What are Students Educational Tours? Best Places For Students To Go in 2023

The world is full of interesting places to go; things to discover; people to connect with and experiences to gain. However, there’s no better way to gain all of these as a student than through students educational tours.

Student educational tours are a great way to learn about the world and get immersed in new cultures and histories. They have become an important part of the extra curriculum of almost every school.

In this article, we will be discussing more about student educational tours, their importance, and a list of the best places for students to go for student educational tours.

What are Students Educational Tours?

Students’ educational tours are tours or trips to new places made by a group of students for educational purposes to increase their overall learning experiences.

The main importance of students educational tours is to educate students. Also, to provide them with the opportunity to learn and gain new experiences In an informal setting – outside the classroom.

Also, these things boost bonding between teachers and students.

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Benefits of Students Educational Tours

  • Students educational tours promote productive learning from real-world experience: Theoretical methods of learning may offer students the chance to apply their learning in theoretical situations, however, students’ educational tours provide the chance for practical learning. These tours help students to enforce their knowledge in real-life situations. Also, it helps them develop a critical and innovative thinking capacity.
  • It provides an enriched viewpoint of the world: When students go on these tours, they are immersed in new cultures and environments. It creates an understanding of the distinct social phenomenon in the world. Also, they are exposed to local and global issues which can automatically cause them to develop a more respectful attitude towards other cultures and people.
  • Students educational trips also offer a promising chance for the exchange of ideas
  • It enhances personal development and creates opportunities for better networking skills
  • Students get to learn and understand history. It is said that history; the past, is the ticket into the future: The world is full of interesting things to discover and places to explore, and participating in students’ educational tours is a great way to gain these experiences. With everyone’s trip, you gain invaluable opportunities for learning about a lot of things first-hand and this broadens your perspective of the world. Having understood what students’ educational trips are, we will go on to list our 10 top places to go to for students’ educational tours.

How are Educational Tours Planned and Organized?

Educational tours are typically organized by educational institutions in collaboration with travel agencies or tour operators. The planning process involves selecting a suitable destination, determining the duration and itinerary of the tour, obtaining necessary permissions and clearances, arranging transportation and accommodation, and ensuring the safety and well-being of the students throughout the trip.

Teachers and chaperones play a vital role in supervising and guiding students during the tour.

How Do Educational Tours Complement Classroom Learning?

Educational tours provide a practical and experiential dimension to classroom learning. They allow students to witness and engage with real-world applications of the knowledge and concepts they learn in school. For example, a visit to a historical site can bring history textbooks to life, enabling students to visualize the events and understand their significance.

Similarly, a trip to a science museum can offer hands-on experiments and demonstrations, reinforcing scientific principles taught in the classroom.

Best Places to Go for Students Educational Tours.


This is the birthland of American freedom and you’d never visit this without participating in the Freedom Trail.

The Freedom Trail is a two-and-a-half-mile walking tour of the city of Boston highlighting the 16 significant national landmarks. Some of these significant sites include:

  • Old south meetinghouse
  • Faneuil hall
  • Market place
  • Granary burying ground
  • Paul Revere’s house, etc.

Meanwhile, not all of these sites can be toured free of charge. That means that some of them are and also, the trail walk itself is free of charge without a customer guide usually provided by the Freedom Trail Foundation.

Also, while you’re on your students’ educational your, you might want to stop by these awesome historical places:

  • The Museum of Science
  • The Museum of fine arts
  • John F. Kennedy presidential library.

Indeed, Boston is one of the best places to go for students’ educational tours.

Students Educational Tours 2: Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. is surely another one of the top places to go for students’ educational tours. Basically, there are historical and significant places to see around every corner of this place. Ranging from museums, historical landmarks, and also the Whitehouse.

The beautiful thing about taking students educational tours in Washington, D.C. is that it is filled with history, politics, arts, and science at every corner. And another beautiful thing? Most of them can be toured free of charge! Especially the many Smithsonian museums most of which are put close to the National Mall.

Also, students can tour for free in notable places like the White House, the Capitol Building, and the Pentagon. Meanwhile, the Pentagon is America’s history’s most outstanding tapestry.

There are also national landmarks, memorials, and parks that are toured for free too. The following places can be toured for free:

  • The Washington Monument
  • The Lincoln Memorial
  • The Vietnam Veterans commemorative.

3. Los Angeles

Have you been a fan of Hollywood? This might just be another great place to take your students educational tours. Los Angeles is home to Hollywood. Also, it doubles as the reigning capital of the entire world’s movie industry.

The place is quite fun and the Hollywood Boulevard is surrounded by memorialized stars and historical attraction sites such as the Chinese theatre. Also, there is the behind-the-scenes Warner Bros Studio tour. There’s also Universal Studios’ newest Park and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

However, if you are looking to go more traditional, there are the La Brea Tar Pits with its interred ancient creatures. There’s also the California Science Centre, the Getty Centre art museum, the Los Angeles Zoo, and the Griffith Observatory all of which can be toured for free of charge!

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Students Educational Tours 4: New York City

New York City is among the best places to go for students educational tours. It is one of the world’s top leading cities. Also, it doubles as one of the most historic cities in America.

