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Are you looking to for volunteer opportunities in Nigeria?

Have you ever dreamed of seeing Africa (Nigeria)?. Have you ever dreamed of having an experience of this country, its people, wildlife, and culture? Volunteering is one of the best and easiest ways to make these dreams come true.

Nigeria is often referred to as the “giant of Africa,” One of West Africa’s crown jewels is a country full of people of diverse backgrounds and cultures. It comprises three major ethnic groups and about 250 minor ethnic groups. Also, the government has the English language as its official language and about 52 other regional languages and dialects.

She is rich in history and culture, and her people are friendly and accommodating. Volunteering in Nigeria will surely enrich your life with a new culture and other beautiful experiences while you help people. You also see new meals, streams, and rivers and experience the weather.


Nigeria has over 1,000 NGOs and foundations with causes to help people and humanity, especially those living in the rural parts of the country. This is where volunteering comes in. They are in the communities and organizations that need your help and skills. We have listed some of the volunteer opportunities in Nigeria to help with your search.

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Why Do I Have to Volunteer?

Do you ever wonder why people volunteer? Also, have you wondered why people pay to volunteer even when it is their time, energy, money, and skills they are investing in?

The thing is, there is more to volunteering than all those things mentioned above. Volunteering can leave a lasting impact on the people and organization you volunteered for and you.

We have put together some of the benefits of volunteering below:

  • Volunteering helps to improve one’s self-confidence, self-esteem, and social life. You can meet new people, interact, and build a strong network.
  • Volunteering gives a sense of purpose. You get to help people. If you have always loved to help and provide solutions to people and problems, you will understand the joy and fulfillment of helping people.
  • It allows you the opportunity to explore your career. Volunteering opportunities require you to help with your skills. This way, you get to explore your skills and learn more about them.

Aside from these benefits, volunteering in a place with lots of amazing sceneries and cultures and people like Nigeria, you will be sure to return to your country with unforgettable experiences.

Why Volunteer In Nigeria?

Over the years, the media has continued to create a false and dangerous image of Nigeria and Africa generally. Although the country suffers from constant civil stride, it is unfair and partial to dismiss Nigeria based on those criteria.

As stated earlier, Nigeria has a rich history, culture, and friendly people with diverse backgrounds. Also, it has one of the largest economies in Africa, and this contributes to making the country an excellent place to volunteer.

Volunteering in Nigeria will help you learn about a new culture. Imagine the beauty of immersing yourself in the culture of this part of the world that is richly designed with histories, beautiful sceneries, diverse foods, and tourist places. Undoubtedly, Nigeria will surely make an exciting volunteer experience. So, we recommend you give it a try.

We have listed some volunteering opportunities in Nigeria to make finding one easy for you. Now, let us get to them!

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The Importance of Volunteering

Volunteering is significant because it provides crucial assistance to deserving causes, those in need, and the larger community. In fact, a lot of organizations and charities depend on the kindness of volunteers because they frequently only receive partial funding from the government or local governments and cannot afford to pay the wages of all of its employees. In fact, many businesses rely nearly entirely on groups of volunteers to sustain them and carry out their tasks.

Volunteer Opportunities In Nigeria

There are numerous volunteer opportunities in Nigeria and below are some of the most prominent ones:

Voluteer In Nigeria 1: African Initiative For Peace, Unity, and Development (AIFPUD):

AIFPUD is an African brainbox whose organization relies wholly on the benevolence of donors and volunteers to accomplish its goals. They are primarily aimed at repositioning Africa to reach its full potential.

They need volunteers across Africa and Europe with expertise in education, construction, solar panel technology, and installation, and environmental management.

This is not a paid volunteer; however, the organization will provide a conducive accommodation for the volunteers. Also, they will provide food, electricity, T-shirts, welcome kits, local sim cards, bicycle,s and drinking water. Additionally, they provide pre-trip assistance too.

The organization requires a minimum of 7 days of volunteer work and a maximum of as much time as a volunteer would like to give to the organization. Meanwhile, the volunteers do not pay to volunteer for Africa Initiative for Peace.

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Voluteer In Nigeria 2: Notre Dame Mission

Notre Dame Mission is a volunteer program mainly focused on educating, providing opportunity,ies and community building.

They need international volunteers who they require to raise up to $3,000 to cater for the program expenses. This fund will be used to procure adequate vaccination and medications for international travelers/volunteers.

Volunteers with Notre Dame mission must teach and receive modest stipends, rooms, and boards. Also, volunteers will receive health insurance.

They are easily located in the Eastern part of Nigeria; in Enugu, with about two million inhabitants; from the very poor to the very rich. Meanwhile, volunteers must live with the Sisters of Notre Dame in the city. Notre Dane’s Sisters have been serving in communities through teaching, so volunteers are primarily required to work/teach in schools.

They may serve as teachers, aides, or tutors for individual students. Also, they can help with filing, typing, reading to the children, and any other administrative work.

In addition to volunteering at schools, volunteers can also work at a health clinic with the Sisters or the Justice and Development Program Commission (JDPC).

Voluteer In Nigeria 3: Orphanage Care

The Orphanage Care is an organization in Nigeria that is primarily focused on looking after orphanages and children forced onto the streets, devoid of the fundamental human rights to education, good health, shelter, and food, and left to their fate to survive or die.

