Teach English Online With no Degree; Requirements, Salary, and Schools

Have you ever imagined a fulfilling career where you can genuinely help people build their careers and improve themselves for the future and still earn a decent income while at it? Then you should teach English online with no degree.
This is what teaching English online helps you achieve. A job where you get to set your own work hours and still set about your day doing other things you enjoy doing.

Most people would give anything to have a job like this but they are continuously discouraged because they have no degree. However, we bring good news!
After extensive research, we have found tons of teaching opportunities that will allow you to teach English online with no degrees. Continue to read to learn about these schools, their requirements, and payment.

Why You Should Consider Teaching Online

After the pandemic broke out in 2020, the world grew still and silent from the shock. No one was prepared for what fell on the world. That silence led the world to understanding the great opportunity that the internet holds.
Companies and jobs moved online. Teachers; most of who had never thought had to make shifts they were never prepared for – they moved online. Teaching moved online. It was essential to do. And since then, online teaching has become the new educational approach.

If you have ever desired a job that can allow you a flexible working schedule, teaching English online (as well as anything else) is the job for you. Teaching online saves you the time and stress of showing up in the classroom. It also allows you to set your own teaching hours and allows you enough time to other things you enjoy doing. This is also a huge benefit if you are a parent. It saves you all the daycare expenses.

Why You Should Teach English Online

Teaching English online allows you the freedom to travel wherever. This is more fun if you have ever desired to see the world. You will find that you can teach from wherever location you find yourself. All you need to do is ensure you have a strong internet connection.

If you have a job that gives you some time and you desire to make extra income without a sweat, taking up an online English teaching job is one of the best things to do. It is a lucrative career. Some platforms pay from 10 – 50 USD per hour and honestly, we can’t tell a better way to earn from your free time than this.

Also, teaching English online can be highly satisfying just as much as teaching anything else. You will agree that there is a joy that comes with helping people; your students achieve their goals – expanding their language horizons, and watching them grow from beginners to fluent speakers.

Requirements to Teach English Online With no Degree

A TEFL qualification

A very important requirement to teach English online with no degree is having a TEFL qualification. Go for a qualification the online teaching platforms require. You might be considering taking a TEFL course in an unrecognized institution to reduce cost. But this will cost you more than applying for a TEFL certificate in a recognized institution.

Acquiring a TEFL certificate will not only land you an online teaching job but also allows you the likelihood of applying for in-school positions should you decide to change your job.

Fluency in English

You can never pour from an empty cup. This saying has been around longer than we can remember. And it is true for teaching English online. You must have a full cup before you can pour for another whose cup is empty. In the same vein, you must have to be fluent in English before you can teach English online.

Non-native English speakers can teach English online with no degree too. But before then, they will have to become English students themselves.

Structure Your CV Right

It is also possible to have all the requirements needed for an online teaching job and still not get the job. Your CV structure can be a determinative factor in landing your job.

It’s important to structure your CV the perfect way. You could follow our simple checklist below:

  • Highlight all suitable skills needed to teach English online.
  • Your education follows; this entails your TEFL and any online accreditations.
  • Highlight any language skills you have. This includes your native language too. Keep it simple.
  • Put in a presentable photo.

The trick is to play in every personal skills that literally relates to language teaching.

Patience, kindness, friendliness, dedication, and flexibility are personal skills and they relate to teaching. Every skill should be reflected in your CV. Highlighting your past work experiences will help a great deal too. You can always solve this by enquiring from them via email.

A Secure Internet Connection

It is flexible to teach English online with no degree, however, it will always require that you have a strong internet connection. This means that you will constantly have to ensure that wherever you travel to must have an internet connection strong enough to avoid interrupting your classes.

You will need a strong and secure internet connection and a zoom Skype or Google-meet account.

Device Requirements

Device: Desktop computer or a laptop. This is a small number of online schools work via an app-based platform in which your cell phone or an iPad may be used. Ensure that the platform your online employer uses are compatible with both Windows and MAC.

Camera: A HD external camera or an HD integrated camera although most laptops these days come with in-built cameras.

