20+ Best Gap Year Programs for Study Abroad Students in 2023

Organizations around the globe have recognized the value of young people going on vacation to plan their own travel experiences or take an interest in programs that are planned with the Gap year programs’ outlook. 

As the trend towards taking a Gap Year program for more experiential travel every year increases, so do the funding opportunities.

You can now discover scholarships and grants for  Gap year programs, alongside conventional contributions for study abroad, critical language learning, and volunteering abroad

There are Gap year programs that are ideal for volunteering students who are hoping to get involved with the career experience and see an alternate version of the world. 

In this post, we’ll show you a number of GAP Year programs and funding you can get for volunteering abroad. Stay with us.

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Why Should I Consider Volunteering Abroad?

Why should I volunteer abroad? Should I volunteer abroad?

Undergraduate students can pick up a great deal from a late spring volunteer program, particularly if it’s their first volunteer experience

It provides an opportunity to escape your comfort zone and give involved help to local communities and gain a unique insight into local languages and culture.

We suggest you do additional research on volunteering abroad as a student. Traveling and volunteering abroad at a teenage age can have significant advantages, particularly when it comes to a point in your life when your viewpoint of the world is just taking shape.

Students get the opportunity to grow by getting involved help to local communities and find the opportunity to build lasting associations with one another and local volunteers. It lets you see the world and gain another worldwide point of view.

You can spend your gap year volunteering in Central America, South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, the Middle East, or the Pacific. All the countries you always wanted to go to could now profit from your esteemed commitment to volunteering.

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What are the Best Gap Year Programs for Volunteering?

If you’ve been battling to discover all the year-round funding for volunteering abroad for your Gap year, here is a rundown of 26 organizations and their honors that you can apply for to help fund the Gap Year Program of your dreams.

1. U.S.  Gap Year Programs Fairs Student Ambassador Scholarship 

The grant was set up to “recognize students who have shown outstanding motivation and determination to seek out after an entire year of experience.”

It gives grants towards the expense of a Gap Year Program with one of its partners (an extensive rundown of world-class programs), and truly, Go Overseas is a financial sponsor. 

Grant: $3,000 
Requirements: Take a  Gap year program between May 2023 and May 2024 
Deadline: April 30th 
Application: The grant program isn’t yet open for the long term. 

2. Rustic Pathways Scholarships 

Rustic Pathways has some amazing offers that cover the full expense of their programs and have a mix of need and merit-based grants. They grant more than $40,000 for  Gap year program experiences. 

  • Grant: Cover part or full program charge 
  • Requirements: At least 17 when the  Gap year programs start 
  • Deadline: Spring 2023 and Summer 2023 will open soon 
  • Application: The grant program isn’t yet open for the long term. 

3. EF  Gap Year Program Awards 

EF  Gap year programs have grants of up to $5,000 for students in their  Gap year programs and semester-long programs.

Different grants are accessible for administration, blogging, videography, and photography. Over $50,000 of funding is accessible every year. 

  • Grant: Up to $10,000 
  • Requirements: Must be selected for an EF program |
  • Deadline: June 30/November 30 

4. Travel Access Program Gap Year Program Grants 

Travel Access program offers 10 awards of $3,000 each for anybody doing any kind of  Gap year program! Applications are open from January fifteenth to February 29th of every year and are available to anybody beyond 18 years old from any country. 

  • Grant: $3,000 
  • Requirements: No age or citizenship limitations 
  • Deadline: February 29th 
  • Application: The grant program isn’t yet open for the long term. 

5. Carpe Diem Education Scholarships 

Carpe Diem Education grants $30,000 every year to help with variety and consideration in its programs.

The Access Scholarship gives up to $5,000 for a Gap year program semester or Gap year program experience. The Inclusion Scholarship presents $2,000 for a  Gap year program semester.

This Carpe Mundi Scholarship is for Portland-based students. Awards are need-based, and applications open on January 4, 2023. 

  • Grant: Up to $5,000 
  • Requirements: Must qualify for a Federal Pell award, probably applied/been acknowledged into the Carpe Diem program 
  • Deadline: May 1, 2023

6. InterExchange Christianson Grant 

InterExchange helps fund important help programs far and wide. The award grants U.S. residents 18-28 years of age who have been making freely orchestrated help trips abroad for more than half a year. Awards are for up to $10,000 and there are 3 award cycles every year. 

