online teaching jobs does for you is that it broadens your thinking by way of interacting with students of all age ranges from all over the world.
Now think of all the comfort this comes with and a pay too.

13 Best Paid Teaching Jobs


Shiliu is an online learning platform that offers one of the highest pays among all online teaching jobs. Although their classes are quite longer, it is worth the pay.
The platform focuses majorly on advanced English learning for students with age ranges of from $44 – $68 per hour. With a class that last between 60-90 minutes long.

It calculates its hourly rate based on $20 per hour with a minimum of 3 students for a class. That is, classes do not commvmec until 3 or more students show up.
And for every student that shows up, your pay is $8 dollars. That is, 3 x $8 = $24.
How about when you teach a class of 6?

Shiliu is a new school established in 2017 and it hires relatively a small number of tutors. Their requirements are quite strict but it is worth giving a try.
It requires that you be native speaker of the language you want to speak. Also, that you must have a bachelors degree and not less than 2 years previous teaching experience. It states that you must also come from either Ireland, the United States, New Zealand, Canada or Austarlia.

Magic Ears

Magic Ears focuses on teaching the English language to children in India. It is one of the higher paying online teaching jobs. It is one of the easiest too as it creates lessons plans and curriculum for the tutors.
Classes on Magic Ears are usually a group classes of about four students. The classes lasts not more than 30 minutes long.
The platform allows you choose what slots you can be available to take on their portal and books students for you.

To teach with Magic Ears, you are required to have a bachelor’s degree or currently enrolled. You’d need to prove this too. You’d be required to present a 120-hour ESL certificate. This is not required just by the platform but by the China government as well.

You must have not less than one year previous teaching experience. It doesn’t matter what form of teaching it was. You must also be a native English speaker and come from an English soeaking country.

Magic Ears offers their tutors pays ranging from $18 – $26 per hour with a 3.5/5 star rating on Glassdoor.


Kplan is one of the biggest online learning platforms in the world. It is currently serving over one million students, over a thousand businesses and university partners through higher education, English language training, test preparation, University preparation and professional education.

To teach with Kplan, the requirement is to have a degree and previous work experiences similar to the job.

It offers a pay of $17-$38 per hour. This usually depends on the discipline you’re taking on.

One of the great gains on KPLan is the support and training it offers it’s tutors. However, there’s a con. It’s an online job but not all the work are done online. There might be need to meet your student outside your home sometimes. You have to decide if this is something you can do before you apply.


Preply is one of the online learning platforms that’s always in need of tutors in different disciplines.
The platform allows you set your own pay and teaching schedules. This means that you can choose whenever fits into your schedule to hold your classes.

It offers it tutors great support and flexibility and it allows you work your way to get as many students as possible.

It is possible to earn up to $550 on Preply weekly. You just have to be dedicated and teach as many classes as possible.
However, the platform takes a 100% commission of your first payment with each new student. And afterwards, it goes down to 33 – 18% and this depends on the number of duration of your classes and students. The longer the hour and the more the students, the lesser the commission fee from your pay.


Hujiang focuses on teaching both children and adults online. It is one of the leading language learning platforms in China. It majors on teaching multiple languages; English, Japanese, Korea and European languages.

It is a learning platform for students of all ages. Their teaching time goes between 9 am to 10 pm Beijing time.
The pay on the platform varies – tutors with Lijiang could expect a pay of $12-$20 per hour. And if you become a demo teacher, you could earn $18-$26.
It offers a one-on-one class with an age range of 5 to 15 years old and then adults. And the classes usually lasts for a duration of 25 minutes.

The requirements for teaching online with Hujiang includes having a bachelor’s degree, a TEFL or any equivalent certificate. And also, you must be a native English speaker from either the United States, the UK and Canada.


WyzAnt offers both online and in-person tutoring. It is known for its affordable and top-rated private teachers in over 250 subjects and test preps.
For teachers who teach with WyzAnt, they can expect a pay ranging from $30-$60 per hour. It is possible to earn more too but only your experience as a teacher can determine that.

This platform offers a great customer service. It allows the teachers set their own schedules and they also receive their pays at the appropriate time.

However, WyzAnt takes a percentage cut of 40% in the beginning of your classes. But this commission rate decreases as your class hours increases.


SayABC is an online language learning platform that offers some of the highest rates. It pays their tutors up to $28 per 40-minutes lesson.
In SayABC, classes are in a group of for students who you will teach for a period of three months. It is usually an interactive class with lots of games and competitions among the students. Anything to put in fun.

The platform also creates schedules for their tutors based on their prefenrces. However, it states that the tutors should have to provide about 14 weeks of availability to get fully booked.

The requirements for teaching with SayABC includes a previous teaching experience, fluency in the language you want to teach. Also, a bachelor’s and a TEFL certification or any equivalent course or certification.


VIPkid is a Chinese online education firm that offers an American elementary education experience to Chinese students with age ranges from 4-12.
You must have to be eligible to work in the US or Canada to qualify for this job. Another qualification criteria would be a bachelor’s degree, one year previous teaching experience – regardless of what form of teaching it was.

The platform pays it’s tutors from $15-$22 per hour. It also offers it tutors bonuses for being on time to class, student signups and teaching over 30 classes in a month. Also, it offers extra bonuses each month. It offers great support to the staff.


Landi focuses more on hiring native speakers. They pay their tutors 25 per hour. Also, they make available most of your lessons on the platform. On Landi, you are required to maintain at least 12 hours a week with a pay of $25 per hour.

Online chat and a help desk are made available for the teachers to help trouble shoot IT issues.

To teach with Landi, you required to be a native speaker of the language you want to teach. Also, should be should come from the US the UK or Canada. A teacher certificate or previous teaching experiences.


This is a top-rated Chinese online English reaching platform. It partners with I’m the American TESOL institute, person, highlights and national graphic learning.

This platform requires you to work with children everyday from age a pay of $4 – 16 years with a pay of $17-$18 per hour. Other requirements include a bachelor’s degree and proof that you can for 10 hours per month.

English First

With English First, you can teach anywhere abroad in Shanghai, China and online from any location in the world. It focuses on both children and adults and it allows you flexible working hours.

This platform offers easy communication, early payment and local support to their teachers. They pay from $12-$19 per hour to their tutors. The only requirements will be to be from the US or UK, have not less than a 40-hour TEFL certificate and a bachelor’s degree.


This platform hires native English speakers from the US to teach Korean business students. Via a softphone app installed on your computer, you will be holding conversational English classes with adult students.

English Hunt offers a one-on-one class which are usually lasts for a duration of 10-20 minutes. Also, this platform provides the curriculum for you to make teaching easier from anywhere in the world.

The pay is between $10-$12 per hour and their requirements includes a 48-hours of college credits or a TEFL certificate.


This is one of the best of them all. It makes things way easier. What Oakry does is to forward your information to all teaching jobs similar to theirs. This happens with just one application!

On Oakry, there are children classes from 4-15 years. There are also some adults class available. The pay goes from $15-$32 per hour. And the requirements goes from being a native English speaker from either the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. And these are to teach students from China, Vietnam and South Korea.

They also require a bachelor’s degree, a TEFL certificate or any other equivalent certification.


In conclusion, best paid online teaching jobs are quite a thing to get into. There are a lot of them online. They help you earn extra, allows you the freedom to get into other things you may wish to and there are actually no too much stress most time. We hope our list will be of help to you.


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