Headset: We will recommend using a headset with a microphone for a clearer communication and also, to help eliminate background noise.

Most online employing platforms require a wired connection (instead of WiFi) and most of them usually have specific upload and download speeds you will need to adhere to.

How Much Can I Earn When I Teach English Online with no Degree?

Generally, teaching online can be considered quite a lucrative job only when it doubles as a second or third income. This isn’t to discourage you. However, you can depend on this pay alone when you do not have more too many responsibilities screaming from your desk.

However, your experience and qualification sit as a determinative factor of your pay. You can expect to earn between $10 – $40/50 per hour. Although most companies may offer incentives to boost your pay hourly if you are able to meet and deliver on certain conditions.

You also get to set your own hours. That means it allows you the time to do another job and anything else you might enjoy doing.

Schools to Teach English Online With no Degree


Preply demands that teachers create their profiles, set an hourly rate, and lure their own students to them within the platform. It also allows you to set your own schedule and teach for as long as your schedule allows you.

Preply requires a TEFL certificate, a teaching experience, and a degree as requirements but these are not binding.

The average hourly rate is usually around $20 USD. However, Preply takes a percentage cut from every class you teach. The good news about this is that this percentage cut that Preply takes decreases as your teaching hours increases.

If you have an area of interest or skill that can be added to the language you already teach. Additionally, Preply states that you might fetch a higher rate. On Preply, the biggest earners can earn about $550 USD weekly.


This platform carter to adult-learners online from all over the world.
They provide lesson plans for teachers. This means that you don’t have to prepare your own teaching materials.

Lingoda has a rigid hiring checklist. It requires you to have a certificate to teach your chosen language. And it also requires that you have a minimum of 3 years working experience.

Lingoda pays anywhere from $8 to $13 USD per hour.


Cambly pays $0.17 USD per minute. It automatically tracks everything.
This is about the most flexible platform because it allows you to log on whenever and wherever it suits you and begin to teach immediately. Hence, the automatic tracking.

Also, it lets you highlight your interests on your profile to attract like-minded students.


italki offers two options for teachers; professional and community teachers; the professional teachers are required to have a bachelor’s degree qualification. Whereas the community teachers can only be native speakers of the language they teach and with a little work experience.

Generally, the community teachers assist students with conversational studies and speaking. However, italki also expects them to set their own rate and schedule. And just like Preply, they also take a percentage cut from every class the teacher holds. This percentage is a compensation for using their platform.


Similar to italki, Verbling allows you set your own rate and schedule. They only require that you be a native level speaker with some previous teaching experience.
However, they accept non-native English speakers and demands that you must have a C2 level of English in order to teach effectively.

Also, it allows you set your hourly rate and then takes 15% commission for each class you teach.


Fluentella is different. It is new and focuses mainly on real internal tons with their students.
They do not require any form of certificate. You just have to be fluent in the language you want to teach.


Skimatalk offers $14-$30 per hour. Previous teaching experiences are not required. Only a teaching certificate. This platform allows you set your own rate and schedule and it allows you work for as many hours as you wish.

It requires that you begin with a menial pay of $8 for a 25-minute lesson ($16 per hour). And afterwards, it allows you the ability to set your own rates.

Lessons on the platform are conducted through the Skype app and they require that teachers teach using a computer or laptop. A tablet is an exception.


Palfish is one of the most popular teaching platforms. It operates on two different programs; the Palfish Official Kids Course and the Free Talk lessons.

The Official Kids Course programs as it simply reads are classes for kids and is well structured. Teaching on this program requires you to hold a recognised teaching certificate.

The Free Talk lessons is not as structured. It focuses on conversations and it requires you to be fluent in English. This program do not demand any form of certificates.

The teachers on the Palfish Official Kids Course are paid up to $22 USD per hour.
On the other hand, the teachers on the Free Talk lessons earn between $10-$20 USD per hour.

Amazing Talker

AmazingTalker hires non-native but fluent English speakers, however, it requires previous teaching experience.

