Top Marketing Internships in the World in 2023

Step into the dynamic world of marketing internships, where boundless opportunities await! If you’re eager to immerse yourself in the captivating field of advertising, branding, and strategy, you’ve come to the right place. Within this guide, we’ll unveil some of the most coveted marketing internships across the globe, each offering a gateway to invaluable experiences and a bright future.

Marketing internships serve as invaluable platforms to gain practical skills, learn from industry experts, and unleash your creativity in real-world campaigns. Whether your passion lies in digital marketing, social media management, market research, or brand development, these internships cater to a diverse range of roles, aligning perfectly with your interests and aspirations.

Together, we’ll navigate through the top marketing internships, uncovering renowned companies, exhilarating projects, and the knowledge and connections that will set you apart in the competitive marketing landscape. Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey toward a successful career in marketing!

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What is Marketing?

In essence, marketing simply means identifying and understanding the goals, needs, and desires of a target audience – potential clients, and turning those desires and needs into measurable results.

Interning in marketing abroad would require interns to handle tasks such as writing press releases, organizing a publicity event, or compiling competitor analysis reports.

It all entails being self-motivated, goal-oriented, and generously versed in developing and nurturing professional relationships with both clients and coworkers.

Marketing abroad – this ability to recognize what an audience needs might be one of the best ways to learn to read and understand cultural cues and communicate in a new environment.

Essentially, marketing internships abroad, advertising internships, or international PR internships offer a hands-on experience that is usually hard to comprehend without first understanding cultural discrepancies.

This is the reason it is important to experience an internship abroad to gain cultural cues and experiences. Luckily, there are numerous marketing internship opportunities abroad available to individuals searching for them, especially when they know where to look.

However, we have compiled a list of the top 12 world-class companies that offer marketing internships to assist with your search.

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Why Marketing Internships are Important

Marketing internships are crucial stepping stones for aspiring professionals looking to break into the dynamic world of marketing. They offer a unique blend of hands-on experience, industry exposure, and skill development that can’t be replicated in a classroom setting.

Internships provide an opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios, honing practical skills and deepening understanding of marketing concepts. They offer a chance to collaborate with industry experts, gain insights into industry trends, and build a valuable professional network.

Moreover, marketing internships allow individuals to explore various facets of marketing, from digital marketing to market research, social media management, and brand development. This exposure helps interns discover their passions and refine their career goals.

By participating in marketing internships, individuals gain a competitive edge, enhance their marketability, and increase their chances of securing full-time positions after graduation. Ultimately, marketing internships serve as a launchpad for a successful career in the exciting and ever-evolving field of marketing.

Benefits of Marketing Internships

  • Practical Experience: Internships offer hands-on experience in executing marketing strategies, conducting market research, managing campaigns, and analyzing data. This practical exposure enhances interns’ understanding of marketing concepts and prepares them for real-world challenges.
  • Networking Opportunities: Internships allow interns to connect with professionals in the industry, build relationships, and expand their professional network. These connections can be valuable for future job prospects and mentorship opportunities.
  • Skill Development: Interns can enhance their skills in areas such as digital marketing, social media management, content creation, market analysis, and project management. This skill development makes them more marketable and increases their chances of securing full-time positions after graduation.
  • Industry Insights: Marketing internships provide a firsthand look into the inner workings of the marketing industry, exposing interns to industry trends, strategies, and best practices. This knowledge gives them a competitive edge in the job market.

Top 12 Marketing Internships in the World

Google Marketing Internship

Google offers a highly competitive marketing internship program. Interns have the opportunity to work on global marketing campaigns, collaborate with cross-functional teams, and gain exposure to cutting-edge marketing technologies. The program provides a comprehensive learning experience and offers mentorship opportunities.

Procter & Gamble Marketing Internship

Procter & Gamble (P&G) is renowned for its marketing expertise. Their internship program allows interns to work on brand management, consumer research, and digital marketing initiatives. Interns receive guidance from industry professionals and work on real projects that impact P&G’s global brands.

Marketing Internships Abroad in China with USEH International Inc.

