12 Best Student Travel Abroad Programs in 2021

Student Travel Abroad Programs

Are you looking to try something unique and refreshing – away from writing SATs and applying for jobs? Consider applying for student travel abroad programs.

Travelling has always been the easiest way to see and explore the world. You get to learn and discover parts of you you never knew existed and still have so much fun while at it.

Travelling abroad comes with lots of experiences and memories you may carry for the rest of your life. It has many fantastic benefits, from boosting your employment rate to improving your social life and network. All of these while you fulfil your desires for travelling abroad.

We will make a list of 12 best student travel abroad programs in 2021.

What are Student Travel Abroad Programs?

Student travel abroad programs are basically programs that take students across all corners of the world for the purpose of travelling, seeing and exploring the world.

There are student travel programs for high school students, which can either be focused on one country or multiple countries. And whatever your choice, there are programs for you.

Top Reasons to Apply for a Student Travel Abroad Program

Before anything else, travelling abroad is fun and one of the best experiences you can give to yourself. You get to see and explore the world, and you get to live in a country with cultures, backgrounds, weather and a people different from all you have known all your life.

Still considering participating in student travel abroad programs? Here are more reasons you should.

It helps you learn without even trying.

Participating in a student travel abroad program help you learn so much without even trying. You learn and pick up a lot you never planned, and they usually go way beyond your expectations.

You notice how it is difficult to retain some dry facts of things and places from books but having a real-life connection to these things and places keeps it in your memory forever.

Your experiences become gold, and this is what travelling gives to you.

You get to interact with different people.

For people who love to meet and network with people, this should be about their favourite part of participating in student travel abroad programs.

You get to meet, interact and connect with different people from diverse nationalities, cultures and religions, and nothing compares with learning and establish connections and lasting friendships across borders.

You can learn a new language

Meeting and interacting with people from diverse nationalities with different languages sets you a good chance of learning a new language.

Truthfully, you can develop your language skills online. However, the best and easiest way to learn a new language is to live amongst the native speakers of that language.

You learn to get around in a new environment.

You experience a new environment and people

Traveling abroad is a challenge that helps you to dare yourself to try out things you’ve never tried before – like climbing mountains and some other extreme sports you have been too scared to try. Well, you get to find the courage because everyone else around is having fun, and you should too. You let yourself be. Live.

You would be amazed at the amount of growth that would have happened to you by the end of your travel program. These growths can come emotionally, socially, physically and in every other way. And also, this helps builds up your experiences as well as your resume.

Who Can Go for Student Travel Abroad Programs?


Students, whether in high school or looking to take a gap year in between high school and college, go for students abroad programs.

Most student travel abroad programs for high schools usually require that a participant is either enrolled somewhere and have from 2.5 GPA and above. Aside from that requirement, every other conditions are quite flexible, although they will be primarily based on the specific provider and location. In that case, there may either be language requirements or courses that you may need to complete before departure.

So, while you check for student abroad programs, make sure to read their eligibility and requirements thoroughly before you apply.

To help you narrow down on your choice of best student travel abroad programs, we have selected our top 12:

Tops 11 Student Travel Abroad Programs

Student Travel Abroad 1: Academic Programs International

Academic Programs International is a popular college study and intern abroad which has recently introduced a section of the company called Aspire by API.

This section of the company is primarily committed to important high school travels.

This travel abroad program offers programs in Spain, England, Italy, France and Ireland. Also, it offers summer community service programs in Costa Rican, Ecuador and Argentina.

Student Travel Abroad Programs 2: SPI Study Abroad

SPI is a student travel abroad program whose aim is to incorporate academics with hands-on cultural and travel experiences. The purpose of this is to help young students acquire new skills.

This travel abroad program has been placed on teen travel programs on a new level for over 20 years. It did this by integrating credit-courses and authentic language immersion.

It offers programs in France, Costa Rica, Spain, China and Italy.

Student Travel Abroad Programs 3: Campus Education Australia

Campus Education Australia is one of the student travel abroad programs that has been providing educational programs and homestay programs for teenagers. These programs are offered to teenagers in Germany, Australia, Denmark, France, Italy, Austria, Spain and Switzerland.

