How to Write an Irresistible Study Abroad Essay

Study Abroad Essay

Looking to study abroad and have no clue on how best to write your study abroad essay /application?

Sometimes, going through the procedures of studying abroad can be quite difficult, almost as difficult as the toughest thing you might ever have to do especially if you have no guide to follow. You have to read through so many articles to find and choose the country you want to study. Then you read through the different programs open and then you go ahead to process and collect your transcript and references. And then the inescapable personal statement and study abroad essay for your application stares you in the face to write it too.

Generally, most study abroad programs are quite competitive as your personal statement/essay can shatter all your efforts and break your application. But not to worry, we have created this article to help guide you in writing your personal statement and study abroad essay. You might want to know that the only thing important to your program is knowing who you are and why you have chosen them. But this doesn’t usually come as easy as it reads. Now, let’s begin!

What is a Study Abroad Essay?

Students are beginning to recognize what a huge opportunity studying abroad is, especially ones from countries with low standards of education. And this goes on to make study abroad applications more competitive.

A study abroad essay otherwise known as a Statement of Purpose (SOP), is a written work or an essay usually written by an applicant which details the applicant’s motives and expectations from a foreign country they desire to move to either for a semester or to study for a couple of years.

It is your all-around personality put in words. Also, you give the admission committee the reason to choose your application over other applicants’. It portrays your career goals, beliefs, your vision and subject knowledge. Also, it helps the admission committee assess your life through your words.

If you happen to have a weak academic profile, a great SOP will help. You may wonder how. Most times, the admission committee looks beyond your academic profiles if your SOP is greatly written; your future goals and ambition highlighted. Your SOP is the most important document that you will write for your application and this is majorly to make a great first impression. And to be able to write this, you will need to have decided on a country you hope to move to for studies, on the program and WHY!

What Should be in Your Study Abroad Essay/SOP?

Remember that your SOP is the most importat document in your application. It can make or break your study abroad application and for that reason, it is required to conatain as much details of you as possible. It is basically an introdcation, your background, career goals, why the program an your conclusion.

Below are the complete information your SOP should include:

  • Personal background
  • Financial background
  • Academic details
  • Professional experience (full/part-time, voluntary)
  • Immediate and long-term goals
  • Reasons why you wish to study at this particular institution
  • Reasons for being interested in the chosen field
  • About extra-curricular activities
  • Published works (if any)
  • Papers submitted (if any)
  • Interests and hobbies

Why Study Abroad?

Studying abroad might be quite a difficult thing to achieve, however, it can be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. It opens you up to so many opportunities. Find below some benefits you will be getting from studying abroad.


You would agree with us that some countries in the world have low standards of education. And if not your country, studying abroad can help acquire a different style of education. You get to see a different kind that you might never have been opportune to experience back in your country.

You see the world

If you have always wanted to travel and see the world, this is a huge opportunity. You get to do what you desire while schooling and making the most out of your life. Also, you experience a new country, culture, people, and you get to begin to see the world from where you stand – differently.

You will be opportune to see other neighbouring countries around. If you happen to find a program in a country rich in natural wonders and cultures, you are sure to live with very beautiful memories and experiences every day of your life.

The opportunity to expand your career opportunities

You will agree that most students who move abroad to study usually move back to their home countries to land jobs after studying abroad. If this is you, you stand a huge chance of better employment than your peers. This is always because when you move abroad to study, especially to a country with a higher standard of education than in your country, you will find yourself with a new perspective on a lot of things and then more willing to learn and impact on your home country. Students who study abroad are usually very attractive to employers.

For personal development

Moving abroad, away from your family and everyone you have known all your life seems scry most times. However, this usually trns out great. As a student, moving will help bring ot your independent nature. You experience a complete freedom to explore the new enviornment, and as well well discover other parrts of you you never knew you owned. You discover yourself and you suddenly begin to understand life better.

Moving to a new place can be quite overwhelming sometimes, but it helps build up your ability to adapt to different situations and your problem-solving skills.


This should e one of the biggest benefits to study abroad is the huge opportunity it projects to meeting and interacting with new people and build meaningful friendships with people from all walks of life and background.

A tip to help with this is to ensure you stay in touch with your new friends even after your program ends. Friends are very important networking tools and you may never know what the future holds.

To hone your language skills

Of all the many skills and personal development that comes with moving and studying abroad, learning a new/foreign language is one of the biggest of them all.

New interests

You might never know all of the things you can do and find fun in them until you leave your comfort zone. This is what moving abroad to tudy does to you.