This is a paid marketing internship abroad that provides opportunities for interns to work with respected and reputable industry experts.

As an intern, this company provides you with the chance to tap into the knowledge of the competitive marketing market to enhance your skills. This opportunity is open in Beijing and Shanghai, and it happens all year round.

Content Marketing Internship in the Philippines with GoAbroad

This is another one of the unique marketing internships abroad offered by GoAbroad. While working in one of Tacloban’s reputable companies, interns are provided with the chance to work alongside remarkably kind and hardworking coworkers.

And while at all of these, interns enjoy the luxury of living close to luxurious beaches. Also, this company offers interns free airfare, free lunches during the week, and housing.

This opportunity is currently rolling.

Internships in Bali with Intern Abroad HQ

Intern Abroad HQ offers a unique marketing internship opportunity in the beautiful, tropical, sun-soaked Bali.

If you possess strong interpersonal skills, a fascination for multimedia, and creativity to spare, then you should grab this opportunity. You will get to make meaningful contributions to organizations in some prominent Bali regions like Kuta and Kerobokan. Also, you will live on an island too.

This marketing placement is open during summer, all year round.

Summer Marketing Internship in Thailand with Greenheart Travel

This placement in Thailand offers invaluable international work experience at a non-profit. This marketing internship opportunity is designed to encourage a broad range of awarding cross-cultural experiences. All of these while creating an important professional experience.

The company offers internship duties in writing, marketing, event planning, and logistics for the organization and also, for its non-profit animal rescue affiliate.

The opportunity is open in Hua Hin every summer.

Marketing Internships in Australia with Sage Corps

This is one of the best-paid marketing internships in Melbourne, Australia. It offers interns the chance to gain valuable international professional experiences to make them stand out to employees in the future.

Also, interns get to experience more than a traditional intern abroad program.
If you are a creative problem solver, an independent thinker, and a self-starter, this should be the perfect marketing internist opportunity for you.

This program is open all year round.

International Advertising Internships Abroad in Spain with Adelante Abroad

This marketing internship opportunity provides interns the chance to work at local Spanish businesses or international corporations. Also, to enhance their Spanish language skills with an intensive Spanish course included in the program.

Meanwhile, this opportunity helps to give your resume a big boost. That’s because working at an international advertising internship in Spain is a big deal.

This placement is open in Madrid, Barcelona, and Spain all year round.

Summer Marketing Internships Abroad in Sweden with Global Experiences

With some of the world’s most recognized brands such as H&M, Volvo, and Ikea, interning as a marketer in Stockholm will not only be big. Also, it will come with the most rewarding and remarkable experiences.

That aside, Stockholm sits as the marketing leader in fashion, interior design, music, and architecture. Now wonder what living as a marketing intern in Stockholm will feel like.

This internship is usually open during the summer.

Public Relations Internships Abroad in Ecuador with World Internships

This internship abroad program in Ecuador provides interns with opportunities to work with professionals in a focused area of the marketing field. This is usually to make a change in the local community.

Apart from that, Ecuador is quite an exciting and gorgeous destination for pre-professionals looking to explore a public relations career.

This marketing internship is currently rolling in Quito.

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Summer Marketing Internships in France with IES Internships

France is one of the world’s most outstanding destinations for culture and international marketing this summer.

This marketing internship will help enhance the interns’ professional skills, also their ability to communicate across cultures. Also, it provides helpful work experience to kick-start their careers in the competitive job market.

This placement is open in Paris this summer.

Public Relations Internship in India with Pave Internships

Are you looking to gain hands-on experience within a publishing house and, while at it, be a big part of a dynamic, young, and motivated team?

This public relations internship in India could be the perfect opportunity for you.

Your work as an intern, while being hugely collaborative, will also allow you the chance to meet many creatives throughout the city.

Through the marketing work experience, you will gain from this placement, you will get a better opportunity at improving your design, communication, management, content creation, and marketing skills.

This opportunity is currently rolling in Mumbai.

Public Relations Internships Abroad in Ireland with The Intern Group

This is a great marketing internship opportunity in Dublin – a home to the European headquarters of lots of global giants like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon.