It is a unique platform that offers support to their teachers. Without a doubt, they help match students with teachers when they find a teacher has some challenges finding some. In addition, this platform allows you to set your hourly rate.

Open English

Open English focuses mainly on students in South America. It has over 600,000 students on its platform.

It requires that you just be a native English speaker to qualify to teach with their company.
Even though their pay varies, an average teacher on Open English can earn between $10-$13 per hour.


Outschool has been around for quite some years and only began to gain popularity recently. However, reviewers say it’s a professional platform that offers high-quality classes to children regardless of their ages.
This platform doesn’t focus majorly on English teaching, however, it allows you to create your own classes.

Unlike the others, this platform requires that you must have the legal right to work in either United States, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, or the United Kingdom, to qualify to work with their company.

The platform allows you set your own rate and it also allows the opportunity to teach as much student at once. Admittedly, this makes it a unique platform as you can earn so much on this platform as it clearly stands out from the other platforms.


Rype is quite another unique teaching platform that allows you to learn and as well teach different languages from your phone.

However, it requires that you must have previous teaching experience and be able to devote a minimum of 10 hours per week.

Rype teachers can expect to earn anywhere from $8-12 per hour.

Tandem App

The Tandem app allows students and teachers to connect on their phones and tablets. However, it requires a teaching certificate and allows you to set your own hourly rates. Also, it guarantees that you will take home at least, 80% of your salary. That is, they also take their own commissions for using their platform.

A great feature about this platform is the Tandem Language Exchange program. It connects aspiring language learners. That means, when two people who want to learn different languages are matched, they take turns speaking to each other in their native languages to practice conversation skills.

Also, there is a Tandem Language Exchange program that connects aspiring language learners. This means that when two people are matched, they take turns speaking to one another in their native language to practice conversation skills.


The platforms cater to mainly Japanese and Korean language learners. Although it offers a lower-paying gig, they offer extraordinary support to their teachers.
There are no requirements needed from the tutors except fluency in the language they want to teach.

This platform distributed teaching materials to their tutors and this saves them the time to create their own lessons.

OKPanda offers between $5-$10 per hour to their tutors, however, they give raises to exceptional teachers.

Berlitz Virtual Classroom

This platform has over one million students; current and former. It is one of the most popular platforms in the online language learning world.
It requires a teaching certificate and fluency in the language a tour wants to teach.

Likewise, a TEFL or TESOL certificate is necessary to teach with Berlitz and be a native English speaker.
Also, there’s a minimum teaching hour requirement, and this, however, is what you have to consider before applying to teach English with the company.

Berlitz offer between $12-18 per hour. This depends on various aspects involving experience, certificates, and more.

Also, this platform allows you to choose between teaching online or from one of their numerous learning centers throughout the US.


This platform is a small Japanese-based online company for language learning. It requires you to create a profile interesting enough to attract students and as well teach and tailor your classes to your students’ abilities.
At the same time, it also requires you to be a native speaker of the language you want to teach. A previous teaching experience too.

This platform allows you set your own hourly rate.
Classes on CafeTalk are conducted using the Skype app and it requires you to create your own lessons.


Learnlight allows their tutors to teach both online or in-person.

This platform is strict with their requirements. They demand a minimum of 1l2 years validated reaching experience and teaching certificates.

Teachers on Learnlight earn between $10-15 per hour. However, this platform does not offer any employee benefits.


VerbalPlanet is a foreign language teaching platform that allows you to teach students all over the world with no degree.
Meanwhile, there are no set rules for teachers on this platform, however, you will be required to highlight your experiences and certificates to attract students.

The platform allows you to set your own rate. And surprisingly, it doesn’t take any commission from your pay. It is a completely free platform to teach on.


In conclusion, teaching online is gradually becoming the new normal. Now, it has become a new source of income, either as a full-time job or a side job. It has even become easier as you can teach English online with no degree. All you need to have is a teaching certificate and being fluent in English language. You will also find that in the long list we have made to make it easier for you, some of the platforms do not require teaching certificates.

All you have to is to read through the requirements and decide on which best suits you. We wish you all the best!


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