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Post-college gap year programs are very refreshing and help one evaluate his or steps before either continuing with a graduate education, or joining the work force.

For most people, their paths in life have been laid out already. It’s all planned out. And the plan is simple, work hard in high school, get into a good college, graduate in a few years, and join the workforce or enroll in a grad school.

Nonetheless, there is more to life than that. Therefore, break the chain and learn in an unusual manner by partaking in a post-college gap year program.

In this article, we will help you understand all you need to about post-college gap year programs. Additionally, the article will be listing some programs you can choose from.

Meanwhile, you can take a look at our table of content for an overview of this piece.

According to the AGA, a nonprofit that accredits gap year programs, between 30,000 and 40,000 students are taking time off for a semester or more. The group says that figure is up 23 percent year over year.

AGA research found that 90 percent of students who take a structured gap year return to school within a year and are more likely to graduate on time and with a higher grade-point average.


Growing up for me was always about schooling, I had one motto I was riding on, and that was learning and more learning; well with an exception of preschool, where I played more than I learned. With that mindset, I got through high school and proceeded with my college education.

It was in college that I realized that I needed to learn more outside the walls of the university.

So I sought out for a gap yea after college, and boy did that do me good?

My gap year was fused with fun and learning all in a new dimension, I got the opportunity to explore all other interests I was passionate about.

Furthermore, I got the opportunity to travel out of the states for the very first time.

My gap year experience is something I’d perhaps share someday, for now, enough about me.

Let’s talk about gap year programs that are suitable for you.

However, before that let’s find what a gap year is all about.

What Are Post-College Gap Year Programs?

A post-grad gap year is an intentional break between college and the next phase in your life, whether that’s a full-time job, graduate school, or something else.

A gap year can be an important opportunity to gain work and life experiences in a global setting.

You can accomplish the same things abroad that you would at home (i.e. an internship, further studies, teaching, or working an entry-level job), but you will be doing them in a much broader environment.

Additionally, by gaining relevant work experience and a fresh international outlook, you’ll become markedly more attractive to a potential employer by the time you come home.

Gap years should not be viewed as a year off but rather a year to improve your skills and knowledge.

Keep reading to understand the benefits, the type of programs available, and the effects on your career by taking a gap year after college.

Why DO I Need A Post-College Gap Year Programs?

College can be very overwhelming, you can wait to get in, but when you do, the years run by so quickly you lose track. And when you do graduate, you’re most times clueless as to your next steps.

It’s perfectly normal to feel this way, I know because I felt the same way. While you’re trying to figure it out, everyone is telling you to get a job or go back to school for a grad program.

Let me stop you there, take a breath and relax, and then think of a Post-college gap year program.

I know post-college gap year programs aren’t very big in the states, and I also know a lot of people would rather take it after high school.

But I think you should take one now you are done with your diploma. Why? Here’s why:

You Will Gain Perspective

Use this time to travel a little, it will definitely change how you see things. The world we usually say is a big place and with Seven billion people out there, it’s easy to believe, but when you do travel out, you’d see that it’s actually smaller than you think.

Use your post-college gap year programs immerse yourself and understand different cultures and religion.

Discover Your Passion

Finding a job and building a career is on the top list of most college graduate, but has anyone thought about what they are passionate about?

Post-college gap year programs will offer you such opportunity to discover what makes you happy.

Hey, I’m not saying you don’t need a job, nor you don’t have bills to pay. Heck, I’m also not saying you shouldn’t start saving now. But don’t let pressure push you into what you do not want to do for the rest of your life.

Select a program in the numerous post-college gap year programs and find yourself.

Below Are Some Post-College Gap Year Programs..

Volunteer, Immersion and Cultural Exchange Programs

#21. Language Immersion Programs

The importance of multilingual skills cannot be overemphasized. 

Multilingual skills are great for your resume.

The ability to speak multiple languages can open so many doors for you — especially if you are interested in working abroad, as many jobs may not provide a work visa if you do not speak the country’s native language.

Try taking a few language classes courses or fully div into an immersive program that takes language learning both in and outside of the classroom.

#20. Cultural Exchange & Volunteer Programs

Learn beyond textbooks and sign up for a cultural exchange program during your post-collegiate gap year. Exchange programs offer the opportunity to learn a new language and cultural traditions by living and working with locals just as you would at home. What better way to get into the groove of a new daily routine, right?

You could work for a family, a school or get involved in the arts. Cultural exchange program is one o the best ways to gain a deeper connection with laces and people outside your comfort zone.

#19. Teaching Opportunities

You can become a teacher during your post-college gap year program and the good news is you don’t even need a TEFL certification.

