21 Best Teach Abroad Programs in 2021

Teach Abroad Programs
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Do you need to have a lasting impact on people in need around the world? International teaching is the best approach to do it.

Teaching is one way to encourage youngsters and youth to think for themselves and break the cycle of poverty. There is a wide range of teaching abroad opens doors for volunteers of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels.

Regardless of whether you want to teach English to kids or not. Above all, each grown-up some life and business skills. And also, guide youths through games training programs and coaching lessons.

Or even enable young women through entrepreneurial and life skills workshops. You will undoubtedly find an incredible teaching opportunity anywhere you want to travel.

The kinds of work you can hope to do will shift depending on your experience and capabilities. In case you’re new to teaching, there are brilliant preparing programs accessible (many of which are included in this post!). 

Perhaps you can’t remain abroad for over possibly 14 days? You may zero in additional on assisting nearby teachers with their day-to-day job. This involves teaching basic English language to students, or helping with a school’s administrative work.

For instance, Maximo Nivel offers first-class TEFL confirmation and English teaching volunteer open doors in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru. 

Why Teach Abroad Programs?

Do you need to get paid to travel and have any kind of effect for communities out of luck? Maximo Nivel is a stunning decision.

Through top-notch TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) accreditation programs–which you can finish remotely online.

Otherwise, through a part-time program where you can begin your learning online. Afterwards, you can travel to Latin America to finish your certification.

Also, you will teach English abroad to students, in spite of whether you have relative knowledge as a teacher. 

However, a TEFL certificate will free you up to teaching positions and paid temporary jobs worldwide. What better approach to get paid to travel?

If you have teaching experience or, you’re ready to travel longer and teach abroad program, your responsibilities can incorporate creating lessons, getting ready tests, mentoring students, and driving your homeroom.

Generally, teaching English can be an approach to make the best and longest-enduring effect on your journeys. It’s significant that individuals all over the world approach quality English teaching. Prepared to travel?

Let’s consider some absolute best opportunities that encourage abroad programs you can pursue everywhere in the world at this moment?

1. Cambodia English Teaching Volunteers 

English teaching volunteers with Plan My Gap Year in Cambodia need to assist students with learning another dialect.

And setting them up for a future where the nation shifts from an economy of agriculture to one driven by industry and administration.

In the years that the Khmer Rouge controlled, it sabotaged Cambodia’s educational framework. The public authority has put time and cash into gradually changing.

In fact, Cambodia has one of the least fortunate education rates in Asia, particularly among women.

Volunteers like you may work at a community school set up in 2010. Communities like Takeo to give free education and English lessons to children in local towns.

Volunteers lead their classes, and English is the primary subject. This best teach abroad program charges start at $360 for about fourteen days.

Do you want to accomplish more than teaching English abroad? You may want to have an additional opportunity to teach computer science, math, dance, and sports. 

2. Maximo Nivel 

Since 2003, Maximo Nivel has offered the best teach abroad programs. Also, some temporary jobs, study opportunities and teach abroad in Latin America.

This association partners with nearby NGOs. Also, with schools to give the best effect on their communities throughout Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru.

If you prefer to teach English abroad, Maximo Nivel offers TEFL confirmation.

What is TEFL? This course incorporates 150 hours of coursework, 6 hours of practical teaching experience, and 6 hours of study from teachers.

In the wake of finishing your TEFL accreditation through Maximo Nivel, you will have a lifetime work arrangement. This will help you to find paid teaching positions around the world. 

3. Volunteer Teaching English 

Through Maximo Nivel’s best teach abroad programs, you can go to Costa Rica, Guatemala, or Peru to teach ESL students. The public school structure in these countries rarely offers excellent ESL programs.

However, as a volunteer, your occupation will be to fill this hole. And at the same time, to furnish students with more noteworthy scholarly and vocation openings.

You will teach in a variety of private schools, public venues and after-school programs. Also, in different areas to make lesson plans. You will teach classes, help with coaching, and arrange games and lessons. 

