How to Get Paid Internships with Housing in 2023

Getting paid internships with housing is one of the most important things to keep in mind during your search for an internship placement. This is because many interns are usually students who might not be buoyant enough to afford relocation, accommodation, tuition, and feeding all by themselves.

Internships with housing are quite helpful. You have one less thing to worry about. While some companies offer their intern’s full housing on campus, some others provide compensation or a stipend to find accommodation near their place of internship.

These provisions usually allow interns to work in the excitement and without worry about creating a long-term lease while they still get to figure things out. In this article, we will be teaching you how to get paid internships with housing. Also, we will be making a list of some of the best internships with housing.

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Why Get Paid Internships with Housing?

Who wouldn’t like to make some money while they work and acquire some valuable skills at their placements?  More importantly, who wouldn’t want to save some?

Landing an internship as a college student or almost as anyone at all can be quite thrilling. You are sure to gain a rewarding experience.  However, what happens when you land one in a different city from yours?

You’d begin to plan to relocate even when you haven’t planned for relocation. It can be quite expensive to move to a new city. This is where getting paid internships with housing comes in.

Some companies offer housing while others don’t. And to be safer, you need to find internships with housing to save yourself the stress and the expenses.

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Why Companies Provide Paid Internships with Housing

There are various reasons companies provide paid internships with housing for in terms. Here are a few:

Providing internships with housing affects the interns’ work performances

As simple as this sounds, it’s right. It is said that high-quality living space equals a happier individual.
Interns who have a hard time finding where to lay their heads at night, or have trouble getting home after the day’s assignments and returning the next day, are likely to perform at low levels.

These companies know that providing internships with housing or stipends for housing simply means that they care – and everyone likes an employer who cares and would go out of their way to give them the best.

It builds community

Providing internships with housing puts interns in a shared space with like-minded people they can connect, share ideas, and build valuable relationships.

Providing internships with housing reduces stress

The anxiety of relocating, finding, and affording a new house in a new city can be more than we can ever imagine. Imagine the peace that comes with eliminating all of this stress.

How to Find Internships with Housing

Besides finding from your career counselor and looking through your university, you can tailor your searches online and on databases that list internship opportunities by using key terms like “Housing” when searching for an opportunity.

You don’t have to assume that an internship opportunity gives housing. If a program offers housing, they will state or directly in the application.

Before you apply, you need to check the internship details and find out where the offers are located. If you find that you have challenges with this, feel free to email the company you are applying to for clarity.

However, to save you all of these troubles, we have made a list of paid internships with housing. All you have to do is go through our list, make your choice, and read through the details before applying.

Soon, we will be looking at some companies that provide internships with housing for interns.

How Do I Apply for Housing During the Internship?

To apply for housing during your internship, you’ll typically need to follow a specific process outlined by the internship program. Here are the general steps to get started:

  • Check the program information: Review any materials provided by the internship program regarding housing arrangements. They may have a dedicated section or website with details on the application process.
  • Submit necessary documents: Prepare any required documents, such as identification, proof of enrollment or employment, and any additional forms specified by the program. Ensure that you have all the necessary information ready.
  • Complete the application: Fill out the housing application form accurately and thoroughly. Provide requested details like your personal information, internship start and end dates, roommate preferences (if applicable), and any special requirements or considerations.
  • Submit the application: Follow the designated submission method, which can be online, via email, or through a physical application form. Double-check that you have included all the required documents and information before sending it in.
  • Await confirmation: Once your application is submitted, wait for confirmation from the program. They will typically communicate with you regarding your housing assignment, roommate information (if applicable), move-in instructions, and any additional details.

Remember to adhere to any deadlines provided by the program and reach out to their housing coordinator if you have any specific questions or concerns. Good luck with your housing application!

Where to Find Housing During Internship if It’s Not Offered?

If housing is not offered during your internship, you may need to explore alternative options. Here are some more detailed suggestions:

  • Online platforms: Websites like Airbnb, Craigslist, Rent.com, or HomeAway can be valuable resources. Specify your desired location, budget, and length of stay to find suitable short-term rentals or sublets. Read reviews and communicate with the host to ensure a comfortable and safe experience.
  • University housing: Check if universities near your internship location provide temporary housing options. Some universities offer dormitories or apartments specifically for summer students or interns. Contact the housing office or visit their website to inquire about availability, rates, and application procedures.
  • Temporary housing providers: Look for companies that specialize in short-term housing solutions. Furnished Finder, Anyplace, or Zeus Living offer fully furnished apartments or rooms for extended stays. These options often provide flexibility and convenience for interns.
  • Networking: Leverage your professional network, internship coordinators, or colleagues for potential housing leads. They might be aware of available rentals or have contacts who can assist you. Networking can also help you find roommates to share expenses and make your search easier.
  • Local resources: Check local Facebook groups, community boards, or classified ads for housing opportunities. Many cities have online communities where people post available rooms or apartments for rent. Additionally, visit the local community center, library, or college bulletin boards, as they often have information about housing options.