However, where you decide to take your students educational tours in New York City all depends on what you choose to focus on. Whatever it is, there are side attractions to gain experiences for almost every interest.

Here are some places you shouldn’t miss going to if you’re in New York City:

  • The Statue of Liberty
  • The empire state building
  • The times square.

If you’re interested in genealogy, you could stop by Ellis Island. If it is history and religion, there’s the Temple Emanuel and the St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

You could also stop by Broadway for the city’s popular shows and outstanding acting chops.

Also, you could visit Wall Street – a very significant site in the U.S. that holds the financial capital of the country. There’s also the Federal Reserve and the Gold Vault tour.

Also, you could see Central Park and the museums.

5. Cambodia

Cambodia is one of the many beautiful places to go for students educational tours with its challenging but fascinating history. It is home to the world’s largest temple complex in Angkor Wat. Also, it doubles as the world’s largest religious structure by land. This temple portrays a bloody-war torn past of the brutal Khmer Rouge.

Meanwhile, whatever interests or majors your students are focusing on, they’d gain experiences on them in Cambodia. Ranging from the country’s rich cultural heritage, the unique biosphere, remarkable structures, and landscapes. There’s also the ever-significant Cambodian Genocide Memorial to see.

Indeed, Cambodia is sure an educational tourism destination.


Vietnam, is another one of the best students educational tour destinations in the world. This country is home to 54 minority groups which has vastly contributed to its cultural diversity.

The country has some places to take students on educational tours. It has so many captivating landscapes to discover, cruising through the lush Islands and limestone towers in the World Natural Wonder of Halong Bay. Also, there’s hiking through stunning rice terraces and boating on the floating trip place.

Interestingly, Vietnam has had over 4,000 spectacular years of history which usually leaves huge impressions and curiousness to everyone who came by them. They range from fascinating museums to immense historical attractions. And then there’s the enthusiastic local lifestyle too.

Vietnam is sure one of the great places to go for students educational tours.


Thailand boasts of rich history and a vast range of customs and beliefs. There are astonishing beaches, wonderful cultures, and the Northern mountains.

However, even though tourism is thriving in this country, there are lots of remote ethnic groups who do not benefit from the thriving tourism. And so, students educational tours in these remote areas support community projects as well as do some social help.

United Kingdom

Naturally, England is a literary destination; it is the birth-land of Shakespeare; a hallmark of theatre and it is sure a great place to take students educational tours.

Here you will find Shakespeare’s House, Stratford Upon Avenue where he penned most of his sonnets.

Also, there’s the Globe Theatre in London where many of Shakespeare’s plays were exhibited during the height of the English Rennaissance. This place also doubles as one of the first theatres in London.

There’s also the Jane Austen House, Chawton – a museum where you can find original peeks into the life of the renowned author famous for the classic ‘Pride & Prejudice.’
In this museum, her letters and belongings are on display. These significant historical materials offer all-detailed accounts of the challenges women face in the early 80s.


Turkey! Turkey is among the top best places to go for students educational tours. The country holds beautiful sights that stir the distant memories of Byzantine History and ancient cities.

Also, the country is a household name in world civilization for almost 17 centuries.

Here in Turkey, there’s the Trojan Horse, Troy – an artifact that turned the wave of the Trojan War and brought to earth the ever first two European literature works:

  • The Iliad
  • The Odyssey.

There’s also Ephesus – the extensively grand ancient ruins in Turkey that offer an extraordinary glance into life at the pinnacle of the Roman Empire


China is another magical place to go for students educational tours. It is one of the four ancient civilizations in the world and it holds up about 10,000-year histories.

Undoubtedly, this country is home to many events and incidents that changed the course and shape of the world. Ranging from paper, gunpowder, printing, and also, the compass – those are the four terrific inventions that made great and significant impacts on humankind.

Being one of the earliest cradles of civilization, the country boasts of fad intriguing history and culture yet uncovered in your education, and what better way to learn about them!

The country possesses wonderful landmarks, diverse landscapes, and monuments. And yes, there’s the Great Wall to trek along to discover and immerse yourself in the awe and beauty of nature.

Also, there’s the Terracotta Army from where you explore the Forbidden City. There’s also the Karst mountains of Guilin and Kansas in Chengdu are more vast learning opportunities.

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Traveling around the world is a great experience every student and lover of travel and nature can gift to themselves. It’s important to travel and more so, to have travel buddies.

If you (as a teacher/school or as a student) are preparing for students educational scholarship, then this article is for you.

We have made an extensive list of the top places in the world to go for students’ educational tours to assist in your search.

Have fun!

FAQs – Students Educational Tours

What are students educational tours?

Student’s educational tours are trips to new places made by a group of students for educational purposes to increase their overall learning experiences.

What are the best places to go for students educational tours?

Washington, D.C.
Los Angeles
New York City
Cambodia – The Charming Field Trip Destination
Vietnam – The Timeless Place to Go On A School Trip
Thailand – The Alluring Educational Field Trip Place
United Kingdom

What safety measures are taken during educational tours?

Organizers ensure safety by planning ahead, providing guidelines, having appropriate supervision, and having emergency plans in place.



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