It has been offering programs for about 20 years, and it is focused on promoting cultural understanding and world peace. This is so students are exposed to all types of cultures, languages and societies to cultivate critical thinking as well as awareness skills. And all of these while trying some adventures.

Their most popular program is the Sydney safari adventure.

Student Travel Abroad Programs 4: GoBeyond Student Travel

GoBeyond Student Travel is one of the student travel abroad programs which focuses on travelling with a purpose. It avails volunteer opportunities to students in underdeveloped communities while offering them a fun vacation too.

These opportunities are usually in countries like Thailand, Costa Rica, Peru, Australia, Iceland, Ecuador, India and the British Virgin Islands. These volunteer opportunities go with program options like sideline stewardship, watersports adventure, hiking or walking tours.

American Farm School

This is a student travel abroad program primarily focused on the agriculture needs of Greece and the Balkans. This has been ongoing since 1904, and by 1970, the program created the Greek Summer Program.

For this Greek Summer Program, high school students get to spend their summer living in with families in a rural Greek village. Also, they get to learn the significance of agriculture and social issues related to refugees through hands-on experiences.

The students on this program participate in an eco-adventure like hiking Mt. Olympus. Also, sailing through the Island communities and spectacular bays.

Experiment in International Living

The Experiment in International Living is a student travel abroad program that provides three to five eek summer trips for student participants. These trios are usually to help the students get interested in a new culture, explore a diverse region as well as pick some foreign language skills.

This Experiment has been in existence for over 85 years as a study abroad leader. They offer 32 programs in 26 countries. And each of these courses provides a specific theme for students to learn through.

Pacific Discovery

Pacific Discovery is another one of the best student travel abroad programs focused on promoting adventure, travelling, and volunteering.

Projects Abroad

Project Abroad is a student travel abroad programs designed for students who want to see and explore the world. This program involves services in South Africa to teaching in Peru, and then students get to participate in volunteer projects that interest them in locations like Thailand, Nepal, Ghana, Peru and South Africa.

The program usually ends with a month of diving and marine conversation.

Travel for Teens

Travel for Teens is another one of the best student travel abroad programs designed for teen students looking to explore the world. It has more than 100 different programs in about 40 countries across five continents.

Their programs types usually involve community services, language immersions, recreation, college prep and photography. Their travels are usually in Summer in Berlin, London and Paris.

Kaya’s 6-week Gap Year Program 2021

This is another one of the best student travel abroad programs filled with real, ethical, cultural immersions and service. It is a one destination student travel abroad program.

The 6-week gap program in Thailand is designed to help the students reform. And refocus after a turbulent year of lockdown.

The program is focused on conversation, culture and service.

International TEFL Academy

This is a student travel abroad program designed for students who may want to participate but do not have enough funds.

So, it offers students opportunities to earn a TEFL certificate and teach English abroad. The purpose is for career development and cultural immersion while you make money and still have fun travelling.

The Intern Group

This student travel abroad program provides a program for students looking to test drive their future career and gain hands-on experiences to make them stand out among their peers.

This company’s programs go across Canada, Australia, Colombia, China, England and Chile.


While travelling abroad can be quite expensive, by all means legal, you could try to save up for this beautiful experience that will keep your heart glowing for the rest of your life. You might be lucky to establish valuable friendships that could impact positively on your life in the future.

While you go through our list of student travel abroad programs, we recommend you go through every one of them to ensure you choose the right program for you. Also, ensure you read all the requirements before applying.

We wish you all the best, and we hope you have enough fun enough to last you two lifetimes.


What is a student travel abroad programs?

A student travel abroad program is basically a program that take students across all corners of the world for the purpose of travelling, seeing and exploring the world.

What type of student travel abroad programs are available?

There are student travel abroad programs available for teens and adults.

Also, there are student travel programs for high school students, which can either be focused on one country or multiple countries. And whatever your choice, there are programs for you.

Can I find student travel programs in Europe?

You can find student travel abroad programs all over the world. For each country of your choice, there are student travel abroad programs in remote and cosmopolitan areas.

Also, whether you want a unique or more traditional travel program, there’s definitely an option for you. You only have to look in the right place.

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