11 Cheapest Student Accommodation in London in 2023

Looking for the cheapest student accommodation in London? We have some information to help you find the best areas as well as the cheapest student accommodation in London in 2023.

London ranks as one of the most expensive, although one of the best and safest cities in the world to study in. This could be quite challenging for students desiring to study in the city while living off-campus. However, there’s an easy way out; figuring out your accommodation budget and finding some of the cheapest student accommodations to rent in some popular areas in the city.

In this article, we will be making a list of some great and popular areas to find the cheapest student accommodation in London to live in.

Living in London

As a student desiring to study abroad, London should be the first on your list when deciding to begin your journey abroad journey. Naturally, London is home to students from all over the world and this makes the city a thriving and diverse community.

London is the heart of the world to some people from almost all walks of life, especially students. It is home to over 100,000 international students from all around the globe. And in 2019, the city ranked the best in the world for University students on QS Best World University Cities. Also, the city is home to 4 out of the world’s top 45 universities according to QS World University Rankings 2021.

Also, the city doubles as a global capital of culture with thousands of green parks and beautiful open spaces. The city is rich in museums, galleries and live music performances. It is also home to various World Heritages such as the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Saint Cathedral’s Church and the Royal Botanic Gardens. Also, it has some of the world’s famous tourist attractions such as Big Ben and Coca Cola London Eye. And yet with all of these and universities offering top-quality education, students can still find some of the best and cheapest student accommodation in the city.

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What are the Different Types of Cheapest Student Accommodation in London?

In deciding on your accommodation budget as a student desiring to live and study in London, you must first decide where you want to live, for how long and the type of accommodation you might want to rent.

In this article, we will be introducing three different types of accommodation for students:

  • Shared accommodation – as the name reads, this is the kind of accommodation where you get to share a room with two or more other students. Also, you get the share the same laundry room, kitchen and some other common areas in the room.
  • En-suite/private room – this type of accommodation involves getting a private bedroom and bathroom while you get to share the kitchen and the living area with other students or individuals.
  • Studios: this type of accommodation is a self-contained unit with a bedroom, a kitchen and a laundry room all to yourself. However, to save cost, two students can rent a single studio together it is not against the rules of the accommodation provider.

Knowing and understanding these different types of the cheapest student accommodation helps you to make a conscious decision depending on the type you want and can afford. Also, you can choose between residential and private apartments although all of these are dependent on your choice and financial capability.

Things to Know Before Renting the Cheapest Student Accommodation in London

When deciding to rent accommodation in London as a student, note that you will rent under an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) usually fit a fixed period of six to twelve months, although some roll monthly after the fixed term.

Here are the things you need to note before you move in:

  • Your landlord must have a mains smoke alarm in the building
  • Your landlord must provide gas safety certificates – this is usually to cover boilers and gas appliances
  • He/she must provide an Energy Performance Certificate rating of at least, E.

A good thing about living in areas where everyone is a full-time student is that they are exempted from council tax payment. However, if you live in a mixed area – that is, with people who work, or you are a part-time student, you will receive a bill although you might qualify for a discount.

Cheapest Student Accommodation in London

Here is the list of the cheapest student accommodation in London you can find. For these cheapest student accommodations, some of the values include spacious room, availability of basic amenities and working facilities. They are all at a cheaper price of under £200 per week.

1. Bowden Court, London

The Bowden Court, London, is the cheapest student accommodation on our list. It is in the heart of Notting Hill and barely a two-minute walk from some of the beautiful places in the area such as the Portobello Road market, Hyde Park and Notting Hill gate tube station (zone 1). Also, Oxford street is just a street away from this area.

Bowden Court, London has some social hubs for students such as modern gym houses, bicycle storage and dining room. Also, this area offers a large communal area, a peaceful and calm study, great laundry facilities and free membership to a state-of-the-art on-site gym. You can also get some delicious three-course meals at affordable prices in this area. Accommodation in Bowden Court, London costs from £105 per week.

2. LHA Davies Court, London

The Davies Court, London has an on-site exercise facility included in your room rate and a bike storage. The Canary Wharf is only about ten minutes away from the Court’s Westferry property where they offer both en-suite and self-catering accommodation.

The good thing about the Davies Court, London, is that it is fit for both college students and young professionals workers and the Canary Wharf is home to the hippest shops, bars, cafes and restaurants. Accommodation here costs from £142.40 per week.

3. Claredale House, London

The Claredale House, London is a 4-storey block of flats arranged around a courtyard with lockable entrance gates. This accommodation contains over 200 study individual study rooms and divided into over 50 apartments with 2-7 bedrooms in each apartment. However, the vast majority of the apartments have four bedrooms.

At the Claredale House, London, each room is with a wired and wireless Internet access. Also, each apartment has shared cooking, shower, toilet facilities and telephone lines used for only incoming calls and emergency calls. Accommodation here is from £152.00 per week.

4. Valentine’s Day, London

Valentine’s Day, London is another one of the cheapest student accommodations in London with dedicated study rooms and a room specifically designed for group meetings. Also, accommodations here come with a TV and a movie area, a multi-games station, and plenty of outdoor space.

The Valentine is a two-minute walk from Gants Hill tube station, 12 minutes to Stanford and 20 minutes to Liverpool Street. This accommodation area has a lot to offer to students to enable them to make the most of their time as students in London. From peaceful and calm study rooms to a large group work and presentation room. And then a TV lounge and a game console. Also, there’s a pool table, ping-pong table and armchairs for relaxation.