Some popular housing sites for summer interns are:

  • Apartments.com
  • Zillow
  • Hotpads
  • Craigslist

When choosing your housing option, consider factors such as cost, proximity to your workplace, safety, transportation options, and access to amenities like grocery stores, public transportation, and laundry facilities. It’s important to plan ahead and secure your housing well in advance to ensure a smooth and comfortable experience during your internship.

What Companies Offer Paid Internships?

According to research, the majority of Fortune 500 companies pay their interns. This is mainly because they have the cash flow to do so. Also, they understand their interns could turn out to be their full-time employees, and they consider this benefit of giving them adequate training. And pay for more motivation.

The private and also non-profits also offer paid internships to their interns. Some industries that provide paid internships to their interns are the government, fashion, banking, accounting, public relations, advertising, and IT.

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How to Find Paid Internships

You find paid internships the same way students find unpaid internships. However, in this article, we will give you additional tips on finding internships that can let you save some cash.

Begin to search early

We recommend you begin to search for paid internship opportunities latest, six months before you plan to intern. This gives you the chance to be one of the early birds, and you have a better chance of landing an internship.

While searching for paid internships online, try to narrow down your search. Don’t let destination be a barrier, especially when they are internships with housing.

You could narrow down your search to two destinations and two fields.

Do your research

Now that you might have found some paid internships you might want to go for, you may want to do more profound research on them for more details.

Read the requirements and get your application ready.

Now send out your application!

Your application is ready, yes!  Now send them out. Get your cover letter, resume, and letters of recommendation and send them out.

The trick is to send it to more than one company. What this does is give you the chance to be called back by at least one or more of the companies you applied and then you would have to make your choice.

Your interview

Your interview is your first step to landing your internship. So, ensure you prepare ahead of time and create an excellent first impression.

However, an interview is not only a session where your interviewer gets to be the only one asking questions. You are expected to ask some questions too – it could be for clarity about whether or not the internship is paid – it doesn’t matter if it was stated on their website.

Also, you can ask every other question you might want to.

Sources to Find Paid Internships

To find paid internships, visit your career center. Also, visit

Top companies that provide internships with housing

In finding the best companies that provide internships with housing for interns, we recommend you narrow down your searches to your fields of interest. 

Our findings run through technology to law, finance, and health, and we hope they are helpful to you:

  • Apple
  • Facebook
  • Intuit
  • John Hopkins University School of Medicine
  • Emerson
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • University of Connecticut
  • The Summer Medical and Research Training (SMART) Program
  • Georgetown Law


Apple offers internships with housing to its internal in the Bay Area. It is also one of the biggest companies that pay their interns handsomely.


Facebook offers two options to their interns; choosing internships with housing or a stipend for the duration of their internships.


Intuit is an American business and financial software company that offers interns internships with housing – fully furnished.

Also, this company provides transportation for the summer for their interns.

John Hopkins University School of Medicine

This program provides internships with housing. It also offers a minimum stipend of $3,000 for its interns, and it runs for weeks.


This is an American multinational corporation that offers summer intern housing programs. It provides on-campus housing to Emerson students who complete low-pay of unpaid internships in either Los Angeles or Boston.

For these positions, a financial analyst can perform everything from an economic analysis of capital investments to forecasting long-range financial plans.


Google is one of the most prominent internships with housing. Also, it covers the intern’s commute to and from work through their internship duration.


Microsoft does not really cover the whole expense of the interns’ housing. Instead, they pay partial amounts of the housing costs while the interns pay the rest.

Or, they let the interns find their own house, and then they provide a stipend to help cover a part of the rent.

University of Connecticut

The Summer Research Fellowship Program at the University of Connecticut provides internships with housing, meals, and a stipend.

Summer Medical and Research Training (SMART) Program

The Summer Medical and Research Training Program is one of the prestigious programs that provide internships with housing near Baylor College of Medicine. The program runs for nine paid weeks of biomedically related research in a wide range of areas.

Interns also get career development opportunities and daily seminars.

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Georgetown Law

The reputable Georgetown Law offers internships with housing in the heart of Washington, D.C.

Students interning with the prestigious Georgetown Law enjoy apartment-style living in the Gewirz Student Center.


Now that you know the various paid internships with housing, we hope you can confidently go for them.

All you have to do is find something that interests you, narrow down your interests; use our list of paid internships with housing, and then reach out to the companies if you have questions that need to be cleared.

We wish you all the best, and we hope you land an internship with a company you will be proud to be a part of.


Where can I find housing during the internship if it’s not offered?


Is housing provided for paid internships?

Yes, housing is provided for paid internships.

How long can I stay in the provided housing during the internship?

The duration of stay is typically aligned with the internship period, ranging from a few weeks to a few months.


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