15 Best Teaching Exchange Programs Abroad in 2023

Are you passionate about teaching and eager to explore new horizons? Then get ready to embark on a remarkable journey with our curated list of the 15 Best Teaching Exchange Programs Abroad in 2023.

Teaching exchange programs offer an incredible opportunity to broaden your teaching expertise while immersing yourself in a different culture. Picture yourself standing in front of a classroom filled with eager learners from a distant land, exchanging knowledge, and experiences, and creating lifelong connections.

In this article, we will unveil the crème de la crème of teaching exchange programs that will take you to fascinating destinations around the globe. Whether you dream of teaching English in bustling Asian cities, delving into history in Europe, or embracing the vibrant cultures of Latin America, we’ve got you covered.

So, pack your bags, dust off your teaching skills, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable educational adventure. Let’s dive into the 15 Best Teaching Exchange Programs Abroad in 2023 that will transform you into a global educator!

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What are Teacher Exchange Programs?

Basically, teacher exchange means that you are exchanging jobs (and even your home or apartment) with another teacher in another part of the world for a specified period of time. 

You can learn about how teachers are teaching and student learning in other locations around the world.  You can teach abroad for a minimum of two weeks to a full academic year. 

Also, instead of just spending your vacation on Netflix and recreation, why not travel purposefully and sign up for our summer teacher exchange programs?

For some teachers who are tired of routine at their local schools, an international teacher exchange is just what they need to get motivated and get back on track. 

At the end of the program, teachers return to their schools and share what they have learned with their classmates and classmates, making the teaching profession more internationally focused and more satisfying.

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Why Teach Abroad?

Teaching exchange programs abroad can be a transforming experience for teachers. 

From teaching students abroad to getting a job at an international school, there are more opportunities than ever before to become a teacher in a foreign country. 

Below is a comprehensive resource on the ins and outs of teaching abroad designed to help you get a clearer picture of the market for teachers internationally.

For everyone who travels, going to another country is a great opportunity.  You can experience other cultures, explore exciting places, and escape normal everyday life. 

But for educators, teaching in another country is a learning experience in itself. 

It gives them the opportunity to learn more about education, find out how students learn in other countries, explore various methods, and gain teaching experience that most teachers do not have. 

Often people assume about those who travel abroad before their “real jobs” start are wasting their time and that they evade responsibility by setting off on a silly adventure.  This is simply not true.

Teachers in other countries make a living teaching students as they explore.  But they still know they still make a difference. 

So many teachers fall in love with their new country that they decide to stay there permanently.

Who can participate in the Teaching Exchange Program abroad?

Unlike TEFL jobs, these programs are not for hobbyists.  The majority of teaching exchange programs are open only to qualified and experienced elementary, middle, and high school teachers. 

There are also a few opportunities for qualified pre-school teachers and college lecturers.

You must have sufficient full-time teaching professional experience.  Sorry for beginners but get some tutorial slots on this belt and then we’ll talk. 

Most importantly, you must be an appropriately qualified teacher in your country. 

Depending on where you belong, this could mean at least a B. Ed, a teacher’s license from your home state, or a Bachelor’s and PGCE (Graduate Certificate in Education).

How do I participate in Teacher Exchange Programs?

The first step is deciding where you want to teach.  Which country has fascinated you?  What did you always want to see? 

These answers are as personal to you as the reason for teaching, but it is important to know exactly where you want to go, otherwise, you likely have an unhappy experience. 

Research the country’s culture, climate, and political atmosphere.  No matter how weird the place is, the most important thing is that it is safe.

The US State Department has some great advice on health issues, safety issues, and even current travel warnings for specific countries. 

Once you know where you want to teach, you need to see what this country has to offer for American educators. 

GoAbroad.com and Teachaway.com are excellent tools for that.  There are two general roads open to you:

Applying for a teaching program

Teaching exchange programs are ideally suited to recent graduates seeking experience before becoming teachers. 

Most of the programs are devoted to teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages ​​(TESOL), and countries are actively striving to have young, talented, mobile, and enthusiastic native English speakers to teach. 

While each program is different, most run for one year and offer a monthly stipend, some benefits, lodging, travel assistance, and vacation time.

One of the best things is that most places do not require you to know the local language, so your possibilities are endless. 

GoAbroad.com has an external link to find teaching abroad, and the Department of State also has great resources for teaching abroad an external link, and information about international schools an external link. 

The external link for the Fulbright International Educational Exchange Program contains the external link for the Teacher Exchange Program that enables working teachers to gain experience abroad.

Apply directly to Teaching Jobs that are not subject to the program.

When doing this, you need to pay more attention to the requirements of this country.  Most jobs are contract (usually one year), salaries, and many still provide amenities that educational programs provide, such as housing, tickets, vacation, and benefits. 

You can apply for this teaching exchange program as you would any job in the United States. 

There are also sites dedicated to posting international teaching jobs, such as the international tutor external link, and country-specific sites, such as worknplay.co.kr, which is a site that publishes teaching jobs in Korea.

