How to Become a Volunteer in Thailand in 2023

Being a volunteer in Thailand would be an excellent experience.  We want you to be fully prepared for your trips abroad and to work on your volunteering program.  That is why we are here to teach you all about the volunteer projects available in this Southeast Asian country.  The opportunities to volunteer in Thailand are very diverse.

Thailand is a beacon for volunteers.  Whether you are interested in working in a refugee camp or volunteering with stray dogs, volunteer opportunities in Thailand are widely diversified.

Not to mention, volunteering in Thailand lets you break out of the regular tourism bubble.  Working with an NGO allows you to settle into a daily rhythm that shares Thai daily action and celebration.  Thais work hard but smile at you as you walk through both old and new entrepreneurship activities.

Since Thailand shares borders with Myanmar (Burma), Laos, and Cambodia, all of which have a history of human rights violations, dozens of human rights agencies have long been established in this area – and it’s easy for you to make these neighboring countries (which are also historic, beautiful, and fascinating)  Part of your volunteer plans.

There are many reasons why Thailand is a great destination for volunteering abroad.  It has a lot to offer – diverse culture, opportunities for adventure, beautiful beaches, and incredible scenery that will leave you speechless.  It has also become a very popular travel destination for volunteers who want to work with local nonprofits in Thailand. 

Thailand is home to stunning tropical oceans, which you can dive into and snorkel anywhere in the country.  Volunteer opportunities include teaching, caring for animals, conserving forests, working with people with disabilities, and more. 

The people of Thailand are keen on learning, especially the English language, so if you are an English speaker, you can contribute to Thailand’s growing sector of nonprofits.

Why Become a Volunteer in Thailand?

If you want to volunteer in Asia, why not volunteer in Thailand?  Volunteering in Thailand can be a great and life enhancing way to see another country, contribute to a community, and come up with an improved CV and life experience. 

In some cases, your volunteering work may be a great way to gain professional experience and earn academic credit.  You may learn a new language.  In short, if you want to volunteer abroad, Thailand might provide the perfect opportunity.

The country’s tropical climate ensures a thriving green rainforest in the mountainous northern region of Thailand, while sunny beaches and clear blue waters line the coastal peninsula.  As a result, Thailand supports a high level of biodiversity both above and below water. 

The state supports endangered species such as the Javan Rhinoceros and the Asian elephant, as well as endangered and endangered species, including the hawksbill sea turtle and the Asian black bear.  This provides a range of volunteer opportunities for those interested in conservation.

There are many opportunities to volunteer in Thailand, and no matter your interests, you will find a volunteering program that is right for you.

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Things to Know Before Becoming a Volunteer in Thailand

As a developing country, Thailand has plenty of opportunities for volunteers to contribute.  Whether you are a fan of social networking, eager to learn more about culture and connect with local communities or are more attracted to nature and wildlife, Thailand has a wide range of volunteer projects waiting for you.

  English language skills are a big pain point for many locals, for example.  By teaching English, you can give many people better opportunities in the future.  Volunteers drawn to nature will find opportunities to volunteer with wildlife on land and at sea very inspiring. 

Learn all about the threats facing endangered wildlife species and how to protect their habitats.

That’s just scratching the surface of the options available, read on to learn more about where to volunteer in Thailand!

Where to Become a Volunteer in Thailand

Don’t just volunteer in Thailand, volunteer with the best!  Here are the best volunteer programs in Thailand this year according to reviews from travelers like you.  Editor’s Note: This information was accurate at time of publication.  Please refer to each individual program for current data.

Here are the top places you can volunteer in Thailand:

  • Elephant Conservation with TravelTeaching English with GoEco
  • Participate in community projects
  • Education and wildlife opportunities with volunteer solutions
  • Wildlife Conservation with GVI
  • Educational Rehabilitation with Bamboo
  • Ocean Reef Conservation with Oyster Worldwide

1. Elephant Conservation with Travel

Experience the north of this amazing country as a volunteer in Thailand.  Discover the beauty of this Southeast Asian country while earning service credits in an elephant sanctuary.  Here you will have the opportunity to participate directly in the care and rehabilitation process, working with some of the largest mammals on the planet. 

Engage with the local host community to better understand these gentle giants.  But that’s not all as a volunteer in one of Thailand’s best volunteer programs.  Overseas volunteers in Thailand work hard and play hard.

Participants will also have the opportunity to experience the majestic Bay River. They spend a couple of days on a white water rafting excursion while taking in the stunning views of the mountains. 

Not only will you have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the Thai wildlife, but you will also have the opportunity to discover the quiet charm of the northern city of Chiang Mai in the country.  Check out countless historic temps and make your way through street markets.  This program is open to anyone between the ages of 14 and 17.

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2. Teaching English with GoEco

  Join one of the nation’s leading volunteer programs in the centrally located Singburi district.  This volunteer project in Thailand is an excellent summer volunteer program for college students.  Teaching English as a foreign language is an intellectually challenging and rewarding experience. 

Not only will program participants gain exposure in both primary and secondary schools, but will also have the opportunity to share their time with underprivileged families participating in a range of community and social cohesion projects.

The program coordinator proposes new programs each month to provide students with a range of innovative programs.  This volunteer program in Thailand received a score of 9.4 / 10, respected by previous participants.

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3. Participate in community projects

Join your fellow passionate people as a volunteer in Thailand with many Love Volunteer projects.  Accompany local organizations while participating in some powerful grassroots initiatives with one of the world’s most valuable volunteer programs. 

Not only are Love’s prices competitive, but they also have strict criteria that help explain why it is consistently ranked as one of Thailand’s best volunteer programs. 