This company partners with a wide range of companies, NGOs, and organizations and as a result, if you as an intern perform at a high level, you will be provided with an off-the-charts boost for your professional development.

This marketing internship opportunity is open all year round.

Event Planning Internship in Argentina with Mente Argentina

This marketing internship in Argentina offers interns the chance to learn and understand the ropes at marketing and promotional companies that advertises and plans events at popular bars and clubs in Buenos Aires to international audiences.

The interns get to plan and manage events. Also, they develop strategies for visual media and create content and updates for the blog and websites. They also design materials to promote events too.

This marketing internship will surely help you gain marketing insights with an international clientele.

The placement is currently rolling and open in Buenos Aires.

How to Secure Marketing Internships

  • How to Secure a Marketing Internship in 2023:
  • Research: Conduct thorough research on companies offering marketing internships. Understand their internship programs, application requirements, and desired skill sets.
  • Tailor Your Resume and Cover Letter: Customize your resume and cover letter to highlight relevant experiences, skills, and accomplishments. Emphasize your passion for marketing and how you can contribute to the company’s goals.
  • Network: Leverage your network and reach out to industry professionals, alumni, and career centers. Attend job fairs and industry events to connect with recruiters and hiring managers.
  • Develop a Strong Online Presence: Build a professional online presence through platforms like LinkedIn. Share your marketing projects, blog posts, or relevant content to showcase your expertise and passion.
  • Prepare for Interviews: Practice common marketing interview questions, research the company extensively, and demonstrate your enthusiasm for the role. Highlight your ability to think critically, work in teams, and adapt to changing market dynamics.

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Tips for Landing Marketing Internships Abroad

To further make things easier for you, we will be giving you tips on how to land your dream marketing internship abroad – from resumes to networking and then to your marketing internship interview.

You should have revisited and updated your resume a good number of times before sending out your applications. And when applying, ensure you do with a complete profile as employers may never message you If otherwise, no matter how rich your resume is.

It is important to begin to prepare for your interview after you have submitted your application. Check out recurrent internship interview questions online and rehearse your answers until you can say them without errors.

Also, remember that it is important to make a great first impression. The only way to do that yet is by having a first great appearance. Dress professionally for your interview.

You might want to review your cover letter repeatedly to ensure you have specific examples of your previous experiences to share from.

And lastly, wear your confidence like a sleeve around your wrist. It’s just an interview, and the only thing your interviewer wants is to know you better for the good of the company.

Once you have landed a marketing internship in your desired company or organization, it is important to begin to get to know your coworkers – in a very professional way. Be careful not to cross boundaries by asking very personal questions or forcing conversation.

Generally, you should treat everyone with equal respect, whether they are professionals or just fellow interns. Equal is the keyword!

You never know what the future holds; you might be able to build long-lasting friendships from your internship.


Securing a marketing internship can be a transformative step toward a successful career in the field. By capitalizing on the benefits of marketing internships, networking opportunities, and the top internships offered by renowned companies, aspiring marketing professionals can gain invaluable experience and set themselves apart in the competitive job market. Remember to research, tailor your application materials, and leverage your network to increase your chances of securing a top marketing internship. Best of luck on your journey to becoming a marketing industry leader!


What is marketing?

In essence, marketing simply means identifying and understanding the goals, needs, and desires of a target audience – potential clients, and turning those desires and needs into measurable results.

What does a marketing intern do?

Marketing interns network, and gain mentorship and training in the field. Also, they work towards enhancing their skills for full-time jobs in the future.
They also learn to plan and execute campaign strategies, communicate their visions better, and collaborate with a team on a shared goal.

What can you learn from a marketing internship?

Marketing interns learn some excellent skills like accountability, communication, organization, and teamwork.
Meanwhile, while at all of those, interns get engaged in the world of marketing, which will help them improve their knowledge of brand awareness.

Are internships important for marketing majors?

Naturally, they are not required, but internships will help with growth and experiences. It is essential to intern so you can build both soft and hard skills. You can also network too.


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