When these children are found and put in Orphanage Care, they are taught to read, write, work with wood, garden, and play sports. Certainly, they are given a better life at the Orphanage Care.

The volunteers will primarily be focused on teaching supplementary classes to the children at Orphanage Care and all the children in the community. These classes are centered on English Language and Mathematics with grade levels.

Volunteer in Nigeria 4: Helpers Social Development Foundation

This is a non-profit organization in Nigeria that is primarily focused on educating. Meanwhile, they have a second goal mainly focused on economic empowerment and health awareness programs.

Helpers Social Development Foundation needs volunteers from Africa, Asia, America, and Europe. This organization needs both online and on-site volunteering opportunities, and volunteers can also suggest experiences they would like to bring into their communities.

Volunteers are required to be passionate about working with people of different religious denominations. They are expected to be flexible, and proactive and possess the ability to take the initiative.

Meanwhile, HSDF volunteers are primarily required to provide essential documents such as their Resumes/CVs and passport identification. Also, they are compulsorily required to provide a clean criminal background check report to send to their organization.

This is not a paid volunteer. However, the volunteers are specially offered the best local foods from the country’s native kitchen by the organization. Also, the opportunity to volunteer in local hospitals and high institutions, public and private institutions in South-Eastern Nigeria.

Volunteers are also allowed the opportunities to interact with rural people to learn about old traditions and cultural nuance in Nigeria. And again, to gain first-hand international work experience.

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Volunteer in Nigeria 5: Jesse Halliday Global Initiative

Jesse Halliday Global Initiative (JHGI) is a non-profit organization in need of volunteers worldwide. It is primarily focused on promoting the quality of life of youths, women, and children through life-changing innovative programs.

The organization operates in 3 local government areas; Bonny LGA, Opobo LGA, and Okirika LGA.
These communities are rich in cultures and beautiful sceneries for volunteers. JHGI needs volunteers for some roles like:

  • Teaching
  • Singing
  • Movie acting
  • Female business school trainer
  • Health and hygiene assistance
  • Soccer and football trainer
  • Computer skills teacher
  • Agriculture program.

Volunteers are not required to have specific qualifications to volunteer with JHGI. They are also not required to pay volunteer fees. However, this is not paid volunteer job, but volunteers are compensated with activities such as:

  • Visit ancient sites
  • Amazing hospitality
  • Nature walk
  • Game times with locals
  • Movie time and singing activities.

Hands at Work in Africa

Hands at work in Africa is a non-profit Christian organization that is primarily aimed at giving services to humanity to all in need regardless of class, race, or religion.

This organization is mainly focused on serving vulnerable communities across sub-Saharan Africa where the number of people living with HIV/AIDS, number of orphans, and poverty is high but with low support structures.

They assist the churches in those communities by enabling them to take care of the vulnerable.
Volunteers working with Hands at Work are required to use their skills and abilities to serve and empowering the people in the community. They are expected to arrive at the organization’s service centers for carrying out lengths of time and help local workers in various areas.

Also, they are expected to maintain the goal of boosting the center’s capacity to care for the needy in the community effectively.

Royal Mifadelo Global Foundation

Royal Mifadelo Global Foundation is a charitable organization focused on improving the lives of the needy in Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria. It was a foundation established in the United States and currently has branches all over the world.

The foundation is in need of volunteers for healthcare, legal and humanitarian services, and religion. And their primary goal is to support the charity in helping the public and the communities.

Volunteers are required to have relevant qualifications and a minimum of three years of previous work experience. Also, they are required to possess HND, BL / LLB /JD, MBBS / MBChB, BSc, or and B.Tech, with a minimum of 1 year of previous work experience.

This is a paid job, and interested volunteers must send their applications, including a copy of their driving license, to royalmifadeloglobal@gmail.com using the “Job title” as the email subject. The deadline for applications is December 23, 2021.

Having gone through the list of some of the volunteering opportunities in Nigeria, we recommend you visit their websites for more information and to apply.

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Where Can I Find More Volunteer (Paid/Compensated) Volunteer Opportunities in Nigeria?

You can find some more volunteer opportunities in Nigeria on Volunteer Match Nigeria (VNM).
VNM is a new organization in Nigeria established with the primary aim of providing volunteer programs in Nigeria. Their goal is to transform the methods and qualities of volunteer and tourist travel in the country.


There are volunteer opportunities worldwide; it all depends on where you look.
Volunteering in Nigeria, is one of the most beautiful experiences you will ever have. Nigeria is rich in all corners, with some beauties yet to be explored.

You will have so much fun time volunteering in Nigeria with lots of knowledge to go back to your local control with.


Are there paid volunteer jobs In Nigeria?

Yes, there are paid volunteer opportunities in Nigeria. Check Out https://nnvsnigeria.gov.ng for some of these opportunities.

Is anyone free to volunteer?

Volunteerism is inclusive and requiring participation of all interested citizenry including People Living with Disabilities and even foreigners

Is volunteerism a full time employment?

Volunteerism is not a full time employment. It is a sort of employment or engagement for a specific period.

Why do people volunteer their services?

People volunteer so that they can contribute in proffering solution to the societal challenges.

Does Government recognize Volunteerism?

Government recognize volunteerism as a veritable tool for National Development. That is the reason for the establishment of NNVS Dept. to coordinate volunteering activities in Nigeria.

Can the impact of volunteerism be measured?

The impact and contribution of volunteerism to the economy can be measured and reported.



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