Whether it is teaching on an island or in the mountains, to villages or private schools; teaching English or teaching sport; there are plenty of ways to use your native English proficiency or unique skills to travel the world and benefit from a gap year overseas.

#18. Nature & And Wildlife Programs

If you’re a nature and wildlife enthusiast perhaps you should spend your post-college year exploring your wild side.

As an animal lover and traveler with a thirst for the outdoors you will thrive in a gap year program that focuses on nature and wildlife.

Therefore, if you’re interested in jungle treks, deep-sea dives, or saving the local marine life? There are so many options to choose from and they include:

#17. Find Post-College Gap Year Internship Programs

If you’ve had a stint in a career and have hit a rut, maybe you should reinvent yourself and change jobs.

We advice that you take a year to explore possibilities you never even considered at home because you were too busy or afraid to take the risk.

Though it can be difficult to find gap year internships that are paid, there is a span of opportunities that double as intensive learning and passion exploring.

Check out the following programs:

#16. Volunteer On Your Gap Year

If you’ve always wanted to do some volunteer work but never had the time, consider using your post-college gap year. You can get started by signing up for a gap year volunteer program.

Most of the project that are available are not reserved for only experienced people. All you need is the zeal and passion to learn the ropes.

Have your program fees (which include pre-departure and on the ground support and visa) ready.

#15. Find Gap Year Jobs That Pays

You could kill two birds with a stone. While taking your gap year after college, you could save up some money to help pay your college debts if you have any.

This might sound far-fetched but it’s actually very possible. Thanks to job opportunities like teaching English with Premier TEFL, your ability to earn cash on the go has never been more feasible. 

#14. Inter-Exchange: Become An Au-Pair

The exchange is very similar to teaching English abroad, becoming an au pair abroad can be a rewarding and enriching personal experience.

Au pair in Europe—or China—or somewhere down under?! The possibilities are endless, and the chance to become a part of a new family isn’t one to pass up.

Practice your language skills, learn deeply about a foreign culture, make some money, and have the adventure of a lifetime.

Adventure Post-College Gap Year Programs

#13. Warrior Academy

Take up some adventures for your post-college gap year programs. There are numerous gap year programs out there, fine what best suits you.

The Warrior Academy Gap Year Program in South Africa is a good fit for anyone looking for an adventure.

Warriors Academy is an internationally accredited Gap Year program that has been running in South Africa for the past 17 years.

The Warriors Gap Year program is made up of four seasonal Quests. Each Quest is structured and has unique features and activities.

#12. Work And Travel Around Australia

Gap year travelers from certain countries are eligible to apply for a Working Holiday Visa, which allows them to work and travel in Australia for at least one year.

As you might expect, the trials and tribulations of resettling abroad are daunting at the best of times.

That’s where agencies such as Green Heart Travel come in with their Work and Travel in Australia Program. 

Art Post-College Gap Year Programs

#11. The Autumn European Gap Semester Program

If you are thinking of starting college in the spring or taking a Gap Year? Why not kick start your time doing something worthwhile with this amazing leap into European culture.

It begins with two weeks in London, the course focuses on art, power, and the nature of European politics.

Highlights Of The Program:

  • Private viewings of museums and basilicas
  • Stay with a host family in Tuscany
  • Climb Vesuvius to see the greatest view of the Bay of Naples
  • Traditional Tuscan cooking classes. Additionally, you to:
  • Visit 3 countries in 3 months

#10. Up With People On Tour Gap Year Experience

Up with People on Tour provides a multi-destination gap semester (5 months) or full gap year experience where the young adults can take their passion of travel, volunteering, performance, education, and leadership and put it into action through the power of their own voice.

Also, we provide an in-depth experiential learning environment that will prepare you to navigate today’s complex world in both your professional and personal life.

  • International Travel & Host Families
  • Volunteer Abroad
  • Performing Arts
  • Leadership & Professional Development
  • University Academic Credit (Optional)

#9. The Irish And Culture Program

The Irish Arts & Culture Program is designed to give you an opportunity to explore and cultivate your creative side, build independence, and develop an appreciation of Irish arts and culture.


  • Artistic Exploration and Workshop: Explore your areas of artistic interest from photography to found art/upcycling to music and performance to creative writing in our workshops.
  • Expeditions Around Ireland: You’ll get to explore the best of Ireland on our seven big expeditions (3-5 days each), each with a different cultural and artistic focus. Also, you get a..
  • Local Living- Experience life as locals do from your Victorian home in the heart of Bundoran, CO. Donegal.

#8. Rhythms Of Senegal Gap Year Semester

From agricultural villages to mangrove islands, explore contemporary issues of West Africa while delving into artistic and musical traditions in a culture renowned for its generosity and hospitality.