If you have a local impact while not forgetting safety and sustainability, this presenter might be exactly what you are looking for.  With programs nationwide, choosing the background for your Thai experience is yours.

4. Education and wildlife opportunities with volunteer solutions

  Thinking about your summer vacation but not interested in taking a break?  We’ve got the solution – a summer volunteer program for college students in Thailand!  Why not volunteer for two to three weeks and travel great? 

First and foremost, you will have the opportunity to work with children in various places of well-being and development while simultaneously traveling on this jewel of a country.  After this, you will have an exciting opportunity to head out into the hills and experience the time well spent in a local elephant sanctuary.

 If you want an adventure, this is one of our top-rated volunteer projects in Thailand.  While at it, you can take advantage of some of Thailand’s most valuable adventure sports, like trekking in the mountains, scuba diving in the depths of the blue sea, or snorkeling along the coastal waterways of one of the most picturesque islands in the world.  From town to sea, this could be just what you need.

  Right from the horse’s mouth, why not initiate an experiment to change your life?  ELI Abroad has reputable experience sending interested volunteers like you around the world. 

This includes some of their summer volunteer programs for college students.  Interested in medical science?  Check!  They have partnerships with rural medical clinics and urban hospitals.

  Or maybe you tend to gravitate more toward animals.  Check!  They have opportunities to volunteer with animal rescue operations.  Perhaps you aren’t very scientifically minded and prefer to spend time teaching kids.  Check again! 

They have a range of opportunities to teach English to children.  With a focus on local integration and sustainability, the time you spend as a volunteer abroad in Thailand with ELI Abroad will provide you with an educational and cultural experience that you will not forget any time soon.

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5. Wildlife Conservation with GVI

GVI is interested in wildlife in Thailand so much so that they have forged enduring partnerships that allow volunteers to collaborate with local communities striving to preserve groups of Asian elephants. 

This is not one of those gigs where you ride an elephant and take your photo.  It’s more than just a hands-on experience with locals working to reintegrate these amazing creatures into their natural habitats. 

Participants will have the opportunity to work alongside local tourists, a local who cares about elephant prosperity to ensure elephants are preserved in the long term and survive, the way they were supposed to live!

 With a wide range of volunteer projects abroad in Thailand, PMGY offers some of the most exciting and humble programs, including childcare and English language teaching opportunities. 

Located in the busy suburbs of Bangkok in the metropolitan city of Pathum Thani, volunteers have the opportunity to spend between two to twelve weeks with an award-winning and reputable international volunteer organization.

 Once accepted, PMGY will assist you in taking care of yourself from start to finish (meaning comprehensive pre-departure support service, airport pick-up service, program orientation, meals, accommodation and local support for the duration of your appointment). 

This is what we are talking about!  Oh, and while you’re there, consider spending some time on one of the countless postcard islands and visiting some of the oldest temples in the country.

6. Educational Rehabilitation with Bamboo

  Pack your passion, determination, and work experience with this excellent volunteer program in Southern Thailand. 

Often heard due to its beaches and festive scenery, you can experience a different side of Koh Samui on the North Island while away from a respectable civic project.  Volunteers are needed to help restore a local school to good health.

This includes doing some things like working on the school’s curriculum, and more technical aspects such as upgrading the institution to appropriate health and safety standards.  But these are the nuts and bolts of the Bamboo Initiative. 

Whether you want to grab a paintbrush or organize educational materials, this volunteer project in Thailand is truly something to be proud of.  Come as you are, but be prepared to leave from a different perspective.  The intimate team at Bamboo is sincerely ready for you!

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7. Ocean Reef Conservation with Oyster Worldwide

  Join this unique volunteer program in Thailand as they dive first into this sustainable marine life initiative!  Dive in!  Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned PADI veteran, this program is open to anyone who wants to get wet. 

Don’t worry if you are not certified – you’ll have the opportunity to do this upon your arrival during a four-day course. 

To preserve precious coral reefs off pristine coasts, he volunteered abroad in Thailand to help carry out important research while joining this conservation project.  Join the Research Center in and out of the water. 

Participants reside in shared accommodations where they can see life in and away from the sea.  Dive with some local experts while doing it not just for yourself but for the environment as well.  And when it isn’t, enjoy vibrant Koh Phangan, where you will see stunning beaches and lively social life.


We hope you found this helpful and you are able to choose a volunteering program that best suits your field of interest, budget, educational background and time.


Can I do volunteer work in Thailand?

Bangkok and Chiang Mai are ideal locations for volunteers wishing to help with various social concerns in a large metropolis. Both of these locations are bordered by Thai temples, people, and culture and provide a variety of volunteer opportunities.

How much does it cost to volunteer in Thailand?

Depending on the company or program you select, there may be a price. While some costs start at around $1,000, some can go as high as $5,000. The money you pay covers both your lodging and your meals.

Do you need a work permit to volunteer in Thailand?

Thai legislation states that no matter how long the job is expected to last, it must be done with the proper visa and a work permit. Therefore, you need to apply for a Non-Immigrant O Volunteer Visa to volunteer in Thailand for a longer length of time formally.

How much does it cost volunteer visa in Thailand?

The price to participate in a volunteer program in Thailand primarily depends on how many weeks you want to participate, the program type you want to attend, and the location where you want to serve. For instance, the cost of any volunteer work in Bangkok ranges from $750 for two weeks to $1330 for two months.

Where can I volunteer in Thailand?

Elephant Conservation with Travel/Teaching English with GoEco
Participate in community projects
Education and wildlife opportunities with volunteer solutions
Wildlife Conservation with GVI
Educational Rehabilitation with Bamboo
Ocean Reef Conservation with Oyster Worldwide



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