Grant: $2,500-$10,000 
Requirements: U.S. residents ages 18-28 occupied by an administration program abroad for a half-year 
Deadline: March 15/July 15/October 15 

7. Pollination Project 

The Pollination program gives $1,000 awards to “uphold enthusiastically, submitted individuals with a beginning phase social change vision.” Funding can be applied to make trip costs identified with the execution of the venture. 

Grant: $1,000 
Requirements: Must run a beginning phase social change program 
Deadline: Rolling Deadline

8. Back a Gapper Scholarship 

This program is coordinated through the Gap year programs Association and plans to coordinate contributors and gappers with singular honors of $5,000 dependent on the models of the particular benefactor. Contact GYA for more data. 

Grant: Up to $5,000
Requirements: Varies 
Deadline: Varies 

9. MASA Israel Journey Scholarship 

MASA Israel Journey is subsidized by the Israeli government and the Jewish Agency for Israel to support youthful Jewish individuals (ages 18 – 30) who experience the country. They give grants to students on a need-premise. 

Grant: Varies 
Requirements: Jewish students aged 18-30 who don’t have Israeli citizenship 
Deadline: Up to a month before your MASA program 

10. Amigos de las Americas 

This association offers a need-based financial guide for its programs, worth up to $5,000, just as raising money to uphold for students who show they need help to pay for their movement costs. A $500 educational cost markdown is offered if you apply early! 

Grant: $500-$3,000 
Requirements: Ages 13+ 
Deadline: Rolling Deadline

11. Global Citizen Year Scholarships 

Worldwide Citizens Year professes to offer a larger number of grants and funding to its students than any other all-year program on the planet, with high esteem making their experiences moderate. GCY offers 30% of its members full-educational cost grants and 80% get halfway grants. merit and need-based grants are accessible. 

Grant: Up to $32,500 full educational cost grant 
Requirements: Must be a candidate for Global Citizen Year Fellowship 
Deadline: Varies – As early as February fifteenth 
Applications: The program is currently suspended until August 2023. 

12. Up With People 

Up With People offers a few grants every year to 17-29-year-olds inspired by movement and performing expressions. $5,000 worth of help is accessible for programmed individuals dependent on financial need, merit, or variety. Different honors up to $10,000 are accessible for African Americans, African countries, and Native American members. 

Grant: $5,000-$10,000 
Requirements: Ages 17-29, should be an approaching cast part 
Deadline: Rolling 

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13. Freeman Awards – Asia 

Freeman gives grants of up to $7,000 for college students with exhibited financial need to study abroad in Asia. For U.S. students. 

Grant: Up to $7,000 
Requirements: U.S. residents with financial needs who are presently tried out of college 
Deadline: April 6 
Application: The grant program opens in mid-2023 for the long term. 

14. CIEE’s Global Navigator Scholarship 

This grant is a merit-based honor that can apply to any CIEE  Gap year program. every year, CIEE grants $100,000 in grants for students partaking in their programs. Join us on their site to stay up-to-date on new awards. 

Grant: Varies 
Requirements: For CIEE programs as they were 
Deadline: February 14, April 1, October 15 

15. ISA (International Studies Abroad)  Gap Year Program Grant 

The ISA offers awards to secondary school students who are acknowledged into one of their late spring or semester programs. 

Grant: Up to $5,000 
Requirements: Must be a secondary school senior or student 
Deadline: April 30, Nov 30, February 28 

16. Hi USA Explore the World Scholarships 

Hello the USA awards would-be-voyagers ages between the ages of 18 to 30, a $2,000 grant towards itinerary items that have an instructive or administrative part. They gave out over 115 honors in 2019. Some geographic limitations apply. Join their mailing rundown to find out when applications open. 

Grant: Up to $2,000 
Requirements: Ages 18-30, U.S. resident or perpetual inhabitant 
Deadline: Email subscribers notified by email of the open date 

17. Omprakash’s Ethical Global Engagement Grant Program 

Omprakash allows up to $2,500 towards the expense of global travel and everyday costs (Omprakash doesn’t charge a volunteer charge) for beneficiaries 18-22 years of age who are volunteering or interning with an International Omprakash Partner for at any rate a half-year. They likewise grant various travel awards and grants to help balance the expense of their programs, some of which are available to anybody paying little mind to age and ethnicity. 

Grant: $500-$2,500 
Requirements: Ages 18-22, should be a candidate for the EdGE program. 
Deadline: Rolling 

Bonus Gap Year Programs

18. Mesothemiola.net Scholarship 

Mesothemiola.net offers an uncommon grant for any presently enlisted college student who has been influenced by malignancy in their life. Candidates are qualified for a $2,000 grant to help college examinations or a gap year program of experience. 