You could wake up one morning to discover that you have an interest and yet, a talent that won’t take too long to hone, for golf, mountain-climbing, hiking, skiing, and other new sport and things you may have never been opportune to try out in your home country. There are also other entertaining things like going to the movies, movie concerts, plays, nightclubs and dances. You may never know how much you can love until you try.

To experience life

The experience is always worth it.

Studying abroad might be your only chance of seeing the world. If you have ever planned of moving to study, take this opportunity. Go beyond a purely academic experience and enjoy this life.

How to Write an Irresistible Study Abroad Essay

We beleieve you now understan what a stdy abroad essay is, all of the information that you are reqired to include in your SOP and as well, why you should go ahead and write this appication to move abroad.

Now find tips for writing an irresistible study abroad essay to land you that admission in your choice of country and program.


Your admission committe needs to know who you are, your strenghts an abilities. The society migt have made it look as though the society cherishes people who own p to their weaknesses. This is not the time to do it. Your amission committee wants you to be perfect even though knowing that perfection is an illusion.

Throw more lights on your strngths and abilities. Tell your personality in words. The committe wants to know who you are beyond your academic profile. Your introduction can either mke youradmission committe go ahead with reading or hurriedly skip to the next. Safer to put in all your best.

Tell Why Studying Abroad Will Make a Difference in Your Life and Studies

Most students wants to study abroad just for the experience of it or out of peer pressure. Or just fo the wxcitement of leaving and living broad. But if you have come this far in this article, we are sure

A lot of students want to study abroad just for the experience and the excitement of living and learning abroad. These are important aspects, of course; however, school administration wants to know why going to your top study abroad destination will make a difference for your education.

Be specific! Explain the impact studying abroad will have on your personal and professional growth. Don’t just highlight how you think you will learn a lot. What do you expect to get from the program specifically? Is there a reason you picked one country over another to study in?

The more specific you are the better. It shows the university that you have given serious thought to your studies and that you are ready for the commitment!

Let Them Know Why You Picked Where You Want to Study

You have been desiring to study abroad, you go online to research on study abroad tips, essays and programs and you finally arrive at one program. It is the one you will apply for.

The ‘why’ question is very important. Your admission committee will want to know why you picked their program out of all the others. What is it about their program that drew you to them?

Write with so much emotions and enthusiasm. Let them feel how excited you are about them. What you are excited to see as well as do if your application gets accepted.
Before you begin on this, ensure you have researched and read about them. List places around them worthy of mention and exploration. Some interesting places you would love to see and find a way to link this with your program.
Make them feel like you have read and dreamt about them all your life.

Now this is what all of these will do; humans naturally like to be made to feel good about themselves. They like when a person shows so much interest in them. This is how you get them. Also, this will make them know you have put in so much effort and as well as know the reason you are coming to study abroad.

Tell Why You Feel You are Qualified for the Admission

You have stayed on this article down to this part of it. You have read a few others on studying abroad and you are so enthusiastic about beginning on your application and submitting because you know you are qualified.

How? What makes you think you are qualified?
Are you getting into college or graduating? Whichever one it is, it is important you know that your experiences matter. They are gold. From your academic accomplishments, your work and volunteering experiences, your skills; the ones you know you might find useful while you are abroad. One of such skills would be a knowledge of a second language. Whatever it is, mention them. Every experience. Every detail.

Here, small doesn’t do it. Being moderate with your experiences doesn’t do it too. Your university knows you are coming to learn and take so much from them. But the minute they find that you have some you can offer to them, the better your chances of being accepted into their program.

Show Your Personality

Here, put some light on your self and shine throughout this paragraph. It doesn’t matter how professional the study abroad essay should be.
Put your personality in words and make your admission committee go through your experiences with you.

Have you ever had to travel to a new place and met someone new. How did the friendship kick off? How is it going? What was the reasons you traveled for and did this new friendship help make your plans work?

Relate your answer/story to your experiences when you are finally accepted and moved down abroad to study. This will send a message that says you are ready. That you have it all figured out; your plans and expectations.

Make Sure to Follow the Instructions

Before you begin to write your application to apply, ensure you have become familiar with the application instructions your chosen university have laid down.
Your university might ask some questions or instruct you to write your essay in a different format – which will be given by them.

Ensure you follow the link. However the case may be, this article will still help for about any format your university instructs.


Studying abroad is an extremely beautiful experience. One that will be a part of your life until the end of life. One that can change the course of your life forever.
If you have ever desired to study abroad and see the world at the same time, take your time to research and find better places with great standard of education. Move, study, have fun and make every moment count.

We hope that our guide will help you land that admission in your dream school and country.
We wish you the best!



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