Accommodation on Valentine’s Day, London is from £149.00 per week.

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5. Helen Graham House, London

The Helen Graham House, London, is another one of the cheapest student accommodation in London that offers students comfortable and affordable accommodation. It has over 200 rooms in a stunning Victorian property on the West End’s doorstep.

This accommodation has proximity to many universities in London such as UCL, LSE, UAL, University of Westminster, Regent University, Kings College, University of London and a lot of other university campuses and languages schools set in central London.

Accommodation at the Helen Graham House, London is from £170.00 per week.

6. Wood Green Hall, London

Wood Green Hall is another of the cheapest student accommodation that offers large and decent single rooms for full-time students during the academic year. Although there’s a shared bathroom, a kitchen-dining area in each apartment. However, it is a same-sex basis dormitory.

This accommodation has a big garden and a larger comfy and readable common room with TV and pool tables. Also, there’s free WiFi throughout and a rather generous management team on Mondays through to Fridays.

At Wood Green Hill dorm, cleaning in all common areas is also without charge every day. And the dorm has CCTV and security personnel on-site in the evenings and on weekends. This assures security in this dorm. Accommodation here is from £150.00 per week.

7. One Penrhyn Road, London

One Penrhyn Road, London has the HOST students accommodation set in the heart of Kingston upon the Thames, Surrey, and close to all local amenities and minutes from Kingston Overground train station.

This accommodation offers modern students comfortable, affordable and stylish accommodation. It is within easy walking distance of many universities and colleges. Also, it is within easy walking distance of Kingston shops and nightlife.

HOST is known for providing and offering students the best university experience while study. The cost of living here as a student is from £165.00 per week.

8. Study Inn Talbot Street, Nottingham

For some students, the Study Inn Talbot Street, Nottingham accommodation is one of the best cheapest student accommodation in London offering the best all-inclusive student experience.

It is made up of several studios, apartments with private bathrooms and a fantastic social space including a SPA.

This accommodation is set on Talbot Street and it provides safety and offers a student-friendly environment to students. Also, it offers extensive, student-tailored services that create more than just a room. Accommodation here is from £171.00 per week.

9. Arbury Court, London

Arbury Court, London is another one of the cheapest student accommodation designed to offer students some of the best experiences of a varied program of events. Also, the accommodation has cool social spaces and quiet study areas. There’s also a hotel gym to work out in.

At Arbury Court, London, all rooms offer a range of modern en-suite and studio rooms specially designed for students. There’s a bathroom and kitchen for each room. Also, for convenience, electricity bills and internet are included in the rent. Accommodation here costs from £178.00 per week.

10. Kensal Green Garrow House, London

The Kensal Green Garrow House, London is one of the cheapest student accommodation in London. It is quite an affordable contemporary student accommodation that has spacious studios in a picturesque setting on the canal. It offers large single or double studios. Also, some rooms have a private balcony with grand views over Regent’s Canal and London.

This accommodation area is close to the world-famous Notting Hill, home to the famous Portobello Road. Also, there’s the antique market, vintage shops, boutiques, independent theatres and on August Bank Holiday, the Notting Hill Carnival, Europe’s largest and active street festival.

At the Garrow House, London, each student room has a large and comfortable bed, a bathroom, a fashionable and well-equipped kitchenette. Also, each student room has plenty of storage space. Accommodation here costs from £181.00 per week

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11. Prince Consort Village, London

The Prince Consort Village, London is also another one of the cheapest student accommodation in London. It offers a music centre specifically built and designed for students in London with acoustically treated rooms.

The Prince Consort age accommodation is an exclusive accommodation partner of the Royal College of Music and every accommodation price range has access to their facilities. These incredible state-of-the-art facilities include a gym facility, on-site movie theatre and game areas. Also, there is 24-hour practice rooms, social rooms and study rooms. Accommodation here costs from £173.00 per week.


Is London affordable for students?

Students should budget between £1,300 and £1,400 per month for all living expenditures, including housing, transportation, food, laundry, study fees, and other personal charges, according to the LSE. It’s crucial that you conduct your own research because this will vary based on your lifestyle and requirements.

How do I find the cheapest student accommodation in London for me?

View as many options as possible
Look into how close it is to your campus
Avoid the very central areas of the city
Research the different security measures
Check out the leasing company’s social media presence.

What is the cheapest rent I can pay in London?

The cheapest student accommodation on our list is Bowden House. It offers about the best in accommodation at a reasonable price of £105/week while giving you a reasonable range of facilities.

What is the cheapest student accommodation in London?

Bowden Court, London
LHA Davies Court, London
Claredale House, London
Valentine’s Day, London
Helen Graham House, London
Wood Green Hall, London
One Penrhyn Road, London
Study Inn Talbot Street, Nottingham
Arbury Court, London
Kensal Green Garrow House, London
Prince Consort Village, London

How to get cheap housing in London?

Utilizing a website like Spotahome is the easiest method to locate affordable flats in London. You may easily locate the precise rental property you’re searching for at almost any price point thanks to the thousands of listings we provide for houses available around the city.


Now, the coat of living in London as you have read on the internet should not deter you from pursuing your study abroad dreams in this beautiful city. Decide where you want to live and choose from our list while following the rules on the things you need to do before you move into your new home as a student in the city of London.

We wish you have the best experience and don’t forget to share this article with your friends if you find it helpful.

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