Once you have obtained a teaching position, be it through a program or job listing, you need to obtain the appropriate authorization to travel abroad. Since you will be working in another country, you need not only a passport but an external visa link as well. 

This can be a complicated process, and every country has its own guidelines for issuing visas, so you need to pay close attention every step of the way.  Keep all important deadlines, gather the appropriate documentation, and fill out each required form. Some countries, especially in South America and Africa, require vaccinations and vaccinations before a visa is issued. 

All this will require you to arrange a meeting at their embassy in the United States.  The State Department’s Office of Consular Affairs provides country-specific information to Americans who travel abroad through an external link.

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Requirements for Teaching Exchange Program

1. You will need a bachelor’s degree

Long ago, schools had teachers without a degree.  That’s because they needed native English speakers more than they needed trained teachers. 

Now, visa regulations in most countries will not approve a work visa to teach in local schools unless the applicant holds the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree.

2. TEFL Certification is a Must

TEFL certification is a given these days.  I have not seen a highly qualified program for teaching English abroad that does not require a TEFL certification.  Having a TEFL certificate gives you the confidence to go into a classroom and teach English. 

Look Great On Your Resume, Schools Will Know You Are Ready To Go To The Class.  And many schools are concerned that a teacher has just appeared to apply for a job because they know that many teachers are looking for a quick salary and one morning they are gone. 

TEFL certification lets these schools know that you are serious. A good TEFL course should give you the teaching tips and techniques you’ll need to organize your classroom and get the best out of your students as an English teacher. There are TEFL courses everywhere you look.  What Should You Look For on a TEFL Course?  Make sure it’s at least 120 hours. 

These days, it doesn’t really matter if he’s online or in the classroom because of online technology. At GeoVisions Foundation, the online TEFL course takes 120 hours and is taught by a live tutor who is there to make sure you have the course materials. 

The class English as a foreign language (TEFL) course takes 130 hours because we include practical training at a local school. These courses start every month.  Below is an overview of GeoVisions Foundation TEFL courses.

3. Full Knowledge of English if you are not a Native English Speaker

If you’re a native speaker, you don’t have to worry about proving your skills in the field, but non-native speakers shouldn’t be put off either! 

Different countries and programs have different requirements.  If you are a native speaker of a language other than your native language, taking a course in English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) can help demonstrate that you not only have first-class teaching skills but are also completely comfortable with teaching English.

Best Teaching Exchange Program Abroad

#1. ITTT: 50-hour Course in Teaching English Online (CTEO)

With online learning flourishing around the world, the 50-hour English Language Teaching Specialization course is designed for those who want to gain a qualification to teach English in an online environment. 

Through this course, we will show you how to adapt your current skills and knowledge to suit this specific field of teaching. 

An additional benefit of the course is that, upon completion, you will gain access to a unique alumni network, connecting you to ITTT alumni currently recruited by several of the major employers of online teaching. 

ITTT also offers courses in many locations around the world.

#2. The Intern Group – Worldwide internship programs

The Intern Group is a leading provider of global internship programs in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Latin America.  They also offer virtual/remote training programs so you can build your career from anywhere. 

They offer training courses in all professional areas throughout the year.  Learn from top professionals in your field while making friends from all over the world and living like real locals. 

Intern Group programs include professional training, accommodation, visa assistance, professional development and workshop tools, cultural events, social activities, and much more. 

Start your career with a lifelong adventure travel experience.

#3. Teach English Abroad with InterExchange — Perfect for New and Experienced Teachers 

InterExchange offers English language teaching programs in Europe and Asia, from teaching in formal classroom settings to private family settings as a home tutor.  Our current locations include Costa Rica, France, Italy, Spain, and Thailand.

#4. Intern Worldwide with ELI Abroad

Get a head start in your career with an international internship!  The ELI works with a variety of private companies, NGOs, and governmental organizations around the world. 

Interns can work in the fields of healthcare, legal aid, human rights, engineering, information and communication technology, wildlife and rangeland management, micro-credit, fashion, economic development, marketing, tourism, law, finance, and more. 

Working in another country challenges trainees to develop intercultural competencies, independence, self-confidence, and resilience – all traits that employers desire.

Connect-123 has a variety of international training opportunities in Argentina, China, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, and Spain, and our team on the ground in each location will work with you to find training that uniquely suits your goals.

#6. LanguageVacation: The Language Immersion Experts

Language Vacation offers short or long-term language courses and a full cultural immersion abroad.  Studying abroad in a country in which you speak one language is one of the most effective ways to learn another language. 

Enjoy year-round language programs around the world for adults, summer camps, and language programs for teens.

#7. Via Lingua International TEFL Certificate Programs

Via Lingua is a global educational organization with schools in many locations. Our goal is to provide students with the skills to teach English in a professional and supportive environment. 

We provide students with teaching opportunities throughout their careers at TEFL thanks to comprehensive training.

#8. Teach in China with EF English First

 Join our community of more than 2,000 diverse and inspiring teachers across China. 

Your skills are required to help grow and shape EF English First for current/future generations of students to learn, grow, and have fun. Educate adults, and children, or online at one of our 300+ schools.  Full stipend and free trips.


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