Additionally, the semester takes us from the French colonial outpost of Saint Louis, to the fast-paced capital of Dakar, all the way to a Sufi Islamic coastal village on a sandy stretch of beach.

  • Investigate issues of immigration and unemployment, gender issues, and children’s rights.
  • Spend about 6 weeks in either one or two very remote villages.
  • Learn about Sufi Islam and the unique Islamic brotherhoods of Senegal.
  • Climb into horse-carts, public transport, fishing boats, or wander on foot as we travel throughout Senegal.

Religious Gap Programs

#7. Carpe Diem Education Spirituality & Service

Discover the incredible depth and diversity of India. Witness how spirituality is infused in the daily lives of the people, whether visiting a Hindu temple or hearing the call to prayer; chatting with a Buddhist monk or volunteering in the kitchens at the holiest of Sikh pilgrimage sites, the Golden Temple.

Furthermore, you get to embrace the opportunity to serve at Mother Teresa’s Home for the Destitute and Dying

  • Learn about different systems of Spirituality & Religion
  • Volunteer and serve with Mother Teresa house
  • Enjoy a meditation and Yoga retreat on the banks of the Ganga River
  • Experience authentic Indian life through immersive homestays
  • Trek in the Himalaya

#6. Encounter Discipleship Training School

Spend 3 months in northern California receiving weekly teachings about life lived with God.

You will discover who He is and who He’s created you to be through a real relationship with Him. Additionally, get to be in a community with people from all over the world and make real, lasting friendships as you encourage one another and grow together.


  • Community Life
  • World Travel/ Cross-cultural Experience
  • Spiritual/ Personal growth
  • Mountain ranges/ Hiking
  • Canoeing/ Kayaking/ Swimming

#5. Victory Gap Year

In the seaside town of Jeffreys Bay, the surfing capital of South Africa, students have come from around the world to equip themselves, and experience the transformative power of God.

Furthermore, VGY offers you a uniquely South African experience; providing a healthy environment for you to learn about life, leadership, community, and servant-hood.


  • Establish Your Identity & Security: Discover who you really are – what God says about you – and walk in the security of your identity as a child of God.
  • ESTABLISH A CAREER PATH: Let us help you find your passion and calling so that you can walk in your purpose and destiny.
  • EXPERIENCE ADVENTURE & FUN: Jeffreys Bay and surrounding areas offer you world-class surfing waves, bungee jumping, sky diving, mountain biking, cliff jumping, fishing, hiking, and camping.

Camp Jobs Post-College Gap Year Programs

#4. GoCamp Volunteer In Ukraine

GoCamp invites you to share your English, German or French language skills as well as your culture with Ukrainian kids in summer camps. 

Also, GoCamp is a new format of school-based summer camps all over the country.

Furthermore, children who might have never been to other countries or have never interacted with foreigners get an amazing possibility to do so.

  • Experience Ukrainian hospitality and culture while living in a host-family all over Ukraine.
  • Motivate kids to break their language barriers, think creatively and critically, be tolerant, and communicate in a multicultural environment.
  • Join the global GoCamp family of more than 1100 volunteers from 75 countries and 165 000 Ukrainian kids. Also,
  • Get an affordable opportunity of traveling with a purpose.

#3. Summer As A Camp Counselor In Taiwan

As a camp counselor, you will work with children ages 7-12. In the mornings, you will teach English for two hours with the focus on fun, game-oriented teaching.

And In the afternoons, you will lead your team in games and other cool activities (science day, water day, cooking day, etc.) designed and organized by you and the other counselors.

Additionally, you get to experience first hand living as a member of amazing host families.

Also, you get to visit a least 5 cities in Taiwan and enjoy a 3 day End-of -Summer good bye beach party.

Internships Post- College Gap Year Programs

#2. Dynamy Internship Year

Dynamy Internship Year offers full-year or semester (fall/spring) options and strategically mimics a college calendar.


  • Independent Living Skills- Students will learn to live independently in apartments with other Dynamy students where they are responsible for their own meals, cleaning, and managing their schedule.
  • Advising and Mentoring- Students will meet weekly with their internship advisor where goals, successes, and challenges are discussed.
  • Experiential Learning and Professional Skills- Students will work 28 hours a week, Tuesday through Friday, at their internship location for roughly seven hours each day.
  • Life Skills- Students will participate in budgeting workshops, time management, and other foundational executive functioning skills.
  • College and Career Exploration- Students will work with our onsite college counselor, as well as their advisor, to discuss transition options for both college-bound students and those entering the workforce.

#1. The White House Fellows Program

 Seeks outstanding people with substantive public service background and an advanced degree, to serve for one year as full-time paid assistants to senior White House staff.


As much as you think you know or have in your arsenal, there should always be room for self check.



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