9 Platforms To Access Summer Internships for College Students

Inarguably, searching for summer internships for college students is not always as easy as searching and landing conventional jobs.

Internships are quite different, especially for college students who are getting to have work experiences for the first time.

However, internships are great avenues to equip high school and college students with valuable skills and professional growths.

It helps to ease the shift from school to the workforce by offering students skill development opportunities, work-related experiences and professional connections.

Also, it helps to expose them to real-world issues, teaches them how to handle problems independently and more importantly, it nurtures their adaptability to thrive in dynamic environments. 

Generally, summer internships for college students also help to add leverage to being fully employed in the future or gaining permanent positions after their placement if they performed at a high level.

If you have been searching for summer internships and/or platforms where you can access summer internships for college students, we have made a list to assist in your search.

9 Platforms to Access Summer Internships for College Students


Linked on has been one of the best platforms to find conventional job employers as well as summer internships for college students.

Registering on LinkedIn, you will need to build up your profile and then begin to reach out to everyone you know; professional contacts.

Find people with the same interest as you and connect with them. And that’s how your professional journey and online presence on LinkedIn begins.

You could search for internships and jobs right from their website or the LinkedIn app. All you have to is click on the job search area and type in your keyword.

Also, another remarkable thing about LinkedIn is that it has an ‘easy apply’ button. That means, you could send in your application in a few seconds either on the app or their website.

Internships for College Students 1:

Internships for College Students 1: Internships.com

Internships.com.was founded in 2010 and is currently owned by textbook prenatal and online tutoring company Chegg located in Santa Clara, CA.

The website provided tools and services for students looking to develop valuable skills they will need upon graduation. That is internship opportunities.

It offers 100,000 listings from about 60,000 employers, meanwhile, it does not charge employers to list positions on their website.

Their website is friendly and allows internship opportunity searches by categories such as high school, summer or aerospace engineering internships. Also, the website allows searches by locations.

Internships for College Students 2: Internmatch.com

Internmatch.com was founded in 2009. It is a San Francisco-based website that has listings from over 30,000 companies. The website specialises in providing internships and entry-level jobs up to two years after graduation.

All you have to do is to sign up on their website and you will begin to receive notifications when new internships in your areas of interested are updated.

However, for this platform, employers can only post about 10 listings for free and then they are required to pay a fee to be able to post more listings.

Certainly, this means that companies posting their listings on this platform are some big companies whose summer internships will be a huge thing.

Internships for College Students 3: Glassdoor

Glassdoor was founded in 2007 in Sausalito, CA. It is one of the best platforms to get reviews and ratings about companies you may want to apply to for internships. Also, it provides salary estimates for these companies too.

It gets internship listings from various sources which include, partnership with job boards, company websites and directly from employers.

Internships for College Students 4: Idealist.org 

Idealist.org is was founded in 1996 and is based in New York. It is a non-profit organisation that connects individuals looking to intern with internships opportunities.

It also connects individuals to conventional jobs, graduate programs and groups committed to creating social change.

This website has listings for organisations all around the world. That is, it has over 2,000 internships worldwide.

Internships for College Students 1: Monster

Monster.com has over 30,000 internship listings. Whether it is a paid or unpaid internship you are looking to get, you can find them.on Monster.com.

Also, monster.com lists internships near you too. That means you can search by location.

Internships for College Students 6: Global Experiences

Global experiences website was founded in 2001 in Annapolis, MD.  It has internship listings that offer valuable benefits such as genuine work experience in foreign cities.

However, while some other platforms offer internships where interns are paid, Global experiences offer internships where interns get to pay to intern. Prices range from $6,000-$10,000 per internship period.

It works in eight cities:

  • Paris
  • London
  • Dubai
  • Florence
  • Milan
  • Barcelona
  • Sydney
  • Shanghai.

Internships for College Students 7: Indeed

Indeed is one of the best websites to search for internships for undergraduate and graduate students.

The website offers a lot of information; ranging from matching potential interns to companies looking to find internships opportunities, closer to them.

Google Jobs

Over the years, students have taken advantage of Google to find the best internship websites and everything else related. What most people don’t know is that Google has its own full-fledged job and internships board.

Meanwhile, it is a great shortcut to searching for internships only if you know how to search.
To use Google to find the best summer internships especially searching by location, type in the keywords “Summer internships in Chicago” or whatever location you might want to intern in – without the quotation mark.

And in the search results, you are likely to get a snippet search result of Google job’s top three summer internship opportunities in the locations you searched for. 

GoAbroad / InternAbroad

InternAbroad is a brand of the GoAbroad.com family. They offer internships abroad and if you just started to look, this is one of the first places to begin to look.

This platform offers interns opportunities to gain some valuable experiences and skills as well as housing.  They operate in Paris, Antarctica or Bali. Interns are sure to gain some brilliant international work experience when they intern with the GoAbroad family.

Oh!  That was the tenth one!


Having made the list of platforms to access summer internships for college, we hope you find the time to go through all of these platforms so you can find the right internship for your career and dreams.

If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, do leave us a message in the comment area. Thank you for reading.

We wish you all the best!


What are some popular platforms to access summer internships for college students?

Google jobs
GoAbroad.com / InternAbroad.com

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