4. 4-Week TEFL Course 

If you prefer to get TEFL certified, it will free you up to paid English teaching opportunities around the world. You can check out Maximo Nivel’s four-week, 150-hour course in Latin America.

Modules incorporate Approaches to Learning and Teaching, Critical ESL Techniques and Class Management. Also, Lesson Planning, English Grammar, Teaching Vocabulary, Assessing Learners, and the sky is the limit from there.

In this course, you will partake in 100 hours of in-class in-class instruction. An additional 35 hours of reading and writing assignments. Also, more 15 hours of observation and practical teaching.

During the last seven day time of your course, you will absolutely assume control over responsibilities in an English class.

While teaching hour-long lessons for five days, you can undoubtedly turn out to be more acquainted with the work you will do as an ESL teacher.

In addition, you will also get your TEFL certification. This makes this the best teach abroad program. 

5. Intern Abroad HQ 

Intern abroad was established by International Volunteer HQ. It is a trusted organization that has set over 100,000 volunteers on the best teach abroad programs.

Intern Abroad HQ gives moderate as well as mindful, and adaptable temporary job opportunities around the globe.

A variety of fields are offered through Intern Abroad HQ. This is in spite of whether you’re passionate about business and communications. And as well as social work, environmental conservation, law and human rights, education, engineering, or economics.

These experiential learning entry-level positions incorporate a guided reflection course. It is to cultivate resume-building skills that are adaptable in unique work and social settings.

In training, teaching, social work, and youth advancement, Intern Abroad HQ give entry-level positions throughout Latin America. Also in Europe, Asia and Africa, including access to online TEFL certification. 

6. Online TEFL Certification 

In case you’re focused on growing your skills as a teacher. Or, just keen on expanding your gifts. Intern Abroad HQ offers an online TEFL certification course. This is to help students and young professionals put resources into their vocation.

The 100-hour course costs $399 and is offered through TEFL HQ, a global leader in TEFL certification. The course furnishes students with information that will help them educate, coach, or give classroom help.

Upon finishing, you will have insights towards arranging, planning, and adjusting different language lessons and materials.

You will leave with your TEFL certificate which makes this the best teach abroad programs.

7. Teach Primary Education or Secondary Students in Bali

Interns in Bali can join an entry-level position that provides the best teach abroad experience in organized classroom conditions on two to four-week bases.

Students are given a current educational program and theme to help close by local English teachers or even proactively lead their classes.

Youth and Primary Education entry-level positions are accessible in kindergarten or elementary school settings, and assistants who might want to work with moderate and auxiliary younger students in Bali have an extra extension.

In order to help with innovative lessons in professional abilities as well as vocations in the travel industry and accommodation. 

8. Women’s Empowerment in Costa Rica 

If you wish to work with adult students and have an enthusiasm for communicating in Spanish. Then, the Micro-finance/Women’s Empowerment entry-level position in Costa Rica can clearly give a fulfilling expert experience!

This program merges the promotion of micro-finance guidance and support to local women with awareness promotion related to self-esteem, abuse, violence, bullying, sexual health, and emotional health.

Students should communicate in Spanish. it should be at an intermediate level and at the same time, stay for at least a month. This entry-level position may include bunch guiding meetings, workshops, or effort programs to schools.

Therefore making it the best teach abroad programs. 

9. Youth Development and Education in Cusco and Cape Town 

If you’re searching for the best teach abroad programs that join components of social work. Then, the Youth Development and Education programs can be a superb choice.

Intern Abroad HQ particularly offers temporary positions in both Cape Town, South Africa and Cusco, Peru. They zero in on helping youth and teenagers in territories where they need the most help.

There is an extensive degree experience to pick up–assistants with basic to moderate Spanish language. Speaking abilities are urged to join positions in Cusco, Peru. However, English-language speaking positions are given in Cape Town, South Africa.

These adaptable temporary job positions offer week after week admissions for new assistants. 