Grant: $2,000 
Requirements: University students who have struggled with malignancy or have a nearby relative or companion who has battled the disease.
Deadline: August 15, 2023 
Application: The grant program isn’t yet open for the long term. 

19. Brower Youth Awards 

Brower upholds remarkable natural undertakings of students 13-22 years of age living in North America. every year, six champs get a financial reward of $3,000 alongside a one-week outing to San Francisco, and an expertly delivered film to help their social effect program and advance natural activism around the globe. 

Grant: $3,000 
Requirements: Ages 13-22 living in North America 
Deadline: May 1 
Application: The grant program isn’t yet open for the long term. 

20. Winterline Global Education 

Winterline offers a $25,000 Full Tuition Scholarship and a $10,000 Global Skills Scholarship for their nine-month Global Skills  Gap year programs for students 18-22. They likewise offer $5,000 work-study grants in the fields of photography, news coverage, and videography. They additionally offer limits for applying early and bringing a companion. Need and merit-based students are free to apply. 

Grant: Up to $25,000 
Requirements: Ages 18-22 
Deadline: Varies 

21. Eva Gunther Fellowship 

The Eva Gunther Foundation offers need-based partnerships to small young people in the San Francisco region who don’t have the financial capacity to experience certain programs that arouse their curiosity, for example, travel programs or ball camp. 

Grant: $2,000 
Requirements: Ages 11-18 female who dwells in the S.F. Cove Area 
Deadline: Rolling 

22. Boren Scholarships 

NSEP presents $25,000 in grants and organizations to U.S. students and graduate students who are going to specific countries with a language study component. 

Grant: Up to $25,000 
Requirements: U.S. student or graduate student 
Deadline: January 27, February 3 

23. CAPA Grants 

CAPA gives its students many choices regarding awards, from various awards to required-based awards. There is even a blogger and vlogger award open to CAPA candidates. 

Grant: Up to $1,000 
Requirements: Must apply for the CAPA program 
Deadline: Varies 

24. Verto Education Opportunity Grant 

This award grants students somewhere between $5,000 and $10,000 dependent on their family pay, as long all things considered under $125,000/year. Families that have been contrarily influenced by the COVID-10 pandemic may likewise apply for the Opportunity Grant in Latin America. 

Grant: $5,000-$10,000 
Requirements: Must apply to Verto Latin America or Verto Hawaii 
Deadline: Rolling 

25. Mobilize Gap Year Program Scholarship 

Activate Jobs offers grants to help diminish the financial cost that a Gap Year program may take on a youthful student, particularly because they know how extraordinary a Gap Year program can be. 

Grant: Up to $1,000 
Requirements: Proof of conceded affirmation 
Deadline: June 

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26. STEM Lights Me Up Scholarship 

On the off chance that you love STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), you can apply for this simple grant by presenting an innovative Instagram video. Brightech is parting with $500 to the most innovative candidate, and  Gap year programs students are qualified as well. 

Grant: $500 
Requirements: undergraduate  or  Gap Year Programs StudentYear Programs Student 
Deadline: December 31 
Application:  The grant program isn’t yet open for the long term.


Why should I consider a gap year program?

Gap-year programs offer a chance to explore new cultures, gain real-world experiences, develop personal skills, and clarify future goals. They provide a unique opportunity for personal growth and can enhance your resume or college applications.

Are gap year programs only for students?

While gap year programs are primarily designed for students, some programs are open to individuals of all ages. It’s best to check the specific requirements of each program.

How long do gap year programs last?

Gap year programs can vary in duration, ranging from a few weeks to a full year. The length depends on the program and the individual’s preferences and availability.

Do gap year programs offer academic credits?

Some gap year programs offer academic credits that can be transferred to colleges or universities. However, not all programs provide academic credit, so it’s essential to inquire about this beforehand.


The year 2023 offers an array of exceptional gap year programs tailored for study abroad students. These programs provide incredible opportunities for personal growth, cultural immersion, and academic enrichment. Whether it’s volunteering in remote communities, exploring ancient civilizations, or engaging in impactful environmental conservation efforts, there is a program to suit every interest and passion. By taking advantage of these top-notch programs, students can expand their horizons, gain valuable experiences, and make lifelong connections. So, seize the chance to embark on a transformative journey and create memories that will last a lifetime.


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