10. English Teaching in Central America 

Lovers of Spanish language and Latin America culture can coordinate their enthusiasm for teaching. This could be towards reasonable interim job opportunities in Guatemala and Costa Rica.

Teaching English at interim job positions empower students and young experts to upgrade their teaching skills. It helps in supporting local teachers with a variety of lessons.

Various positions can incorporate government-funded schools, tuition-based schools, or more informal school settings.

Accessible for only fourteen days in Guatemala, and a month in Costa Rica, students are encouraged to apply online ahead of time as it’s the best teach abroad programs. 

11. Plan My Gap Year 

Teach English to passionate students who need your help through Plan My Gap Year, which offers teaching opportunities in Bali, Cambodia, Fiji, Ghana, India, Morocco, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, and Vietnam.

New volunteer programs are presented every year, with Costa Rica, Peru, and Ecuador not too far off.

You will teach a variety of students, from Buddhist priests to young Indian women, and hindered kids and grown-ups throughout Asia and the South Pacific.

Plan My Gap Year offers TEFL Express, a 60-hour, an international online course that allows you to become familiar with the centre standards of teaching English individually, at your speed.

Established in 2011, Plan My Gap Year gives important and safe volunteer open doors abroad, and to date has put around 3,000 volunteers around the world.

Plan My Gap Year has gotten various honours, including recognition from the United Nations for its work in Sri Lanka.

This best teach abroad program is examined and reviewed by the group, and an evaluation is performed on a yearly bases. 

12. Teaching English in Morocco 

Volunteer with Plan My Gap Year to teach English, just as different subjects, to children from poor towns in Morocco, where public optional schools have among the most noteworthy dropout rates on the planet.

Proficiency rates for 15-to 24-year-olds are as low as 87%, because of a decrease in legislative spending on training.

You can help change this by volunteering with the best teach abroad programs to help students in the grade educational system, where participation is at 90%.

Use your position in Moroccan schools to impact more youngsters to proceed with their education. Program charges start from just $225 for your first week abroad on this program.

13. Volunteer to Teach English in Fiji 

Teach English offers the best teach abroad programs in the delightful island country of Fiji with this chance and share your unique culture with the local children.

Help English teachers by creating lesson plans, helping at the school library, ensuring classroom discipline, and empowering dynamic learning.

You will work with Fiji students going to a Catholic school found near the volunteer house in Suva–this school as of now underpins 700 young men matured six to 13.

Most importantly, use a casual teaching style with the more young students, and select innovative lessons, for example, singing.

More seasoned students will profit by formal lessons in English, math, and topography. Program charges start at $390 for about fourteen days. 

14. Teach English in Nepal 

Volunteer to the best teach abroad programs in Nepal with Plan My Gap Year, working with one of the nation’s least fortunate communities.

You will assist with combatting the low norm of education in a nation where over 40% of the grown-up populace is unskilled. Nepalese teachers are otherwise frequently exhausted and under-qualified, hence your help is urgently required.

Realizing how to communicate in English can open entryways for youngsters looking for work in the travel industry, Nepal’s greatest industry.

Your experience in teaching is optional to your position as a local English speaker. Class sizes at the community training bases range from 20 to 30 kids. Program charges start at $375 for a fourteen-day remain.  

15. Women’s Empowerment in Tanzania 

Situated in Arusha, this offers the best teach abroad programs to help women who have been exposed to treacheries and awful accidents.

However, as a volunteer, you will work with women and also, their children. It will be in an enclosed space where they can recuperate and at the same time, create amazing memories.

One of the task’s objectives is to give quality instruction and abilities advancement openings, and you can help by volunteering the childcare or pre-school, teaching computer science or English, and giving professional training. 

16. Teach English in Brazil 

Through the best teach abroad programs, you will help improve the educational and professional experience of some of Rio de Janeiro’s least fortunate and most impeded inhabitants.

Now, admittance to fundamental English instruction is seriously ailing in Brazil’s favelas. Ans indeed, your help can have an incredible effect by assisting inhabitants. Also, this can involve setting up the employment market, school tests, and significantly more.

You can help lead homerooms, plan lesson plans, community with neighbourhood inhabitants and venture staff, screen students’ advancement, and considerably more. 

17. Projects Abroad 

You can affect the lives of children from oppressed communities by volunteering as an English teacher with Projects Abroad.

Generally, teaching in a non-industrial nation is an extraordinary method. It certainly helps to pick up experience in case you’re thinking about a profession in teaching.

Or if you need to accomplish something important throughout a late spring break or the whole year.

Having the option to convey in English is very important for those in agricultural nations who are endeavouring to assemble a reasonable future for themselves and their families.

By volunteering as an English teacher, you will give a significant lift to the individuals who need it most. You needn’t bother with any teaching ability or experience to go along with the best teach abroad programs.

Staff are there to manage you throughout your task, and they have supportive assets that you can use to improve your experience.

Through these programs, you will volunteer at local grade schools, secondary schools, or colleges. Additionally, you can teach different subjects!

If you have the ability in another subject like mathematics, science and music. Or sports programs, abroad will definitely help you discover a school that needs your help. 

Teaching Placements through Projects Abroad

  1. Visit the fascinating city of Cusco on a Teaching program in Peru
  2. Experience life in Nepal as a teacher in a local school
  3. Travel to Southeast Asia to teach in Thailand

18. Agape Volunteers

Established in 2011, Agape Volunteers upholds the best teach abroad program with philanthropic endeavours and natural preservation activities in Africa.

An enrolled UK noble cause, this association spends significant time in volunteer work in Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Ghana, and Maasai-land, have a solid foundation in the volunteering and teaching abroad industry.

Agape Volunteers is an astounding decision if you are searching for a respectable and moderate show abroad chance.

Program costs incorporate enrollment and standard expenses, just as movement protection, visits and trips, and substantially more.

19. Teaching in Ghana 

Gain experience as you help teach oppressed schoolchildren as a teaching volunteer in Ghana. Join Agape Volunteers and help students learn English-language skills through planned lessons, games, and sports.

Work closely with a teacher and bring your thoughts for creative learning. Volunteers live at the Agape Volunteers’ headquarters in Ghana.

Partake in a free visit to the best teach abroad program through Jamestown, correspondingly a noteworthy zone of Accra that is currently the site of a fishing town.

Agape Volunteers likewise offers additional experiences, including wilderness travelling, social trips. Also, visits to an assortment of National Park and creature safe-havens.

You can spend a week or even a year, with program charges beginning at £510. 

20. Volunteer to Teach in Tanzania 

If you appreciate working with school children, check out this volunteer showing opportunity in Tanzania. Its the best teach abroad program that impacts the lives of students eager for lessons in English, math, and science.

Hold discussions that assist students with improving their language aptitudes, or mess around and sports to create wellness levels.

Live at Maisha Cottage, a guesthouse in the city of Arusha and only five minutes’ stroll from the downtown area. The cabin has hot showers, Wi-Fi, and common space for you to meet and associate with different volunteers.

Invest your free time by hiking around the safaris for the Serengeti or an end of the week visiting the delightful Moshi Waterfalls and Chemka Hot Springs.

Volunteer teachers remain from one week to one year in Tanzania, with costs beginning at £695. 

21. Teaching in Kenya 

Are you prepared to impact your knowledge and experience on enthusiastic students on a volunteer teaching program in Kenya?

Join Agape Volunteers, the best teach abroad program for understaffed schools, assisting with lessons in English, math, science, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

You will be astonished at what you can achieve and how the students will profit by your passion and experience. Teach whichever classroom as you wish, and play games, sports, and artworks.

You will likewise assist with supporting an IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camp, helping with clinical effort work. Also, disseminating supplies, or assisting with the structure and upkeep of continuous development programs.

The timeline range from one week to one year in Kenya, with costs beginning at £590. 


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